Top 22 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders

If you’ve been reading our site for a while, a list of the hottest NFL cheerleaders was only a matter of time to be honest, I mean, we have the hot wnba players list and the NFL hottest players list so this makes sense.

American football is more than just about scoring touchdowns and intense rivalries on the field. It’s a stage where grace, talent, and beauty come together. Cheerleaders play an essential role in making the NFL an exciting spectacle.

With their high-energy performances and relentless support for their teams, NFL cheerleaders have a stunning charm that fascinates audiences in every part of the stadium. In this article, we will mention and celebrate the mesmerizing beauty of NFL cheerleaders

While it is important to remember their dedication and skill, it is equally important to value the beauty they bring to the game. 

From their meticulously crafted routines to their eye-catching uniforms, NFL cheerleaders radiate a unique aura that electrifies the atmosphere during games. Each cheerleader brings her own particular character, enhancing the energy in the stadium and creating an unforgettable experience for fans.

It’s challenging to form an objective list of the “hottest” and “most- beautiful” NFL cheerleaders. That’s why, in this article, we will highlight some amazing cheerleaders who have left an everlasting imprint with their gorgeous looks and contagious qualities.

It’s important to mention that their beauty goes beyond their physical appearance and includes their enthusiasm, commitment, and talent to inspire millions through their performances. 

Read below and dive into the beautiful world of the NFL cheerleader and find out about their hot looks and great achievements on the courts.

List of 22 Hot NFL Cheerleaders past and present

1. Jenna – New York Jets

Jenna - New York Jets

Jenna, a New York Jets cheerleader, is a true embodiment of beauty, grace, and talent. With her captivating smile and undeniable stage presence, she effortlessly captures the hearts of fans.

Beyond her stunning looks, Jenna’s dedication and hard work shine through in every performance, showcasing her commitment to distinction. Her infectious energy and unwavering support for the team inspire both fellow cheerleaders and fans alike.

Off the field, Jenna’s warm and genuine personality further enhances her beauty. She actively engages with the community and uses her platforms to make a positive impact. Whether she is interacting with fans or participating in charitable endeavors, Jenna exemplifies the values of sportsmanship and kindness. 

Her remarkable blend of beauty, talent, and compassion makes her a standout among NFL cheerleaders, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes. 

2. Valerie – Los Angeles Rams

Valerie - Los Angeles Rams

Valerie, a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader, radiates beauty and poise with every performance. Her captivating presence on the sidelines captivates fans, drawing them into the energy of the game. Valerie’s striking looks are matched only by her incredible talent and dedication.

She spends numerous hours performing and improving her dance routines, ensuring that each move is executed perfectly. Her commitment to her art is apparent in the accuracy and elegance with which she performs, leaving viewers in astonishment.

Beyond her physical attractiveness, Valerie’s natural warmth and charismatic character glow through, making her a special member of the Rams community. She embraces her role as a role model, encouraging others through her hard work, discipline, and support for the team.

Her impressive combination of looks, talent, and personality make her an outstanding representative of the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad.

3. Kelly – Miami Dolphins (former)

Kelly - Miami Dolphins (former)

Former NFL cheerleader Kelly Sherwood possesses a timeless beauty and charisma that leaves her fans spellbound. Kelly captured spectators’ attention with her radiant smile and captivating stage presence while playing for the Dolphins. As a perfect complement to the Dolphins’ dynamic energy on the field, her grace and elegance left an indelible legacy.

Kelly’s physical allure was matched by her dedication and talent throughout her performances. As an NFL cheerleader, she underwent rigorous training and executed her routines with precision and finesse. Due to her commitment to excellence and natural beauty, Kelly stood out among her peers.

Kelly is no longer a Dolphins cheerleader, but the impact of her work endures. With one glance, she had the power to capture hearts, and her legacy continues to serve as an inspiration to aspiring cheerleaders. In the Miami Dolphins’ cheerleading legacy, Kelly Sherwood will be forever remembered for her timeless beauty and dedication.

4. Priscilla – Atlanta Falcons

Priscilla - Atlanta Falcons

Priscilla, a captivating member of the Atlanta Falcons cheerleading squad, radiates beauty and charm on and off the field. With her stunning presence and infectious energy, she leaves fans in awe with each performance. Aside from her striking looks, Priscilla’s talent and dedication are unmatched.

Her dedication to the team and the city represents the spirit of Priscilla as an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. She has a charming presence and flawless dance routines that showcase her commitment to excellence. 

