Top-10 Best Fantasy Sports Websites 2020

Top-10 Best Fantasy Sports Websites

It’s quite fun to know that you can easily log onto a website these days and assemble a simulated team that mimics real-life professionals. That is what fantasy sports websites offer.

Apart from assembling imaginary players, these websites make it easier to track an individual athlete in real life. The performance is converted into points. These points are totaled, and a winner is determined.

Primarily, any player’s main aim is to win some cash while competing with friends or the public and getting updates on the latest happenings with a particular fantasy sport.

With fantasy sports sites, the points earned by participants are easily updated, and everyone who has chosen a team to manage sees the outcome in real-time. Fantastic right?

Now the question is—what are the best fantasy sports sites out there in 2020? Let’s look at them.

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The Best Fantasy Sports Websites Right Now

10. Hattrick

Hattrick Football Manager Game
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Hattrick is one of the best websites for fantasy soccer. Their website is easy to navigate; it is free, and you can quickly build a team and manage it over time.

All you need to do is sign up with your details and play. You don’t need to be online throughout the day to win. No. All you need is to practice on the site, learn the tactics that work for you, and you are good to go.

Hattrick has huge community support and a good number of active users who are more than willing to support you.

9. Yahoo

Fantasy on Yahoo
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You must have seen the Yahoo Fantasy ads flash across your yahoo mail. Yahoo fantasy sports websites cover many top sports such as Major League Baseball, NBA, different soccer clubs, and hockey.

This website is relatively easy to use for new participants. You can get registered in a matter of minutes and start playing your favorite sports with as low as $10.

Like every other fantasy sports, you can create and manage your team. If the players you chose are performing very well in real life, you earn good points.

8. Superbru

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Superbru is home to many in Iceland, India, Bhutan, and Fiji. This website covers news on cricket and other sports and provides you with an option to play fantasy games online.

Initially started by a group of students from South Africa, this fantasy site has grown to be one of the best in the world.

There are over 1 million fans who play Superbru on their website. They cover a wide range of sports such as cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, football, and many more.

An exciting aspect of the Superbru is that playing here is free! It’s boldly stated on their website. With this offer, all you need is set up your private leagues, play in up to 10 or more tournaments, compete with friends for prices.

7. Dream11

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If you are a fan of cricket, this is for you. Dream11 stands as the largest host for fantasy cricket lovers. Here, to win, you have to demonstrate your in-depth understanding of cricket.

Their website allows you to create your team, manage the team, follow live updates, and statistics. As long as you understand the game of cricket and make a good selection in your team, you can win a lot of cash from Dream11.

It’s super easy to play at Dream11. All you need is register, choose an upcoming match that you wish to play, create your team, and join a contest.

6. FantasyDraft

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FantasyDraft offers daily games for NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL. As referenced on the site, each day, you get an opportunity to play on FantasyDraft. The incredible thing about this site is that there are no season-long responsibilities, and you can draft new groups consistently. You can pursue free and win real money prizes.

From the reviews gathered, it provides a whole lot of fun and user-friendly experience for all players. The site has a bigger payout zone, and it guarantees at least 25% of the players can win on contests. The team lineups are adaptable, and you can pick and drop your favorite players. You can play against expert competitors, top sports personalities, and retired players.

5. Draft Day

Draft Day
Screenshot: SportyTell

Drafts Day is a trendy fantasy sports site simplified in a way that any newcomer can register and play immediately.

One can easily pick a team, select the number of opponents you wish. This gives players much-needed flexibility and increases their chance to win.

Drafts Day also offers a daily fantasy game, thereby avoiding the season-long commitment many participants run away from. Sports like NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, CFB, PGA are all represented on Drafts website.

4. NFL Fantasy

NFL Fantasy
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NFL Fantasy is exclusively centered around American Football. You can choose genuine football players to form groups and afterward rival other individual members with the scoring depending on the real players’ performance.

The site features head-to-head scoring. Each team is matched up against another team within a league chosen by the players each week. The points are calculated accordingly, as per the player’s performances with factors such as offense, kicking, team defense, etc. forming the significant criteria.

3. DraftKings

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports
Screenshot: SportyTell

DraftKings is one of the richest fantasy sports companies in the United States. Based in Boston, it focuses on fans in the Northern part of America. DraftKings gives their fans access to compete in daily online games where they register and play a good number of college and professional sports.

DraftKings’ website covers some major American sports such as MLB, NHL, NFL, the NBA, and the PGA). It also covers the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, making it all fun for fans who are not interested in the US major sports.

2. Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League
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Fantasy Premier League is the largest football fantasy sports in the world. The site hosts over 4 million users across the globe. Interestingly, you can register on their website, select your preferred players, and play the game free.

Despite being free, people have given testimonies on how they won fantastic prices. Here, you are given a relatively tight budget to assemble your players according to the budget.  Your points are added according to your players’ and overall team performance. Every month, players with the highest points can win prices. The prices can be quarterly or yearly.

1. FanDuel

Screenshot: SportyTell

FanDuel is based in New York City.  It is one of the most popular fantasy sports websites in the United States. It enjoys a huge fan base in and outside the United States. On a visit to their site, the “Play when you want. Where you want. On any device” motto that pops up gives a sense of flexibility.

FanDuel provides its visitors with over 20,000 leagues to play daily. So tell me why it won’t claim the number one spot on our list? To make things more attractive, their payout is instantaneous. This means that immediately the game comes to an end, winners are paid instantly

They also have some online tools, one of which is called the FanDuel MLB lineup builder. This tool helps you to outsmart your opponents.

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