20 Richest Baseball Players & Net Worth In 2020

Richest Baseball Players & Net Worth

Who are the richest baseball players? Read on to find out which of your favorite baseball players made our top list.

As baseball continues to enjoy huge successes with millions of fans within and outside the United States, acknowledging depthless love for the game. The pitchers, catchers, first, second and third basemen, shortstop, left, center, and right fielders, who provide the majority of the action on the ball field, have enjoyed substantial financial gains from their exploits. 

It’s not a surprise that aside from skillful players who please fans with entertaining gameplay, the game has produced financially buoyant superstars who make much more than just a living off the sport.

SportyTell fills your curiosity with this compilation of the top-20 richest baseball players and their net worths in 2020 — both active and retired professionals. Comprised of mostly MLB players, the list is based on data obtained from Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth.

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The Richest Baseball Players Right Now

20. Mike Piazza

Net Worth: $70 Million

Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza is a former professional baseball player from the United States, who played for 16 seasons in the Major League Baseball (MLB). His longest stay with a baseball club was with the New York Mets from 1998 – 2005. Piazza won NL Rookie of the Year in 1993 and also the prestigious Silver Slugger award ten different times. He is the present manager of the Italy national baseball team. Mike Piazza net worth is valued at $70 million as of 2020.

19. CC Sabathia

Net Worth: $80 Million

The American Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr. played professional baseball for the Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, and the New York Yankees in a 19-year career spell in the MLB. He batted and threw left-handed. Awards accorded to him during his career include the AL Cy Young award in 2007, American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player in 2009, and also emerged World Series champion with the Cleveland Indians that same year. CC Sabathia’s net worth as of 2020 is approximately $80 million.

18. Carlos Beltrán

Net Worth: $80 Million

The former professional from Puerto Rico is a baseball outfielder and a right-handed thrower specifically. Carlos Beltrán put in 19 active years of play in MLB, which saw him pick several awards. His very first was in 1999 as AL Rookie of the Year, three times winner of the Gold Glove Award, two Silver Slugger Award, a Roberto Clemente Award, and World Series Champion with the Houston Astros in 2017. Carlos Beltrán’s net worth in 2020 is roughly $80 million.

17. Barry Bonds

Net Worth: $80 Million

Seven-time winner of the NL MVP awards, 12-time winner of the Silver Slugger awards, and 8 Gold Glove awards to his name, Barry Bonds is regarded as one of the greatest in the game. He’s a retired American professional played in 22 MLB seasons in the colors of the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates. Although bonds had a controversial career, once accused of using drugs to enhance his performance and skills, he’s undoubtedly one of the best of all time. Barry Bonds’ net worth in 2020 is about $80 million.

16. Ken Griffey Jr

Net Worth: $85 Million

Nicknamed “The Kid,” Ken is the son to former American MLB player Ken Griffey Sr. He played for 22 fruitful years in MLB, which saw him pick several awards. He was also elected into the Mariners’ Hall of Fame, the Reds Hall of Fame, and the baseball hall of fame with a 99.32% vote. Ken Griffey Jr’s net worth in 2020 is approximately $85 million.

15. David Price

Net Worth: $85 Million

David Price

Making his first MLB debut in 2008 with the Tampa Bay Rays, Price has since played for three different teams, Detroit Tigers between 2014–2015, Toronto Blue Jays in 2015, and Boston Red Sox between 2016–2019, respectively. The American professional baseball pitcher has participated in several tournaments and events and picked several awards, and also became a World Series Champion in 2018. David Price’s net worth in 2020 is valued at $85 million, making him the 15th wealthiest baseball player.

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14. Mariano Rivera

Net Worth: $90 Million

Mariano Rivera is a retired Panamanian-American professional who invested 18 years in MLB with the New York Yankees. He is considered the best relief pitcher in MLB history and holds the most number of saves in the MLB with a total of 652 saves. Rivera is a five-time World Series Champion with five AL Rolaids Relief Man Award to his name, 3 Delivery Man of the Year awards, and three-time MLB Leader Saver in 1999, 2001, 2004 seasons, respectively. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019. Mariano Rivera’s net worth in 2020 is valued at $90 million.