Pricilla is known not only for her gorgeous looks but also for her friendly and inviting personality. Her personality traits are the ones that make her stand out among the fans and her teammates. Known for her positive personality, cheerful attitude, and dedication to the sport, she inspires others.

With her unique looks, skills, and personality, Priscilla makes a standout Falcons cheerleader. Her devotion to the team grows beyond her stunning performances, as she embodies dedication, teamwork, and community. Priscilla’s involvement in the games adds an extra layer of beauty to the Falcons’ game-day experience and creates a lasting impression on all who watch her grace the field.

5. Vanessa – Philadelphia Eagles (former)

Vanessa - Philadelphia Eagles (former)

Former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Vanessa left an indelible mark during her tenure with the squad. She added an extra touch of glamour to Eagles games with her beauty and grace on the sidelines. Aside from her exceptional talent, Vanessa’s unwavering dedication was evident in her performances.

During her time as an Eagles cheerleader, Vanessa represented the team with pride and enthusiasm. Currently, she works as a trainer for Do Your Rumble, where she provides motivation and empowerment to help individuals achieve fitness goals.

She also educates aspiring dancers at Powerhouse Dance SJ, sharing her expertise and nurturing aspiring dancers. Throughout her career as a dance instructor and trainer, Vanessa continues to inspire others and exhibit her unwavering passion for fitness.

6. Lacey Knight – Dallas Cowboys (former)

Lacey Knight - Dallas Cowboys (former)

Lacey Knight, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, left a memorable impression during her time with the renowned squad. No list can be completed without her name on it. Lacey is one of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL ever.

Her undeniable passion and beauty contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of Dallas Cowboys games. Through her Instagram page, glimpses into Lacey’s life reveal a woman who radiates happiness and contentment. Her posts showcase precious moments with her family, capturing the love and joy that fills her days.

Lacey’s transition from the spotlight of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad to the role of a dedicated mother and wife is a testament to her ability to find fulfillment and happiness in new endeavors.

7. Abigale – New Orleans Saints (former)

Abigale - New Orleans Saints (former)

Abigale, a former NFL cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints, brought energy and beauty to the sidelines during her time with the team. Her captivating performances and infectious enthusiasm ignited the crowd, adding an extra spark to the Saints’ game days.

Abigale’s talent and dedication were evident in her flawless dance routines and unwavering support for the team.

Since her departure from the Saints, Abigale has embarked on new adventures, leaving behind a lasting beauty. While specific details about her current endeavors may not be available, it is clear that her passion for dance and performance continues to drive her.

As fans reminisce about Abigale’s electrifying performances, her legacy as a former New Orleans Saints cheerleader lives on. Her dedication, talent, and contagious energy brought joy to fans and inspired aspiring cheerleaders.

Though her journey may have taken her elsewhere, Abigale’s time as a Saints cheerleader will be cherished as an integral part of the team’s history.

8. Brittany – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (former)

Brittany - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (former)

Brittany, a remarkable talent from Tampa, Florida, made her mark as a Pro Bowl cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. Her exceptional dance skills and undeniable charisma earned her a coveted spot among the league’s elite cheerleaders.

Brittany’s dedication and passion were evident as she represented the Buccaneers with pride and grace during her time on the squad.

Having concluded her tenure as an NFL cheerleader, Brittany has since moved on to new horizons. While specific details about her current pursuits may not be available, her time as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on her journey. 

From dazzling performances on the field to her engagement with fans, Brittany’s presence elevated the game-day experience for Buccaneers enthusiasts and inspired aspiring cheerleaders across the region.

As fans reflect on the accomplishments of Brittany, her role as a Pro Bowl cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stands as a testament to her talent and dedication. While her path may have evolved, Brittany’s impact as a former NFL cheerleader will forever be remembered as a proud representation of the Buccaneers’ rich history.

9. Katelyn – Los Angeles Chargers ( previously San Diego Chargers )

Katelyn - Los Angeles Chargers

Katelyn, a gorgeous member of the previously San Diego now Los Angeles Chargers cheerleading crew, merits recognition not only for her attractiveness but also for her tremendous skill and commitment.

Making her debut appearance in the Pro Bowl in 2015, Katelyn quickly evolved into a fan choice within the world of American football. Her sight on the field exudes grace and elegance, fascinating viewers with her contagious power and interesting moves.

Further to her role as a cheerleader, Katelyn is also a wellness fanatic, showcasing her dedication to preserving a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Her toned legs and well-formed physique are a testament to her devotion to fitness.

