Top-8 Best Racing Driving Schools In America

Racing Driving Schools In America
Photo: Exotics Racing

In this article, we’ll review some of the top racing driving schools in America.

Just being knowledgeable or acquainted with the basics of driving doesn’t guarantee one’s ability to drive exceptionally in competitive driving. It requires time, consistent practice with lots of mistakes to master the art.

Only a few of the driving population are adept at driving.

That is why there are race car driving schools dedicated to the business of teaching programs related to all forms of driving. Below is a list of the best race car driving schools in the US, we’re confident would give you a fantastic experience.

The Best Racing Driving Schools in America

**The listings are in no particular order.**

1. Skip Barber Racing School

Skip Barber Racing School – Top Race Car Driving School
Photo: Skip Barber Racing School / Instagram

The largest and by far and among the very best racing driving schools existing, Skip Barber Racing School, had a humble beginning. It was founded in 1975 and started operations with two borrowed race cars and as little as four students. Fast-forward to today. It is one of the leading racing schools around the globe. Skip Barber offers courses in regular racing, defensive and high-performance driving, and amateur and professional racing.

Skip Barber Racing School has trained countless Motorsports winners. Alumni of Skip Barber has given important credibility to the racing school by racing and winning various NASCAR major events and Championship. It is a pioneer among racing schools in the United States and beyond, with track locations in Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, and California.

2. Exotics Racing

High-performance driving experience in Las Vegas

Exotics Racing lives up to its name in providing a standard driving lesson experience. It gives students and customers the taste of practicing driving lessons in some of the most exotic supercars on the planet, from the Ferrari brands of sports beauties to the Lamborghini, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Porshe and many more. The availability of some of the most luxurious cars might be tempting.

Still, disciplined instructors at Exotics Racing do not deviate from the sole purpose of teaching and impacting driving knowledge to students and customers. However, you only get to have an endless feel of these six-figures rides only if you sign up for any of the school driving programs.

Exotics Racing boasts an exclusive racetrack, which has hosted racing competitions for NASCAR, EXR Series, and NHRA Drag races.

3. BMW Performance Driving School

BMW Performance Driving School
Photo: BMW Performance Driving School Experiences

If you’re a BMW car lover, you wouldn’t mind signing up for a driving course in its performance driving school. The racing school has two locations, Palm Spring, California, and Grenville, South Carolina.

The BMW Performance Driving School offers courses not just for race drivers but also for a regular driving course. If you’re new on the wheel, the school is available to cater to your need for driving lessons. It has all the necessary facilities and equipped racing cars to provide an affordable racing lesson to wannabe racers from the racing perspective.

4. Allen Berg Racing Schools

Former professional race driver Allen Berg, who plied his racing skills for the Osella team in Formula 1, operates the Allen Berg Racing Schools with its primary location in San Diego, California. It hosts several other subsidiary locations in southern California. The school has produced several graduates who are professional race drivers.

Allen Berg Racing Schools provides students with realistic race driving experience, especially in formula racing. It offers instructional programs for regular driving to customers seeking to learn the basics of professional driving. Race cars used for teaching driving lessons in the school features a data system that is used to monitor individual student driving channels. The driving school also offers programs for safe winter driving training and emergency driving situations.

5. Richard Petty Driving Experience

Richard Petty Driving Experience
Photo: Richard Petty Driving Experience

Popularly referred to as “The King,” Richard Petty is a fulfilled and accomplished former NASCAR driver. He brought and inputted his racing experience through teaching it in a racing school program created by him. It has over 15 race tracks in the U.S. to implement practical knowledge of racing lessons.

Richard Petty Driving Experience offers racing students the benefits to ride a two-seat NASCAR accompanied by a professional racing instructor to put into practice taught lessons on any of its racing tracks. For racing drivers seeking to learn about NASCAR, the Richard Petty Racing Experience is the choice to pick.

6. Bondurant High-Performance Driving School

Bondurant High-Performance Driving School
Photo: Bondurant High-Performance Driving School

Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving is an American based performance driving school specializing in racing, teen driving, and law enforcement driving education. It was created in 1968 by top Formula One driver Bob Bondurant and located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bondurant High-Performance Driving School boasts an extensive facility that features a 1.6-mile road course, a 15-turn, an eight-acre asphalt pad for high gear practical racing lesson, countless race-prepared racing cars, and open-wheel vehicles. A few of the driving courses taught in the school include competition driving, stunt driving, police pursuit driving, Open-Wheel Formula Mazda racing, and many more. The school also features a Women’s Driving Academy. It’s an all-purpose driving school.

7. Frank Hawley Drag Racing School

Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School
Photo: Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School

Two-time world champion drag-racing driver Frank Hawley founded the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School in 1985, with its location in Gainesville, Florida. The racing school offers flexible courses that permit stouthearted learners to get into the world of drag racing, even if they do not possess a professional race car driver’s license. Newbies receive a memorable, delightful experience in various race driving courses, with the avenue and resources to implement lessons taught in practice.

The school holds competition classes across multiple locations in the United States in Super Comp, Super Gas, Top Dragster, Top Alcohol Dragster, and Top Sportsman with Hawley himself in person as the lead instructor. As added incentives, customers with a license have the opportunity to train with Hawley in their personal car.

8. Ken Bouchard’s Drive To Victory Lane Racing School

Ken Bouchard's Drive To Victory Lane Racing School
Photo: Ken Bouchard’s Drive To Victory Lane Racing School

Founded by 1988 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie, Ken Bouchard, who recorded over 200 racing victories, Drive To Victory Lane Racing School has its location in Thompson, Connecticut. They provide race driving lessons in a similar NASCAR atmosphere with the use of modified NASCAR cars. Learning in the school gives the rare opportunity of learning from one of the greatest minds in racing on the planet. You get to learn from the best from its offers a two-days competitive drive program. Drive courses take place at Thompson International Speedway.


Auto racing or car racing is a kind of motorsport that involves the competitive racing of automobiles.

The sport came into existence through the invention of automobiles, and the first racing competition was recorded far back in the mid 19th century. However, auto racing competition then was majorly an avenue to test run the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of developed motors in demonstrating its practical mode in transporting.

However, continuous auto racing soon became a platform for competitive carmakers to display their machines’ worth. The 1930s saw specialize cars for racing developed.

Since the first organized automobile racing, which took place in the United States on Thanksgiving Day from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois, in 1895, auto racing has grown into a significant competitive sport with different categories and different rules and regulations.

The need for success in the competition thus saw the development of racing schools with one of the pioneer established in 1975.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and reviews about these race car driving schools in America, in our comments section below.

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