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Welcome to our American Football Biographies. This section provides Biography Facts, Childhood and Personal Life of American Football Stars.

Todd Gurley of Los Angeles Rams

Todd Gurley Biography Facts, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Todd Gurley is a professional Footballer of the Los Angeles Rams who play the Running Back position. His contract with the Rams...
Julio Jones of Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones Biography Facts Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Julio Jones is a professional footballer who plays the wide receiver position of the NFL's Falcons of Atlanta. When he was in...
Odell Beckham of Cleveland Browns

Odell Beckham Jr Biography Facts, Childhood And Personal Life

Odell Beckham Jr is a professional American football superstar who plays for the NFL team Cleveland Browns. Odell since the entry into...
Von Miller of Denver Broncos

Von Miller Biography Facts, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Von Miller has had an exciting American football career as the outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos, drafted as the overall second...
Carson Wentz of Philadelphia Eagles-001

Carson Wentz Biography Facts, Childhood & Personal Life

Carson Wentz is an American footballer who plays the position of a quarterback with great stamina and charisma. Mere looking at him,...

Drew Brees Biography Facts, Childhood, Career & Personal life

Drew Brees has once been hailed the greatest player in American football history by some of his fans. This is because the...

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