Top 15 Fastest UFC Knockouts In History

Top 15 Fastest UFC Knockouts in History

Who has the fastest UFC knockouts?

Now here is a topic every MMA fan would want to talk about.

Imagine an anticipated fight you’ve looked forwards to for weeks between two of your favorites Mixed Martial Artists ends seconds even before you settle in. 

You are left jaw-dropped in surprise, wondering if you’d made a wise decision purchasing tickets to watch the fights.

It is hilarious and at the same time disappointing, but these quickest finishes does actually happen.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the fastest knockouts in UFC history. Read on!

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The Fastest UFC Knockouts On Record

15. Rob Emerson (12 secs) vs. Manny Gamburyan, UFC 87

Rob Emerson - Manny Gamburyan
via UFC

Emerson had just won his first UFC contest, while Gamburyan was the runner-up at The Ultimate Fighter Finale, where he lost to Nate Diaz.

After that painful loss, Gamburyan had also won his next two fights before facing Emerson. 

So he was supposed to be the overwhelming favorite.

Gamburyan immediately took a swing at Emerson.

Emerson countered with a right hand that immediately dropped Gamburyan. 

He then following with a right hook that took the lights off Gamburyan, and the fight was over in 12 seconds. 

14. Johny Hendricks (12 secs) vs. Jon Fitch, UFC 141

With two straight wins under his belt, Hendricks was handed the biggest fight of his career in the UFC 141. 

His opponent Jon Fitch was also a long time contender with a lot more wins to his name. 

Fitch was tipped to prevail over Hendricks because of his successful run and track record in the Welterweight division.

Yet Hendricks’ powerful left knocked out Fitch in less than 12 seconds. 

Hendricks showed just the same hunger and desire to win in the next three fights that followed and became one of the top contenders in the division. 

Fitch, on the other hand, lost the next fight that followed and had to be released by the UFC.

13. BJ Penn (11 secs) vs. Caol Uno, UFC 34

This was only the third fight of his MMA career. 

Penn was paired with Caol Uno, who was a former Shooto champion. 

Despite the huge gap in experience between these two fighters, Penn was able to get the job done in a spectacular fashion. 

Penn knocked Uno out with an uppercut, then followed it up with several punches, and the fight was over, taking only 11 seconds. 

Certainly one of the fastest UFC knockouts in the history of the sport.

12. Duane Ludwig (11 secs) vs. Jonathan Goulet, UFC Fight Night 3

As far as the fastest UFC knockouts go, this fight should have taken the record. 

Almost as soon as the chime was off, Ludwig was able to land a heavy counter right cross that put Goulet to sleep instantly.

But the timekeeper showed 11 seconds. 

It was not until years later that UFC got to investigate the time and saw that Ludwig knocked out Goulet in six seconds, and the timekeeper took too long to stop the clock.

But the original ruling was not overturned, so the official records say 11 seconds; so 11 seconds it is.

11. Mark Weir (11 secs) vs. Eugene Jackson, UFC 38

When Mark Weir got picked for the UFC roster, he already had an impressive record (8-1).

His first UFC fight saw him go against Eugene Jackson, who was already a veteran. 

Wier, who missed his first kick, but followed it up with a right jab that did the trick.

Jackson went down, and Weir quickly followed up with a few more jabs, and the fight was over in 11 seconds

10. Gray Maynard (9 secs) vs. Joe Veres, UFC Fight Night 11

Maynard’s profile had stirred up a lot of hype leading to this fight against the newcomer, Veres.

In fact, he was opening the card, and he did live up to the hype.

Immediately the fight began, Maynard was direct in his attack approach. 

He struck Veres a thunderous left hook that sent him sprawling and followed it with several ground strikes until the referee stepped in.

In just nine seconds, Maynard had knocked out Veres and ended the fight on a resounding note.

9. Jairzinho Rozenstruik (9 secs) vs. Allen Crowder, UFC on ESPN+ 12

This memorable fight took place in the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.

It was quick, unexpected, and before its fully drawn on everyone watching, the fight was over. 

In the immediate seconds of the fight, an exuberant Crowder had advanced towards Rozenstruik only to get caught with a sharp strike jab that unbalanced him and sent him down. 

While on the ground, he tried to keep up a defense with his legs; unfortunately, that was no good.

Rozenstruik found a way to break through and pounded him heavily with strikes. 

The referee had to interfere to prevent Rozenstruik from inflicting further unnecessary woes at Crowder. 

In just nine seconds, Rozenstruik had knocked Crowder out in just 9 seconds, taking his seven-fight clean sheet at that point in time to eight.  

8. James Irvin (8 secs) vs. Houston Alexander, UFC Fight Night 13

Irvin, in this fight wrecked himself on the top radar of UFC after this fight. 

Alexander had lost in his previous fight and was seeking a comeback on the path of victory.

After the two fighters touched gloves and wheeled around each other for a bit at the onset of the bout, Irvin sent a terrific strike that hits Alexander, so had he dropped instantly.

Irvin didn’t relent and followed it with some more pound shots, and that did it.

Alexander was knocked out eight seconds into the fight, thus handling Irvin an impressive win.

7. Don Frye (8 secs) vs. Thomas Ramirez, UFC 8

Back in the day when UFC still hosts one-night tournaments, Frye recorded a fascinating win of the tournament.

