Top-10 Highest-Paid Female Football/Soccer Players 2019

Ada Hegerberg - Highest-Paid Female Football:Soccer Player
Ada Hegerberg

“Wage is a reward for labour” goes a long time adage since time. But in the 21st century, it is noted as not a reward for labour alone, but skill and brilliance and passion. Without objectivity to sports, payment for the skill, brilliance and labour of players is evident. In the entertaining world of female soccer, players are also being paid for their involvements and participation for the team they play for. Although due to diversity in dexterity, the wages being paid are of different values. Usually, payments are generally factored by radiance and talent and also fame and recognition of each player across the globe. This article, therefore, highlights the top-10 most/highest-paid female football/soccer players in the world in the year 2019.

10. Laure Boulleau – France

Laure Boulleau - Female Football Soccer Player
Laure Boulleau (Photo credit: Paris Saint-Germain)

Salary / Wage: €60,000 per week

The PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) defender, who hails from France, sits at number ten as she earns a total taking of €60,000 per week. Born on October 22, 1986, Laure Pascale Claire Boulleau who represents the French Women’s national football team and has been on the PSG books since 2005 has gotten herself a place in the UEFA Women’s Championship All-Star Team; a factor leading to her esteem and at large her pay.

9. Hope Solo – United States

Hope Solo - Female Football Soccer Player
Hope Solo (Photo credit:

Salary / Wage: €62,000 per week

From the United States hails the 9th highest-paid female footballer, Hope Amelia Solo known not just for her goalkeeping skills but added to it is her beauty. She currently earns a weekly salary of €62,000. Priced for her worth is her success in the Olympics as a gold-winning champion on two occasions. As a goalkeeper, she presently holds the most number of clean sheets amidst every other United States goalkeeper. Apart from beauty, Hope is also noted for her strength in the pitch.

8. Nilla Fischer – Sweden

Nilla Fischer - Female Football Soccer Player
Nilla Fischer (Photo credit:

Salary / Wage: €65,000 per week

The Swedish Åsa Nilla Maria Fischer with a €65,000 weekly earning is at the moment one of the most profitable female footballers in the world. Obviously, only the big clubs can try to price this lady away with busty negotiations. The sitting defensive midfielder Nilla Fisher’s earnings can as well be attributed to her experience, strength and brilliance. Although since a premiere performance in 2001, age and extended time out on the field is no factor to keep her on the sidelines, in its place, her awe-inspiring feats year after year has seen her succeed as a captain for FC Malmo, with the Swedish team who reached the semi-finals in 2015, and another on-going successful stay with Wolfsburg.

7. Nicole Banecki – Germany

Nicole Banecki - Female Football Soccer Player
Nicole Banecki (Photo credit: NicoleBanecki / Facebook)

Salary / Wage: €90,000 per week

Born on 3rd September 1988, the German takes home a weekly earning of €90,000. Nicole Banecki is considered as one of the furthermost female footballers in the record. She is at this time playing for the Swiss club FC Basel even though she had the majority of her honours during her spell with SC Freiburg for three seasons. 

6. Heather Mitts – United States

Salary / Wage: €148,000 per week

The United States football player Heather Mitts Feeley earns a total weekly amount of €148,000 while playing for the Atlanta Beat. A three-time Olympic gold medalist would surely make the list as one of the highest-paid, priced for her success and quality. She also is a member of the U.S. women’s national team because of her astonishing ability.

5. Marta Vieira da Silva – Brazil, Sweden

Marta Vieira da Silva - Female Football Soccer Player
Marta Vieira da Silva (Photo credit: The New Yorker)

Salary / Wage: €340,000 per week

Among the Top 5 is Marta Vieira da Silva a Brazilian woman who pockets €340,000 earning every week. The 33 years old plays for Franchise Orlando Pride in the United States as a forward, aside her playing for the Brazilian Women national football team. Marta also swanks her record for most goals scored at a single FIFA Women’s World Cup competition a 15 goal record.

4. Carli Lloyd – United States

Carli Lloyd - Female Football Soccer Player
Carli Lloyd (Photo credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Salary / Wage: €345,000 per week

Another female champion and beauty we found are the American who flags from New Jersey, USA. Carli Anne Lloyd is also known as Carli Anne Hollins due to her marriage enchantment to Brian Hollins since 2016 of late plays for Sky Blue FC and the United States National Women’s Soccer team. She tags the No. 10 Jersey as she plays as a Wing forward for both teams. Due to her tremendous Award and success rate record, she is well priced for this as she earns a busty wage of €345,000. Not a surprise as attributed to the fact that she is a FIFA Women’s World Cup winner (2), Olympic gold trophy (3) and the FIFA World Cup (2).

3. Wendie Renard – France

Wendie Renard - Female Football/Soccer Player
Wendie Renard (Photo credit: LP/Arnaud Journois)

Salary / Wage: €348,000 per week

A leader, a captain, defender and a professional footballer are what the 29-year-old Wéndèleine Thérèse Renard embodies. She plays as a centre back for The French national Women’s Football Team and the League 1 side of Olympique Lyon. Once named in the FIFA FIFPro Women’s World XI, her wages could be one of many ways to repay her quality. She also helped Olympique Lyon to win the 2011 UEFA Champions League as she scored the launching goal of the final as they picked up the trophy after a 2-0 win against Turbine Potsdam. She currently earns a take-home wage of €348,000.

2. Amandine Henry – France

Amandine Henry - Female Football/Soccer Player
Amandine Henry (Photo credit:

Salary / Wage: €350,000 per week

Oh, What a Diva! Amandine Chantal Henry, who earns a weekly mouth-watering salary of €350,000, possesses a certain swagger of being honoured with the Silver Ball at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. A part of her success story that is, one of her many accomplishments.

She stands as one of the female footballers and athletes in general with the most followers on social media. Henry only just put pen to paper for a club contract with the French League 1 side Olympique Lyon. Together with that, Amandine Henry was as well-thought-out to be amid the most excellent players in Europe during the 2014/2015 season. What’s more? During that same soccer season, she was consigned in the 2015 FIFA Women’s FIFPro World XI team.

1. Ada Hegerberg – Norway

Ada Hegerberg - Highest-Paid Female Football/Soccer Player
Ada Hegerberg (Photo credit: Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images)

Salary / Wage: €360,000 per week

The 24-year-old Ballon d’Or Féminin award winner, Ada Martine Stolsmo Hegerberg hails from Molde, Norway. A skilled professional female footballer who plays at the centre forward position for the Féminine club of Olympique Lyonnais although had until that time had shared playing spells with Kolbotn and Stabæk in Toppserien, Norway. The 1.76m tall female footballer wears the No. 14 jersey and earns a fat lot wage of €360,000 on a weekly basis.


Here is a quick summary of the top-10 highest-paid female football/soccer players 2019 as well as their weekly salaries:

  1. Ada Hegerberg / €360,000
  2. Amandine Henry / €350,000
  3. Wendie Renard / €348,000
  4. Carli Lloyd / €345,000
  5. Marta Vieira da Silva / €340,00
  6. Heather Mitts / €148,000
  7. Nicole Banecki / €90,000
  8. Nilla Fischer / €65,000
  9. Hope Solo / €62,000
  10. Laure Boulleau / €60,000

There you have it–Our curated top-10 list of the highest-paid female football/soccer players in the year 2019. What do you think? Which female soccer player did you expect on this list? Share with us in the comment section below.

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