Why Is MMA Good For Self Defense?

Why is MMA Good For Self Defense?
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Do you intend to use MMA for self-defense?

Most people usually associate MMA with a self-defense mechanism. But, let’s be specific. Is MMA good for self-defense?

Maybe you have never tried Mixed Martial Arts, but you are now curious about it. Or you are probably wondering what benefits this sport brings or what are the reasons to practice MMA?

If this is your case, you are in luck, because in this article, I share all the advantages and benefits related to training. Surely after reading everything, you dare to start.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines techniques from various martial arts, both traditional and modern. It is used in sports competitions, and people also practice MMA for self-defense. Its practice has been widespread in recent years in both children and women. 

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Who Should Practice MMA & Why? 

Contrary to what many people think, Mixed Martial Arts is not only for those who want to compete in combat. Actually, anyone who wants to get in shape, both physically and mentally, should practice it. Also, it is not only an activity for men. MMA training can be beneficial for young people, adults, and children regardless of gender. So you really should consider using MMA for self-defense.

Why Choose MMA? 

Because unlike other martial arts, in MMA, you must learn various disciplines with combat techniques standing up and at ground level, making it a complete exercise where you work your whole body, your reflexes, concentration, and coordination. 

Benefits & Reasons to Practice MMA for Self-Defense

1. MMA as an Exercise Enhances Your Physical Condition

Martial Arts will considerably improve your physical condition. Thanks to the intense workouts that you must complete regularly. A round of sparring or grappling of at least 3 minutes can be defined as a brutal cardio session, which is why MMA fighters often have incredible stamina. 

Conditioning exercises strengthen your circulatory and respiratory systems, as they are required to supply the amount of oxygen that the body needs. Also, all the complementary activities such as jumping off rope, sack hitting, boxing shadow, etc. They all prepare you to become active. 

2. Mixed Martial Arts Increase Your Muscle Strength

MMA for Self-Defense – Training for Muscle Strength
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One of the benefits of MMA that you will see in a short time frame; is your body increases in muscular strength. MMA strengthens several muscle cells in the body. This helps the body have a better posture and greater efficiency in any effort that is made. 

That is the advantage of MMA over other sport as physical training; you use all the muscle in your body. Swimmers have strong backs and shoulders, footballers have strong legs, but with MMA, you work with every muscle in your body.

3. MMA Increases Your Confidence & Self-esteem

MMA training will not only make you physically strong; it will also considerably increase your self-esteem. As you get through workouts and realize that you can defend yourself, you will gain a sense of confidence and peace of mind like no other sport.

With more strength and confidence, you will learn to act in a more humble and relaxed way, avoiding unnecessary confrontations and seeing them from a different point of view. 

4. With Mixed Martial Arts, You Improve Your Coordination & Reflexes

MMA techniques require excellent coordination and reflexes, as you must be attentive to your opponent at all times and ready to react as quickly as possible. Also, training-specific exercises such as jump rope, bat and mitt hitting, grappling, knockdowns, and others, are designed to depend on reflexes and muscle coordination. 

5. MMA Builds Mental Toughness

Another reason for practicing MMA is that several studies have linked this sport to increasing mental strength. MMA training exercises are designed to push you to the limit; this helps develop persistence, endurance, and determination. With these skills, you will learn to face life’s obstacles with greater confidence and stay focused on your goals and objectives. 

6. MMA is the Complete Self-Defense Option

MMA for Self-Defense
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What better than to gain good self-defense bases while improving your physical condition and mental strength well. Being a combination of various disciplines and martial arts, MMA teaches an excellent repertoire of techniques that will help you defend yourself in case it is impossible to avoid a physical confrontation. 

7. MMA Helps to Release Stress

Exercise, in general helps improve mood and release stress from day to day; however, MMA enhances these benefits as it is such a physical exercise. While practicing a contact sport like MMA, you forget about the worries of everyday life and enter a state of absolute concentration and inner connection. By releasing stress, you are giving yourself more years of life since you reduce the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and other types. 

8. The Most Effective Workouts

MMA Exercise, Workout & Training
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MMA is perfect for those who need to lose weight. When it comes to burning calories, traditional exercises are not the best option as they take a long time to produce results, and many people end up getting bored before reaching their goals. 

While running on a treadmill for 45 minutes burns about 400 calories at a medium pace, you could be burning anywhere from 590 calories in a striking class to about 620 calories in a grappling class. The reason why it’s more effective is that you use several muscles, and it also requires more explosiveness. All of these are necessary conditions to burn more calories in a short time. 

9. You Make New Friends

There’s nothing like the friendships you make in the gym. There is a special camaraderie that is formed in MMA training since they are people who like to see you improve and overcome your personal limits. Contrary to what many people think, you will not see your training partners as opponents, but as your brothers, and there will be incomparable respect during each training session. The same will happen with your coach. 

10. Practicing MMA as a Sport Helps in Other Disciplines

MMA helps you improve your results in other sports. A football player who is training in mixed martial arts will see his performance improved considerably with a better physical condition, better reflexes, and much less fear of shocks and contact. The same goes for other sports where there is some physical contact, and you need an extra boost to get to the top. 

Is MMA Good for Self-Defense? 

In different circumstances, people may get not one form of combat for any specific reason. This situation may not require the coordination from a regular ring referee. This is the primary reason why MMA for self-defense is the best option. In MMA training, participants are taught useful and crucial techniques that can save one’s life during combat. 

If the motivation is not to use MMA for self-defense, then what is it? After seeing these reasons, you are sure to be ready to start training.

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