Top-10 Best MMA Gyms, Classes & Clubs In America

Top-10 Best MMA Gyms, Classes & Clubs In America
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One cannot separate MMA fighters from the MMA Gyms, classes, and clubs they train. In MMA, you may not be wrong to say that quality fighters are forged in the best MMA gyms.

There are many gym camps for MMA fighters in America, but not all can be ranked as top-quality gym camps.

The best MMA gym camps are determined by the number of top fighters they have produced, trainers’ quality, and the type of facilities they have for their fighters.

With the promotion and broadcasting network the UFC is enjoying today, many investors have set up gym clubs and classes, with the services of gym instructors, to bring the best out of their fighter.

Given the number of MMA gyms in America, one might be confused regarding the top MMA gyms and club to enroll.

Hence this article will look at the best MMA gyms, classes, and Clubs in America right now.

Here Are The Best MMA Gyms in America

10. Hard Knocks 365

Hard Knocks 365
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One of the top ten Gym clubs in the United States is the Hard Knocks(365). This gym is still popularly referred to as ‘Blackzilians’.

The Hard Knocks is located in Florida (Fort Lauderdale), and it has about thirty thousand square feet. It has incredible fighters training in their facility daily.

Hard Knock 365 is a gym house for some notable MMA fighters, such as Stefan  Struve, Michael Johnson, and Kamaru Usman.

9. The ATT (American Top Team)

Popularly referred to as the AAT, the American Top Team is another top MMA gym club in the United States. It is located in Florida (Raton) with quality facilities you can imagine.

The ATT has gone as far as gaining the UFC president’s recognition, Dana White, who recognized and acknowledged the work the couches put in place to breed quality MMA fighters in America.

Among the top MMA athletes who fight off this GYM are Yoel Romero, Jorge Masvidal, and Amanda Nune.

8. American Kickboxing Academy

American Kickboxing Academy
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Fondly referred to as the AKA, the American Kickboxing Academy is another quality MMA gym facility that couldn’t escape our mention in this list.

Created in the 1980s and located in California (San Jose), the AKA is one of the oldest MMA gyms clubs in the United States.

With the quality of MMA fighters fighting off this MMA gym club, one will be shocked if it fails to get a mention on our list.

Some notable fighters here included the undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier, and Leon Edward.

7. Jackson-Wink MMA

Jackson-Wink MMA is a standout amongst other MMA gym centers on the west coast. It is situated in New Mexico (Albuquerque).

Jackson-Wink MMA houses a portion of the top fighters on the planet. Jon Jones, who some accept to be the best MMA fighter in the world right now, calls Jackson-Wink MMA his home.

Different fighters, for example, Holly Holm, who was the first to beat Ronda Rousey, additionally calls Jackson-Wink MMA her best MMA gym club.

Due to the quality of fighters this gym club has produced, it deserves a mention on our list.

Some popular fighters fighting from the Jackson-Wink MMA include Michelle Waterson, Holly Holm, Jon Jones, Lando Vannata, and Carlos Condit.

6. Kings MMA

Kings MMA
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Kings MMA, situated in Huntington Beach, California, is extraordinary compared to other MMA exercise centers on the planet.

For example, some notable Brazilian fighters, Fabricio Werdum and Lyoto Machida, prepare for their fights at Kings’.

The gym is under the care of top coach Rafael Cordeiro, who recently won “coach of the year” award.

With their ongoing venture into West Hollywood, Kings MMA is showing that it has come to stay.

Some outstanding fighters like Fabricio Werdum, Marvin VettoriWanderlei Silva, and Kelvin Gastelum call Kings MMA home.

5. Longo and Weidman MMA

Longo and Weidman MMA Gym, Classe, Club
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Located in New York (Long Island), the Longo and Weidman MMA is one of the top MMA gym clubs in the United States.

It was formerly known as the Serra Longo but was later renamed to Longo and Weidman. It has Ray Longo and both the gym instructor and owner.

This gym club has produced some worthy MMA fighters, such as Aljamain Sterling, Gian Villante, and Chris Weidman.

4. Alliance MMA

Alliance MMA
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The Alliance MMA was founded in 2007 by Brandon Vera, who is also a UFC fighter. This gym facility is located in San Diego, United States.

Alliance has done a great job producing some of the best UFC world champions, and it still does so.

Although the founder no longer runs this gym club, its standard has remained top-notch.

Some major UFC fight organizations such as Invicta FC and Bellator train their fighters in the Alliance MMA due to the quality of gym facilities and services available to fighters.

Some widely recognized fighters from the Alliance MMA include former UFC Bantamweight Champion, Cruz Dominick, Alexander Gustafsson, Angela Hill, and Jeremy Stevens.

3. Black House MMA

Best MMA Classes – Black House MMA
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The Black House MMA is arguably the biggest MMA gym camp in the United States. It was founded in 2006 has locations in Los Angele, California, and Brazil.

The Blackhouse focuses not only on MMA fighting styles but also on boxing and American Wrestling.

Some famous MMA fighters produced by the Black House MMA are Lyoto, Antonio Nogueira, and Ander Silva.

2. Xtreme Couture

Best MMA Clubs – Xtreme Couture
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The Xtreme Couture is an MMA gym camp located in Las Vegas (Nevada). It is was founded in 2006 by Randy Couture. Some notable trainers here include Randy Couture and Dennis Davis.

In recent years, Xtreme Couture expanded to cities like Florida and Ontario, Canada, to accommodate more fighters from different regions.

Considered as one of the biggest MMA gym camp globally, the Extreme Couture is measured to be around 24,000 square feet.

Some great MMA fighters from this gym club include Gray Maynard, Vinny Magalhaes, and Forrest Griffin.

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1. Jackson’s MMA

Best MMA Gyms – Jackson's MMA
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Sitting on top of our list is Jackson’s MMA. This MMA gym camp was founded in 1992 by Greg Jackson and is unarguably one of the best MMA gyms in America.

Situated in Albuquerque in New Mexico, this is the top destination for some of the world’s best MMA fighters.

The Jacksons cover almost everything from kids’ programs to top MMA skill development in wrestling, grappling, kickboxing, conditioning, and submission techniques.

The Jackson’s MMA has produced no fewer than nine world UFC champions with Mike Winkeljohn as head trainer.

Fighters such as Shane Carwin, Clay Guida, and Rashad Evans are notable fighter from this MMA gym camp.


There you have our list. Tell us what you think about these MMA gym clubs in the comment section.

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