Katelyn’s discipline and love for remaining in shape contribute to her amazing athleticism and enhance her performance as a cheerleader.

Apart from her physical attributes, Katelyn’s blonde hair and captivating cheerleading style further enhance her appeal. Her energetic nature and undoubted stage presence promote the game-day experience, forming an electric atmosphere for fans and teammates alike. Katelyn’s talent and hard work shine through her cheerleading performances, bringing joy and excitement to others.

As a member of the Los Angeles Chargers cheerleading team, Katelyn is remembered not only for her physical attractiveness but also for her talent, love for the sport, and dedication. It is undeniable that her presence on and off the field is a significant part of the team’s success, and her performances leave a lasting impression on fans. Katelyn demonstrates the model of a qualified and inspiring cheerleader, earning admiration for her general prowess and dedication to fitness.

10. Charo – Washington Redskins/Commanders

Charo - Washington Redskins/Commanders

Charo, a captivating member of the Washington Redskins/Commanders cheerleading squad, hails from Maryland and has had a lifelong passion for dance. Since her debut in the NFL in 2010, Charo has continued to mesmerize fans with her breathtaking beauty and undeniable talent.

Her power-packed looks and sizzling style add an extra flair to the cheerleading performances, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

It is clear from Charo’s performances that she is dedicated to her craft and loves dancing. She has refined her skills as an NFL cheerleader and showcased her vibrant personality throughout her career. 

Combined with her stunning looks, confident demeanor, and captivating dance moves, Charo makes an unforgettable sideline presence.

These women bring immense talent and hard work to their roles as NFL cheerleaders. In addition to her beauty, Charo’s cheerleading skills, passion, and dedication make her a great cheerleader. 

The fans who have witnessed her performances on the Washington Redskins/Commanders cheerleading squad are undoubtedly grateful for her contributions.

11. Katy Marie – Dallas Cowboys

Katy Marie - Dallas Cowboys

Katy Marie, a member of the esteemed Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, has captured the hearts of fans with her sportive spirit and undeniable beauty. Her gorgeous curly tresses, wide smile, and stunning blonde look make her a standout among the hottest women on the team. It’s no surprise that she remains an all-time favorite among admirers.

Katy Marie’s presence on the sidelines is undeniably captivating. With her radiant energy and enthralling looks, she effortlessly commands attention, often becoming the focus of spectators’ gaze.

Her performances as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader exude grace and passion, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game-day experience.

While it’s subjective to say whether an audience watches her cheerleading more than the game itself, there’s no denying the impact Katy Marie has on those who witness her performances. 

Her magnetic presence, combined with her immense talent as a cheerleader, undoubtedly contributes to her widespread popularity among fans.

12. Witney 


Witney, an extraordinary cheerleader, has effortlessly transitioned into the world of magazine photoshoots, sports issues, and swimsuit modeling. It’s a natural fit for her with her impeccable style and striking beauty. Witney’s hot looks and undeniable allure make her a sought-after model with every appearance.

As the NFL cheerleader of the year, Witney’s stunning and toned physique demonstrates her dedication to fitness. Her commitment to staying in shape doesn’t just enhance her appearance but also makes any room she walks into feel warmer. Among her peers, Witney stands out for her confidence and beauty.

In addition to cheerleading, Witney is able to show off her versatility and expand her horizons. Throughout magazine photoshoots, she showcases her range as a model by embracing different styles and personas. 

Her appearances in sports magazines and swimsuit shoots further demonstrate her ability to capture audiences with her striking features. In both arenas, Witney has displayed her ability to thrive while maintaining her status as a true icon of hotness.

13. Lauren – New York Jets

Lauren - New York Jets

In the NFL, Lauren has gained her position among the top/hottest current cheerleaders as a member of the New York Jets cheerleading squad. In addition to her fascinating long hair and radiant smile, Lauren has a charming character that makes her dream of beauty and elegance. 

There’s no question why she’s a favorite among audiences with her strong presence on the sidelines and transmittable energy.

Aside from her physical beauty, Lauren’s cheerleading performances are memorable. With her spectacular routines, her vibrant, playful demeanor, and her skillful routines, she creates an electrifying atmosphere that enhances the game-day experience. 

The fact that she can show her hot looks while extended energy and confidence speaks about her talent and dedication. Lauren has caught the hearts of the New York Jets fans with her beauty and talent.