It all happened at Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Ramirez was considered to be the likely winner of this fight based on his heavy reputation for being so good at knockout. 

However, he was in for a surprise.

Ramirez received a heavy jab, and a right hand hooked that knocked him out eight seconds into the fight. 

Frye actually did more than a win against Ramirez; he won the UFC 8 tournament.

6. Makwan Amirkhani (8 secs) vs. Andy Ogle, UFC on FOX 14

The venue of the fight was Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Amirkhani was up against Ogle in his UFC debut, and hopes were high.

Although while hopes highs and anticipation in Amirkhani camp, it was a different mood entirely in Ogle camp.

Ogle was on a four-fight losing streak and thus was under immense pressure. 

This was more than just a fight to Ogle; this was a fight to keep his job.

When the fight kicked off, Amirkhani shot at Ogle and served him a flying knee strike that shook Ogle off balance. 

Amirkhani followed it with a terrific uppercut, and that was Ogle undoing.

He dropped to the ground, leaving open Amirkhani to finished the rest on the mat. 

Ogle was defeated in eight seconds.

Ogle never stepped into the octagon after that humiliating defeat.

5. Leon Edwards (8 secs) vs. Seth Baczynski, UFC Fight Night 64

This fight happened to be Edwards’s first UFC win.

Prior to the fight, Edward had lost his previous fight via a split decision to Claudio Silva in his UFC debut. 

Hence, the pressure to win was really mounting, and he came through. 

At the onset of the fight, Baczynski seems to be in for the win and looked likely to. 

He was swinging and hauling jabs at in quick succession at Edwards. 

Edwards’s response was beautiful; he sent in an overhand right that dropped Baczynski promptly and finished off the rest with series of punches on the ground to emerge the winner. 

All these happened in eight seconds.

4. Chan Sung Jung (7 secs) vs. Mark Hominick, UFC 140

Popularly called ‘Korean Zombie, ’ Chan Sung Jung was making waves in the UFC.

He recorded the first twister submission in the UFC in his debut fight against Leonard Garcia and was bound to face Hominick in his next fight.

Hominick was also a heavy name too. As much as the odds seemed balanced, it still looked to favor Hominick; for one, he had never knocked out by strikes.

However, when the fight kicked off, all that changed. Hominick had charged in aggressively at the Korean Zombie. 

That move played a disadvantage to Hominick as it delivered him right into Jung’s hands. 

Jung wasn’t forgiving; he countered Hominick’s aggressive strikes that dropped Hominick down and followed it with punches. 

The result, as we all know it, Jung became the winner in just seven seconds.

3. Ryan Jimmo (7 secs) vs. Anthony Perosh, UFC 149

When Jimmo penned a contract deal with UFC in 2012, he was one of the promising fighters on the regional scene. 

He had triumphed over big names, the likes of Marvin Eastman, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, and Wilson Gouveia. 

Despite his achievements, there was not much excitement ringing with his name in the MMA fighting scene. 

An unspoken belittlement was associated with Jimmo majorly for the fact that most of his wins in his career up until that point in time were decisions from judges’ scorecards. 

But his UFC debut fight at the Scotiabank venue in Calgary, Alberta, Canada changed the story.

Jimmo knocked out veteran fighter, Perosh in the most spectacular way you’d imagine in just 7 seconds to mark a memorable debut into UFC.  

2. Todd Duffee (7 secs) vs. Tim Hague, UFC 102

tying for 2nd place on our list of the fastest UFC knockouts in history is Duffee vs Hague.

When UFC signed Duffee in 2009, everyone knew he is bringing that fearsomeness associated with his character to the UFC, and that created a buzz. 

However, after his debut fights, the roof of anticipation was on fire. 

Duffee was a respected fighter and feared, and the facts he was facing Tim Hague, another equally respected and feared; fighter, seemed to everyone in a sense that the bully had finally met his match. 

However, after the fight, the story took an utterly different twist.

It so happens that Duffee, on the contrary, had rather met another victim of his blows in the octagon than a rival. 

He dropped Hague in an instant with a stiff jab just seven seconds into the fight to emerge the winner.   

1. Jorge Masvidal (5 secs) vs. Ben Askren, UFC 239

Jorge Masvidal with a flying knee vs Ben Askren - Fastest UFC Finish in History
UFC / YouTube

It was a mild Saturday night as usual at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

Fans had trooped in numbers roaring in anticipation of the great clash between two vicious fighters in the UFC. 

They had not the slightest idea that what awaits them was a complete contrast to their expectation. 

When the fights went underway, Masvidal sent in the first attack, a flying knee strike which immediately knocked Askren stiff to the mat. 

Before anyone could really grasp what had happened, the fight was over in favor of Masvidal. The fights lasted just five seconds. 

The fight currently holds the record for the fastest UFC knockout in history.

That was one of the biggest moments and achievements in Masvidal’s career. Masvidal had entered the fight 33-13-0 and Askren 19-0-0.

However, Masvidal came out on top and climbed to 34-13-0.

Video: UFC Records – Fastest Finishes in History 


So there you have it, the fifteen fastest UFC knockouts since the UFC began.

It is no easy feat to knockout a fellow fighter in the first round, which makes these knockouts truly special.

Think we missed a fight that deserves to be on this list? let us know in the comments section.

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