13. Gary Sheffield

Net Worth: $90 Million

Presently working as a sports agent, Sheffield is a former American professional baseball player in the MLB, with 21 years of career play. The nine-time MLB All-Star is also a one-time World Series champion, five Silver Slugger Award winner, and NL batting champion. Gary Sheffield’s net worth in 2020 is approximately $90 million.

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12. Felix Hernandez

Net Worth: $90 Million

Felix Hernandez, nicknamed “King Felix,” is a Venezuelan-American baseball pitcher currently with the Atlanta Braves. He played in the MLB for the Seattle Mariners from 2005–2019. Hernandez is a one-time winner of the AL Cy Young Award, two-time AL ERA Leader in 2010 and 2014, and MLB Wins Leader in 2009.

Hernandez entered the Seattle Mariners club history on August 15, 2012, when he recorded the 23rd perfect game in MLB history and clinched a 1-0 victory against Tampa Bay Rays at Safeco Field. That happens to be the most recent perfect game in the MLB record. Felix Hernandez’s net worth in 2020 is estimated at $90 million.

11. Justin Verlander

Net Worth: $95 Million

Justin Verlander is a professional baseball player from the US who played for the Detroit Tigers and presently with the Houston Astros in the MLB. He is a one-time World Series champion with Houston Astros in 2017, two-time AL Cy Young Award winner, AL Rookie of the Year, ALCS MVP, AL ERA leader, three-time MLB wins leader, five-time AL Strikeout Leader, and the 114th pitcher in MLB history to hit 200 career wins as of 2018. Justin Verlander’s net worth as of 2020 is approximately $95 million, placing him 9th on the list of wealthiest MLB players.

10. Joe Mauer

Net Worth: $100 Million

Joe Mauer – Richest MLB Players

Joseph Mauer is a former American professional baseball player—a catcher, first baseman, and designated hitter. He played all 15 years of his MLB career in the colors of the Minnesota Twins and became one of the prolific catchers in the MLB with 3 Gold Glove Awards to his name. He also has won the Silver Slugger Award five times, AL batting champion three times, and AL MVP in 2009. Joe Mauer’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $100 million.

9. Manny Ramirez

Net Worth: $110 Million

Manny Ramirez is a Dominican-American professional baseball player who played 19 active seasons in the MLB. Although forced to retire from the MLB after a 100 game suspension for violation of baseball drug policy, he still has his name credited for various awards and is considered one of the best right-handed power grip hitter.

He is a nine-time Silver Slugger Award winner, two-time World Series Champion with Boston Red Sox, two-time AL Hank Aaron Award winner, and AL batting champion. Currently playing as an outfielder for the Sydney Blue Sox of the Australian Baseball League (ABL), Manny Ramirez’s net worth is estimated at $110 million as of 2020.

8. Joey Votto

Net Worth: $110 Million

Joey Votto is a Canadian professional baseball player currently with the Cincinnati Reds in the MLB. He has won the Lou Marsh Trophy twice, Tip O’Neill Award seven times, NL Hank Aaron Award once, Gold Glove Award, and NL Most Valuable Player in 2010. Votto made his debut in 2007 for the Reds and is still active in play. Joey Votto’s net worth in 2020 is valued at $110 million.

7. Chipper Jones

Net Worth: $110 Million

Chipper Jones is a former professional baseball player from the US, with 19 years played in the MLB for the Atlanta Braves. He won several trophies and awards, including World Series Champion with the Atlanta Braves in 1995, two Silver Slugger Award, and MLB Batting Champion. Jones retired from the game in 2012 and was inducted into the Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame in 2013.

Five years later, he was named to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He currently works as a color analyst with ESPN. Chipper Jones’ net worth in 2020 is valued to be $110 million, making him the 7th richest MLB player of all-time.