There is something truly special about her ability to seamlessly combine hot looks with infectious energy. Throughout her performances, it is evident that she is passionate about her craft.

14. Justene – Los Angeles Rams

Justene - Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams cheerleader squad has Justene; one of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL, as she stands out among the rest of the team. Looking at her wonderful looks and her stunning and energetic moves on the field it’s not possible not to be captivated. With her undeniable hotness, Justene attracts spectators’ attention and keeps them captivated.

Justene also holds the prestigious title of Miss Montana, in addition to her cheerleading career. Considering her absolute beauty and breathtaking looks, this is no surprise. Justene is one of the best supporters and lovers of cheerleading and she seems to have a bright future in the squad

In addition to her beautiful and energetic presence and compelling hotness, Justene is committed and d shows a strong dedication She effortlessly commands the spotlight with her captivating beauty and captivating personality. 

Watching Justene perform, you will undoubtedly be left with a lasting impression of her talent and undeniable hotness as she continues to excel in cheerleading.

15. Alexis Peterson – Dallas Cowboys

Alexis Peterson - Dallas Cowboys

Among cheerleaders, Alexis Peterson stands out as one of the most beauties and eye-catching beauties. The combination of her facial features, thick locks of hair, and sharp, edgy personality creates a truly mesmerizing presence. 

With her killer smile, Alexis’s already enchanting aura gets even more enchanting. Besides cheerleading, she has a passion for singing and a good voice.

Alexis leaves a lasting impression on both fans and spectators with her undeniable allure and captivating stage presence. Dance and singing shine through in her performances, elevating her to a standout cheerleader. Whether it’s her dance moves or her singing, Alexis’s magical presence can’t be ignored.

Alexis adds a unique blend of beauty, talent, and charisma to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. It’s easy to see why she’s a top-tier cheerleader because of her looks and magical/active personality. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad is fortunate to have Alexis’s remarkable presence on the team.

16. Hailey – Seattle Seahawks

Hailey - Seattle Seahawks

Hailey’s dancing mastery makes her a stunning cheerleader for the NFL Seattle Seahawks. Over the past six years, she has grown her dance skill and charmed audiences with her interesting moves.

In addition to her infectious smile and hot performances, Hailey also holds the position of Business Development Manager, demonstrating her impressive multitasking abilities.

Hailey’s passion for dance is apparent in her perfect performances, which combine fineness, precision, and undeniable hotness. Throughout the years, she has been an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks cheerleading squad’s success. In addition to her artistic career, her role as a Business Development Manager demonstrates her versatility.

17. Rachael – Cardinals

Rachael - Cardinals

Having exceptional talent, a captivating presence, and the ability to excel in multiple areas, Rachael epitomizes the essence of a multitalented individual.

Rachel, a Cardinals cheerleader, is renowned for her drop-dead gorgeous looks and incredible moves. Every time she performs, she steals the show, leaving a lasting impression on fans and teammates. Her hot smile and incredible dance skills make her a standout member of the team.

She has an undeniable talent and a magnetic presence on the field. Beautiful and skillful, her moves create an electric atmosphere. Rachael’s performances, whether dancing or flashing her captivating smile, are always memorable.

Rachael is an integral part of the Cardinals cheerleading squad. As a beloved and celebrated member of the squad, Rachel’s love for cheerleading shines through every performance.

18. Stephanie – Buccaneers

Stephanie - Buccaneers

Stephanie, a Buccaneers cheerleader, is a definite eye candy. Since her school days, she’s been involved in cheerleading with her blonde hair and radiant beauty.

Stephanie’s passion for her work shows in her vibrant energy and the way she lifts everyone’s spirits. There’s no denying her hot looks and her mesmerizing presence only get better within the field.

In every performance, her charismatic personality and infectious energy leave a lasting impression on fans and fellow cheerleaders. She’s a true standout among her peers because she effortlessly combines her hot looks with her love of cheerleading.

Stephanie is a member of the Buccaneers cheer squad, and she brings an undeniable charm to the field. 

In addition to uplifting the spirits of everyone around her, her enthusiasm makes her a favorite figure among fans. Stephanie’s dedication to her craft and her striking hot looks make her an eye candy and a beloved Buccaneers cheerleader.

19. Olivia – Seahawks

Olivia - Seahawks

Seahawks cheerleader Olivia adds another layer of hotness to the squad. She’s a sensational eye candy for the NFL Seahawk squad. Olivia’s first profession is as a school teacher, however, her amazing physics and stunning looks make her an excellent addition to the Seahawk cheerleading squad. 

