Stephanie Gilmore Biography Facts, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Stephanie Gilmore Biography Facts, Career, Personal Life

This article on Stephanie Gilmore biography facts presents an analysis of the early life/childhood, career, and personal life of one of the world’s finest surfers.

Stephanie Gilmore is an Australian professional surfer known to many as the greatest female surfer of all time.

She is a seven-time world champion, winning the Women’s ASP World Tour from 2007–2018, excluding 2011.

Such a rewarding career has been attributed to her natural talent, surfing skills, style, power, elegance, and excellent wave reading expertise.

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is another opportunity for the Hall of Famer to showcase her surfing dexterities and grace as she’s always done.

Stephanie Gilmore Biography Facts & Profile

  • Full Name: Stephanie Louise Gilmore
  • Nickname: Happy Gilmore
  • Born: January 29, 1988 (age 36 years)
  • Place of Birth: Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
  • Weight: 147 Ibs
  • Sport: Surfing
  • Parents:
    • Father: Jeff Gilmore
    • Mother: Tracy Gilmore
  • Siblings:
    • Sisters: Whitney Gilmore, Bonnie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore Early Life & Childhood

Stephanie Louise Gilmore was born on the 29th of January, 1988, to their father, Jeff Gilmore, and mother, Tracy Gilmore.

She is one of three girls born to her parents in in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.

Stephanie Gilmore started surfing when she was 10.

She began surfing first on a bodyboard and later on Coolangatta crowded surf breaks.

Stephanie Gilmore Biography: Surfing Career

Gilmore began competitive surfing in 2005 when she entered the 2005 Roxy Pro Gold Coast as a wild card competitor, winning the event.

In 2006, she competed in the Havaianas Beachley Classic, another wild card event that she won.

World Title in 2007

Her early success was proven at the 2007 Women’s ASP World Tour, following victories at the World Qualifying Series tour.

Gilmore won the tournament, winning four from the listed eight events.

She also entered the Billabong Pro Maui, finishing first in the final event that year.

She replicated the victory in the Rip Curl Women’s Pro, NAB Beachley Classic, and Mancora Peru Classic.

Gilmore had claimed five notable titles, including a World Tour title, despite being her first professional season.

Winning Ways for the Hall of Famer

In 2008, Gilmore won the Movistar Classic Peru, Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach, Roxy Pro Sunset Beach, Rip Curl Pro Mademoiselle, and Billabong Pro Maui events.

She also claimed the Women’s ASP World Tour Title in addition to the title parade.

Gilmore defended her World Tour and Roxy Pro Gold Coast titles in 2009 and 2010 and the Billabong Pro Maui title in 2009 only.

In 2010, Gilmore won the Rip Curl Search, Commonwealth Bank Beachley Classic, and Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach.

Her victories earned her induction to the Surfers’ Hall of Fame.

She also won the Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the Year Award.

First Loss at the Women’s ASP World Tour

The 2011 season is perhaps, Gilmore’s worst.

That is because of the number of championships she won and the fact that it was the first time she’d lose the Women’s ASP World Tour Title since 2007.

She could only win the inaugural Roxy Pro France in 2011.

However, she was named ESPY’s Best Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year.

Back to Winning Ways

Gilmore reclaimed the Women’s ASP World Tour Title in 2012.

She defended the Roxy Pro France, and won the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and TSB Bank NZ Surf Festival.

In 2013, she defended her World Tour Title until 2018 and won the ESPY Best Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year Award despite heavy criticism and accusation of sexual objectification.

Gilmore won the 2014 Swatch Women’s Pro Trestles, Roxy Pro Gold Coast, and Cascais Women’s Pro, despite starring in Ava Warbrick’s extensive documentary, “Stephanie in the Water.”

She did well to retain her World titles in 2015 and 2016, adding the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and Maui Women’s Pro in 2017.

In 2018, Gilmore won the Oi Rio Women’s Pro, Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach, and Corona Open J-Bay – Women’s championships.

She cumulated her career numbers with seven World titles and 31 championships by winning the Lululemon Maui Pro and Corona Bali Protected in 2019.

Gilmore is also joint highest with Layne Beachley regarding the Women’s ASP World Tour titles.

She will be among the two first Australian female surfers ever in the Olympics.

Gilmore is currently an advisor to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and a top athlete on the ROXY Surf Team.

Career Achievements

  • Best Year: World Champion (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018)
  • Major Achievements: 7-times World Champion

WSL Highlights Video: Best of Stephanie Gilmore — The Queen of Style

Stephanie Gilmore Personal Life

Gilmore was born to Jeff and Tracy Gilmore and is the third of three siblings.

Her eldest sister Whitney Gilmore has been Stephanie’s manager since 2010.

She is known to have a joyful and positive personality, with the elegance of a dancer and an explorer’s free spirit.

These qualities have helped grace her illustrious career.

Gilmore disclosed that she had a boyish demeanor when she was young, enjoying explorations and outdoor games.

She enjoys music, playing golf, table tennis, the electric guitar, and taking pictures.

Stephanie Gilmore’s popularity among surfing fans is evident in her social media activities, having over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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