Top-10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2020

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online

Do you want to watch sports online?

We’ll show you the best free sports streaming sites right now.

The idea of sports streaming sites has proven to be beneficial, as keeping up with several game schedules can be a difficult task. Sports fanatics can attest to the joy and convenience of not missing a favorite team game, even in a tight schedule.

Online sports streaming services have made sports viewing easy and more accessible, with just a few clicks.

SportyTell lists some of the best sports streaming sites that offer premium quality sports content at no cost. Explore the to find the one that works for you.

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The Best Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV
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Live Soccer TV is among the best and most popular free sports streaming sites. For one, it gives fans and sports lovers the benefit of streaming a wide range of sporting activities.

It isn’t restricted to a single sport. Also, the one major factor that attracts thousands of sports lovers to its streaming site is its advantage of offering free streaming services without email sign up as typical to many streaming websites.

Live Soccer TV provides live updates and information about upcoming sports events across a different range of games. Its mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices and can be accessed anytime.

Only one disadvantage hinders this site’s widespread use; its access is limited to a specific geographical location.


Watch ESPN
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ESPN is one of the highly promoted streaming sites globally. It has one of the most extensive sports contents spanning from famous sports like soccer, American football, and basketball, to developing sports like skating and surfing.

Its interface is intuitive with HD quality content that delivers a convenient experience without pop-up ads. The ESPN streaming sites offer both free and premium streaming service.

The free streaming service allows users the benefits to watch endless sports contents without the need to sign up, log in, or any payments. However, the premium service requires users to log in and pay for a subscription plan as it comes with additional advantages not present in free service.

The service is also available for Android and iOS devices. Sadly it is restricted in some countries.

The list of sports to watch on ESPN includes NFL, basketball, college sports, soccer, baseball, cricket, tennis, wrestling, MMA, golf, horse racing, motorsports, etc.

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Laola1.TV is an Austria based streaming site with high popularity in Germany. It sports content is broadcasted in two languages, German and English.

The site offers premium membership services that boast of advantageous features over regular basic ones. It allows users to record live sports events for later viewing offline and provides a kind of social media chat forum where sports lovers can deliberate and discuss any sports-related topics.

Laola1.TV is available globally and hosts sports content across various sports, including Ice hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, and Beach Volleyball.

Sony Liv


Sony Liv streaming service is offered by the tech giant Sony. It is one of the quality streaming sites that provides HD quality sports contents, and it doesn’t just stop at sports contents; it also offers entertainment and movie packages.

Sony Liv has a page dedicated to providing up-to-date information on various sports events across multiple sports with game fixtures, predictions, highlight, pundits talks, and even live scoreboard information updated on a seconds-basis.

It can be accessed via Android and iOS devices, but sadly, it is not available to some geographical locations.

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Stream2watch is primarily used in North America, with almost half of its monthly visitors from the US. It offers a variety of sporting content and at highly fast streaming speed.

However, it gets its streaming source from several external sites; thus, tons of pop-up ads intrude during streaming. It lacks a mobile app, and so sometimes it isn’t mobile-friendly.

It can also be a stress for new visitors to the site to locate the streaming video links. Aside from this little hitch up, the site is one free streaming site to enjoy endless sports content.


Crickfree focuses majorly on cricket. However, it also offers streaming services for a few other sports like NFL, Basketball, Football, Boxing, Rugby, Formula 1, WWE, MotoGP.

With the use of video streams from a secondary host, it is able to provide sports content that you can watch online. It has an easy to use interface, thus, making it user friendly.

One disturbance factor that may tend to interfere with streaming is its endless pop-up ads that often come up at intervals. Ad blockers are unable to trim this off.

Aside from this, Cricfree is one streaming site to enjoy sports content, especially for cricket lovers. Sadly it is restricted in some countries.


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Streamwoop is another popular streaming site in North America. It offers streaming services to sports most common in the North American region, like the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

It is quite easy to navigate with an easy to use interface, and first-time users wouldn’t have a hard time accessing sports games. It also features a social media element that allows users to communicate via chats on trendy sports topics.

Streamwoop doesn’t need mail sign up and registration to enjoy its sporting contents. Sadly it’s not available to all countries.

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Hotstar owned by Star Networks is among the top free streaming sites of 2020. Like most successful streaming sites, it hosts sports content across a wide range of sports, including Cricket, Athletics, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, and Badminton.

All sports contents on HotStar can be streamed in HD quality. It has a mobile application via which the site can be easily accessed. However, the only con to this site is free to just the Indian audience in Indian geographical location.

One can get through to its free content service via a VPN without being in the India region.


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Mamahd, with a stunning graphical user interface, is a top-rated free sports streaming site for sports, across the European continent. It offers a wide range of you can watch online and comes with social media features that enable users to communicate.

However, it isn’t mobile-friendly, and accessing the site via a smartphone might be unreliable. Other than that, it’s an excellent streaming site with endless sports content available for streaming. 


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LiveTV is another sports streaming site with an added advantage of offering its streaming service in multiple languages. It caters to a wide range of sports, including baseball, handball, boxing, racing, tennis, NBA, NFL, NHL, and many others.

LiveTV has a page solely for displaying live matches scores and another for crucial highlights in recent sports events. Its interface is quite easy to understand, and first-time users can navigate easily on the site.

The site is available for streaming on both Android and iOS. It is restricted in certain countries.

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