Top-10 Most Successful English Football Clubs 2020

Top-10 Most Successful English Football Clubs 2020
Manchester United is the most successful football club in England, followed by Liverpool and Arsenal. (Image credit: SportyTell)

Who are the most successful English football clubs? Which football club in England has won the most trophies? With over 5,000 registered football clubs, the impact of football in English culture can be seen in their success in international football tournaments. 

Aside from that, the country’s highest football league, The Premier League, which boasts of some of the world’s best football clubs ranks as the best football league in the world. This comes as no surprise as the origin of the sport traces its roots to European football power. 

Besides the fact that English football-loving culture has played a tremendous role in making England one of the most successful football countries, both in International and continental football, the amazing teams that feature in the English Premier League have made English football a world phenomenon.

Rarely does English football clubs not come into the spotlight in any conversation about the best footballers in the world. In honour of English teams’ success in football, SportyTell has reviewed and ranked the top-10 most successful English football clubs based on trophies won.

The most successful English football clubs ranked based on major trophies won

** This ranking is based on trophies won by various teams in England as of 25 June 2020.

10. Blackburn Rovers – 13 Trophies

Blackburn Rovers Football Club

Currently playing in the English Championship League where they are a top contender Blackburn Rovers who have spent the majority of its season in its 145 years of existence in the English top-flight league, the English Premier League, are the 10th most successful team in England based on trophies won. The club has won 13 trophies which consist of 3 EPL league wins, 1 Football Championship win, 1 League one win, 6 FA Cups wins, 1 Football Cup and also 1 Community Shield wins.

9. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 14 Trophies

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

In recent years, Wolverhampton Wanderers have seen success which has earned them a place in a continental tournament, the Europa League, for the first time in about 4 decades. The club which formerly was known as St Luke FC has won 14 trophies, all of which are domestic trophies. The club has lifted the FA Cup, 4 times, the Football League First Division, now known as the English Premier League, 3 times. They have also seen League Cup glory, twice. In England’s second-tier league, the Football championship, Wolverhampton Wanderers have emerged champions on four occasions. Taking into consideration their Football League trophy win sets their win at 14.

8. Aston Villa – 23 Trophies

Aston Villa Football Club

In the EPL, pundits may rule out Aston Villa as one of the most fierce teams but they are certainly not to be underestimated. The vibrant team may not be among the top clubs in the EPL charts, but they certainly pose a threat to the reigns of the top clubs. Aston Villa, known for their impressive play which has helped them hold on to their spot in the EPL for years has won as many as 23 Trophies.

On seven occasions, Aston Villa clinched the FA cup. The EPL formerly known as the Football League First Division before 1992, have been won 7 times by the club. They have also won the League Cup 5 times. In European competitions, Aston Villa is one of just 5 English teams to have lifted a trophy. They have won the European Cup and the Super Cup both once. Their International cup and Community Shield wins, takes their trophy count to 23, ranking the team as the 8th most successful football club in England. 

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7. Tottenham Hotspur – 23 Trophies

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

One of London’s most loved football teams, Tottenham Hotspur are one of the fierce contenders in the League. Most recently, in what was a classic English themed UEFA Champions League Final 2018/19, the team thrilled fans despite loss to fellow English team, Liverpool. The team, who put up some dramatic performance during it’s lead up to the final emerged as the runner-up in the Champions League.

Though Tottenham has not been successful as such in the EPL, they have won about 8 FA cup titles, 4 League Cup titles, 2 First Division titles, 7 FA Charity Shields wins now known as the Community Shield. They also won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Cup, both on one occasion, bringing their wins to 23.

6. Everton – 24 Trophies

Everton Football Club

In the EPL, no team has played in the league as much as Everyone. The club who have a record of 116 seasons spent in the EPL is also a formidable contender in the league. Constantly trying to make it to the top four, they have seen their efforts fail on several occasions, but that has not broken the hard will of the 142 years old English club. They have won 24 trophies both domestic and continental trophies included. 9 times, they have been crowned First Division/EPL Champions, they also have FA Charity Shield/ Community Shield 9 times. Their 5 FA Cup wins and European Cup Winners Cup brings their trophy count to 24, earning them a spot as the 6th most successful English football club.

5. Manchester City – 26 Trophies

Manchester City Football Club

EPL reigning champions, Manchester City are undoubtedly one of the best teams currently in the league now. The team had a terrific 2018/19 season which saw them emerge as the first and only EPL team to have earned a domestic treble and also accumulated as much as 100 points in a season. Manchester City has not seen similar success in continental football as they consistently keep pushing for a European title. They have won 26 trophies which include 6 EPL wins,  6 Community Shields, 7 League Cups, 6 FA Cup as well as One UEFA Cup Winners Cup making Man City top-5 England’s most successful football clubs.  

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4. Chelsea – 33 Trophies

Chelsea Football Club

In English football, Chelsea isn’t just a big name, it’s one of the most successful teams in the league. The club which has had recently been in a good form in the league are known for their outrageous loyal fans and radiant blue jersey. Their success in the league can not be overlooked as they are just one of the clubs in the league that have won more than 30 trophies. Chelsea has won the EPL 6 times, EFL Championship 2 times, the FA Cup 8 times, the League Cup 5 times and the Community Shield on 4 occasions. In continental football, they have equally seen success. They have won the Champions League once, the Super Cup once, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup once and the Europa Cup twice. In total, Chelsea’s trophies count is 33.

3. Arsenal – 43 Trophies

Arsenal Football Club

English top team, Arsenal, is perhaps the most resilient and resourceful football club in England. The club which has and still continues in its tussle to capture another league title, as well as a European trophy, has sought success in other tournaments aside from the league. Arsenal ranks as the third most successful English football club with about 43 trophies. Arsenal has won the EPL 19 times, the FA Cup13 times which is a record number of trophy wins, the Community Shield 15 times. They have also won the European Cup Winners’ Cup once as well as the Inter-Cities Friars Cup once. In total, they have won 43 trophies.

2. Liverpool – 64 Trophies

Liverpool Football Club

The Men in Reds who never Walk alone need no introduction in the EPL. The team which boasts of some of the most prolific stars who have been thrilling fans with their top performances have been on a fiery run in recent times. Their Champions League win in the 2018/19 season, set the club on course for a very successful ride as seen in the 2019/20 season. Liverpool topped the EPL table with a wide margin that made it practically impossible for any team to meet up with them.

The Men in Reds went on to clinch another EPL win in the 2019/20 season, making it a total of 64 trophies, which place the team as the second most successful football club in England. Liverpool’s trophies win includes 19 First Division/Premier League wins, 7 FA Cup wins, 8 EFL wins, 1 Football Super Cup win and 15 community shield win. On the continental scene Liverpool is the most successful English football team with 6 UEFA Champions League wins, 3 Europa League wins and 4 Super Cup wins. They also have the FIFA Club World Cup in their trophy list.

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1. Manchester United – 66 Trophies

Manchester United Football Club

The Red Devil’s are not in their best form right now, but they certainly are the most successful English football club in terms of overall trophies won. Manchester United which holds the record for the most League wins for an English club has won 66 trophies. They have emerged EPL Champions 20 times, the FA Cup12 times, the EFL Cup 5 times and the Community Shield 21 times. United have been crowned European Champions League winner three times, European Cup Winners Cup once, Europa League Champion once and UEFA Super Cup once. They have also won the FIFA Club World Cup and Intercontinental Cup both on one occasion.

There you have it—our ranking of the top-10 most successful football clubs in England considering the overall trophies won in various major tournaments. What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments section below.

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