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In this category, we explain in succinct detail, the rules of diverse sporting activities in a comprehensive way. With SportyTell’s Rules of Sport, you can learn the rules pertaining to and how to play any sport. Go ahead and explore the diverse sports we have rules for.

Basketball Equipment

Basketball Rules & How To Play Basketball

Since it's inception in 1891 by Canadian physical instructor James Naismith, basketball has risen in more than a century to become one...
American Football Equipment

American Football Rules & How To Play American Football

Undoubtedly the most popular sports in North America, American football which traces its root to rugby football has risen in more than...

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Tennis Equipment

Tennis Rules & How to Play Tennis

Tennis which traces its roots to ancient Greece and is related to the French handball game, the 'Paume" (palm) has evolved over...
Ice Hockey Equipment

Ice Hockey Rules & How to Play Ice Hockey

Baseball Equipment

Baseball Rules & How to Play Baseball

Football (Soccer) Equipment

Football (Soccer) Rules & How to Play Football

Basketball Equipment

Basketball Rules & How To Play Basketball