6. Randy Johnson

Net Worth: $115 Million

Randy Johnson, nicknamed “The big unit,” is an American former professional baseball player and one of the tallest players in the history of MLB. Johnson put in 22 years of play in the MLB for six different teams. However, Seattle Mariners was his most prolonged stay.

He won a World Series Championship, five Cy Young Award, World Series MVP, Triple Crown, MLB Wins Leader, four-time ERA Leader, and nine-time Strikeout Leader. Johnson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015. Randy Johnson’s net worth in 2020 is approximately $115 million, making him the 6th wealthiest baseball player of all-time.

5. Miguel Cabrera

Net Worth: $125 Million

Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera, nicknamed “Miggy,” is a Venezuelan debuted in the MLB in 2003 for the Florida Marlins. In 2007 he was traded to the Detroit Tigers, his present club. He is a World Series Champion with the Florida Marlins, two-time AL MVP winner, seven Silver Slugger Awards, two AL Hank Aaron Awards, four-time AL batting champion, two time AL Home Run Leader, two time AL RBI Leader, and an AL Triple Crown winner. Often regarded as one of the best hitters of his time, Miguel Cabrera’s net worth is approximately $125 million.

4. Albert Pujols

Net Worth: $170 Million

Albert Pujols is a Dominican professional baseball player. He made his MLB debut in 2001 for the St. Louis Cardinals and played 11 seasons with them before his move to Los Angeles Angels in 2012, where he currently plays as a first baseman. Pujols is a two-time World Series Champion with St. Louis Cardinals.

Other awards to his name include three NL MVP, NL Rookie of the Year, NLCS MVP, two Gold Glove Award, six Silver Slugger Award, two Hank Aaron Award, one Roberto Clemente Award, NL batting champion, two NL home run leader, and NL RBI leader. Albert Pujols’ net worth in 2020 is around $170 million.

3. Ichiro Suzuki

Net Worth: $180 Million

Ichiro Suzuki is a former professional baseball player from Japan who has 23 seasons of play in the professional baseball league. Nine seasons in Nippon Professional Baseball in the colors of the Orix Blue Wave in Japan and 14 in the MLB with Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, and the Miami Marlins.

Awards credited to Ichiro include Japan Series champion, three Pacific League MVP, seven Golden Glove Award, seven Best Nine Award, two Matsutaro Shoriki Award, seven Pacific League batting champion in the NPB, and AL MVP, AL Rookie of the Year, ten Gold Glove Award, three Silver Slugger Award, two AL batting champion and AL stolen base leader in the MLB. Ichiro Suzuki’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $180 million, making him the 3rd richest baseball player.

2. Derek Jeter

Net Worth: $185 Million

Derek Jeter – Wealthy Baseball Player

Derek Jeter is an American former baseball player, now turned businessman and part-owner of the American baseball team, Miami Marlins of the MLB. His professional career saw him put in 20 seasons in the MLB with the New York Yankees from 1995–2014. He’s had his fair share winning multiple awards and trophies. In 2020, he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. Derek Jeter’s net worth in 2020 is valued at $185 million, making him the second richest MLB player of all-time.

1. Alex Rodriguez

Net Worth: $350 Million

Alex Rodriguez – Richest Baseball Player

Alex Rodriguez, nicknamed “A-Rod,” is a former professional baseball player from the US, with 22 seasons of play in the MLB in the colors of the Mariners, Rangers, and Yankees. Although he had a controversial career due to his consumption of performance-enhancing drugs, that didn’t stop him from picking up several awards.

Rodrguez won the World Series Champion once, the Gold Glove Award twice, the Silver Slugger Award ten times, AL Hank Aaron Award four times, the MLB batting champion once, and was AL home run leader on five occasions.

Currently, A-Rod is the host of CNBC show back in the game, which focuses on helping former athletes get on track in their personal lives. Alex Rodriguez’s net worth is a massive $350 million in 2020, making him the wealthiest baseball player in the world.


There you have it — the top-20 richest baseball players in the world with their current net worths in 2020.

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