Top-10 Most Successful Football Clubs In Europe 2020

Top-10 Most Successful Football Clubs In Europe
Rangers FC is top on the list of the most successful football clubs in Europe with 119 trophies. (Image credit:

In the realm of football, Europe has widely revelled as a promised land for young, budding stars seeking to break out into mainstream football. Europe is home to the most widely followed football leagues in the globe which features the very best footballers who mesmerize fans with astonishing skills. Though these leagues contain several big names, many of these clubs will not rightly be in any conversation of the most successful football clubs in Europe 2020, based on trophies amassed.

European football leagues’ reputation for being quite entertaining which is one of the several factors fans continue to follow the league religiously every season was earned due to the unpredictability of the leagues. This was seen in EPL team, Liverpool, who throughout the 2019/20 season had not tasted defeat until a heart-wrenching Champions League loss to Atletico de Madrid in February 2020 brought to an end to what fans thought will be a historic season for the club. Following that, a top form Liverpool went on to suffer defeats from EPL rivals, Watford and Chelsea, teams which many fans had expressed doubt over their ability to overcome the 2018/19 European Champions.

These unexpected twists we often have seen in European League is rarely seen in other leagues, hence making European Leagues the leading football leagues in the globe. In this article, we’ll review the top-10 most successful football clubs in Europe based on trophies won. 

The Most Successful Football Clubs In Europe Right Now

10. Manchester United, England – 68 trophies

English club, Manchester United ranks as Europe’s 10th most successful club as well as the most successful in England. The Red Devis, formerly known as Newton Heath LYR F.C. has 68 trophies to its name which includes 20 EPL titles, 21 FA Community Shield trophies, 5 League Cup titles, 12 FA titles. Their Continental championship wins includes 3 UEFA Champions League titles, 1 Europa League win, 1 Super Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 FIFA Club World Cup wins. Man United is the first club in England to have recorded a continental treble.

9. Bayern Munich, Germany – 71 trophies

Unarguably the most successful German football club, Bayern Munich rules the Bundesliga. The team which boasts of vibrant and energetic stars many of which form some of the key attacking players on the German national team has won as much as 71 trophies in its 120 years of existence. The club has won the Bundesliga 29 times, the DFB-Pokal 19 times, the DFL/DFB Supercup 7 times, and DFL-Ligapokal, 6 times.

Bayern Munich holds the record for the most wins of the previously listed tournaments. Aside from that the team have emerged victorious in UEFA Champions League 5 times, Europa league once, UEFA Super Cup once, Intercontinental Cup twice and the FIFA Club World Cup once.

8. AFC Ajax, Netherlands – 73 trophies

Dutch club Ajax is slowly retaining its rightful place as a top contender in European football. The club which had a very successful outing in the champions league in the 2018/19 season has produced some of the youngest and brightest stars currently dominating European football.

The club which is one of the top three most successful Dutch clubs in the Eredivisie has won 73 trophies. They have won the Eredivise 34 times, the KNVB Cup 19 times, Johan Cruyff Shield 9 times, Champions League four times, European Cup once, UEFA Cup once, UEFA Super Cup twice, Intercontinental Cup twice and the Karl Rappan Cup, once. Ajax has also won other tournaments which are not recognized by UEFA or FIFA. 

7. Olympiacos F.C., Greece – 75 trophies

The Greek football club, Olympiacos F.C. may not readily be recognized as a major contender in European football, but in terms of trophies won, it has surpassed several big names in Europe. The club has 75 trophies to its name. The club which is the most successful Greek football club has won the Greece Super League, a record 44 times, Greek Football Cup, 27 times and Super Cup 4 times. 

6. FC Porto, Portugal – 76 trophies

The Dragons remain one of Portugal’s top football teams. The club which is one of the prestigious big three clubs which dominate the Primeira Liga has experienced relegation in the Primeira Liga. The club has won 76 trophies. They have won the Primeira Liga, 28 times, 16 Taça de Portugal, the Campeonato de Portugal 4 times, the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, 21 times, the Champions League twice, Europa League two times, UEFA Super Cup once and the International Cup two times.

5. Benfica, Portugal – 84 trophies

Current Primeira Liga champions and a noteworthy member of the Big Three football clubs that rule the Primeira Liga, Benfica is by far the most successful Portuguese football club. The club has 84 trophies to its name. The Primeira Liga has been won by the club, 37 times, the Taça de Portugal, 26 times, the Taça da Liga 7 times, the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, 8 times, and Campeonato de Portugal, 3 times. On the international scene, Benfica has won the European Cup twice and Latin Cup, once.

4. Real Madrid, Spain – 91 trophies

Real Madrid wins Spanish Super Cup in January
Real Madrid celebrating their Spanish Super Cup victory in January 2020. (Image credit:

The Real Madrid football club isn’t just a successful football club, but also one of the most profitable football clubs with net worth running into billions of dollars. Its financial success is no doubt a ripple effect of its success on the pitch. The club has won 91 trophies. 65 of these trophies are domestic. While 26 were won on the international scene which includes a record UEFA Champions League win of 13 wins, the highest for any European football club. 

3. Barcelona, Spain – 94 trophies

Barcelona celebrating La Liga win 2019
Barcelona wins the La Liga title for the 26th time in 2019. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Madrid rivals and Laliga Giants, Barcelona holds the title for the most successful football club in Spain as a result of having the most trophies won by a Spanish football club. The club which boasts of some of the best players in the world which includes the current best player in the world of football as revealed by the 2019 FIFA Awards, Lionel Messi, has won a total of 94 trophies with 74 of these trophies coming from domestic league wins. They have also won 20 trophies in International club football which includes the Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup.

2. Celtic, Scotland – 103 trophies

Scottish Football club, Celtic is one of two European football clubs who are a member of the unique ‘Big Five’. The Five football clubs in the world who have won more than 100 trophies. In coming years, the number of such clubs is expected to increase as major European rivals such as Barcelona look forward to crossing the 100th trophy mark. Celtic has won about 108 trophies and all of these trophies are domestic. Those trophies win include the Scottish League which it most recently won in the 2018/19 season.

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1. Rangers, Scotland – 119 trophies

Rangers' Nikola Katic celebrates
Rangers’ #19 Nikola Katic celebrates. (Image credit: PA/

Surprising it may seem, but Rangers, the Scottish football club holds the title for the most successful football club in Europe based on trophies won. The club also doubles as the second most successful football club in the world based on trophies won. The club has amassed about 119 trophies all from domestic sources. The club is also the most successful football club in the Scottish Football League with 54 League wins.

There you have it—The top-10 ranking of the most successful football clubs in Europe with the number of trophies won. What do you think? Please share in the comments section.


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