Her dancing and partying skills are obvious in her energetic performances, and the fact that always stays fit makes her look irresistible.

With her unique blend of grace, beauty, and intelligence, Olivia brings a lot to the Seahawks cheerleading squad. The way she transitions seamlessly from class to the dance floor is amazing. Fitness is not only a reflection of Olivia’s commitment to her craft but also of her desire to maintain her hot looks.

She stands out among the ‘Sea Gals’ for her infectious energy, love of dancing, and dedication to maintaining her hot appearance. As a teacher and cheerleader, Olivia’s ability to balance her roles showcases her multiple talents and makes her an indispensable part of the Seahawks cheerleading squad.

20. Patricia – Denver Brocos

Patricia - Denver Brocos

Patricia is one of the most essential stars of the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad. Her beautiful curves, gorgeous tresses, brown eyes, and sharp face make her someone to reckon with in cheerleading. 

Patricia shows constant loyalty to the team in her dancing performances, and she presents herself with confidence and dedication on the field.

Fans and fellow cheerleaders alike are blown away by Patricia’s captivating beauty and undeniable talent. She’s invincible on the field, grabbing the attention of spectators and making the game day extra magical. 

As a cheerleader and Denver Broncos fan, Patricia’s commitment to the team shines through in every move she makes.

Patricia’s striking looks and undeniable talent make her stand out among their peers. The way she combines beauty and talent on the field makes her a great Denver Broncos cheerleader.

In addition to her dedication, Patricia’s ability to engage her audience makes her an exceptional member of the team, and she deserves all the admiration she gets.

21. Alicia Marie – Philadelphia Eagles

Alicia Marie - Philadelphia Eagles

Alicia Marie, a stunning member of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad, exudes charm and captivates audiences with her eye-catching beauty. Her energy and power-packed moves on the field contribute to the team’s overall spirit and create an electrifying atmosphere.

While the Eagles may have a history of winning championships, Alicia deserves recognition for her significant role as a prominent cheerleader, adding an extra layer of allure to the team. Her undeniable beauty and infectious enthusiasm make her a standout among her fellow cheerleaders and contribute to the Eagles’ overall advantage.

A cheerleader like Alicia is an invaluable asset to the Eagles. The way she speaks with the crowd and the energy that she puts into her moves play a big part in the success of the team.

It’s not only her gorgeous appearance but also her dedication to the squad that makes her irresistible to the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading team. Eagles should be proud to have such a great cheerleader.

22. Tequasia – Arizona Cardinals

Tequasia - Arizona Cardinals

In the world of cheerleading, Tequasia, a member of the Arizona Cardinals squad, is a real prodigy. Having started in the field at the young age of three, her talent and commitment have allowed her to become an excellent and experienced cheerleader. 

When Tequasia takes the limelight, it’s almost impossible to glance away from her unique skills and exciting presence. It is a testament to her unique talent that she can charm viewers with her skills and charm.

Tequasia’s cheerleading journey is amazing. Having started dancing at a young age, she’s sharpened her talents and created a remarkable ability to command attention. She’s become a standout cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals thanks to her natural talent and commitment. Both fans and fellow cheerleaders love Tequasia’s magnetic presence and performances.

Tequasia has an undeniable talent for cheerleading. As a standout member of the Arizona Cardinals cheerleading squad, her talent and early start have made her a standout. Her moves and enchanting presence continue to mesmerize audiences, proving Tequasia’s dominance in the cheerleading world.

The NFL cheerleading world is filled with incredibly talented and beautiful cheerleaders who add undeniable charm and energy. They embody the spirit of the sport with their stunning looks, captivating moves, and unwavering dedication.

Besides entertaining the crowd, they inspire and motivate others through their fitness endeavors, professional pursuits, and philanthropic efforts.

Whether it’s Jenna’s mesmerizing routines, Valerie’s undeniable beauty, or Kelly Sherwood’s infectious energy from the Miami Dolphins, each cheerleader brings their own unique flair to the field. Many of these women have careers outside of cheerleading, including careers as trainers, dance instructors, teachers, and more. 

Their versatility and commitment are a testament to their unique talents, both on and off the field. In spite of the subjective nature of looks, these NFL cheerleaders demonstrate talent, loyalty, and love. Throughout their performances, they motivate and intrigue audiences, leaving an unforgettable impact on the world of cheerleading and showing the vibrant spirit of the NFL.

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