Top-15 Richest Race Car Drivers Of All Time

Top World's Richest Race Car Drivers
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Who are the richest race car drivers in 2020?

It is no secret that successful race car drivers make an awful lot of money. Even the less successful drivers still make way more than the average middle-class citizen.

Car racing is one of the most lucrative sport to get into. And for good reasons, as exciting and thrilling as it is to watch a NASCAR race or a Formula 1 event, car racing is one of the most dangerous sports on the planet.

Though there have been relatively few deaths to date, these drivers have a two percent chance of dying each time they get on those tracks and give you a show. Yes, death might be the worst-case scenario; but the injuries are another matter entirely. 

While these drivers make a lot of money from their racing careers and endorsements, some of these drivers have found more ways to make even more money.

So, we would be discussing the richest race car drivers in the world based on their current net worths.

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The Richest Race Car Drivers Right Now

15. Carl Edwards 

Net Worth: $70 Million

Carl Edwards Net Worth
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Carl Edwards is famous among professional racers for his accomplishments, unusual records, and winning style. While he was still racing, he achieved seventy-two career wins.

Edwards is a retired racer, but his success has not diminished for one second.

Carl Edwards’ net worth sits comfortably at $70 million, making him one of the richest race car drivers as of 2020. Fans love Carl Edwards for his amazing victory celebration.

14. Danica Patrick 

Net Worth:  $70 Million

Richest Female Race Car Driver — Danica Patrick Net Worth
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In a male-dominated world, yet a woman like Danica Patrick, with an unbending and unbroken spirit, lives and dine with the richest of the sport.

She may not have won any title or league competition, but she’s always among the top ten best racers in any competition.

Danica Patrick’s net worth is valued at $70 million as of 2020. Thanks to endorsement deals and other personal business.

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13. Tony Stewart 

Net Worth:  $70 Million

Wealthiest Race Car Drivers – Tony Stewart Net Worth
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Tony Stewart is popularly known for one thing—focus. He is not just a champion in the track alone but also in finances.

Tony Stewart’s net worth is valued at $70 million in 2020. A major of his fortune came from his successful career as a NASCAR driver.

He won the NASCAR championship, alongside Indycar, thereby creating a record for himself as the only racer to have achieved that feat.

However, aside from sponsorship and endorsement deals, he also owns a satellite show.

12. Mark Martin 

Net Worth:  $70 Million

Mark Martin Net Worth
Mark Martin in the Daytona 500. Wikimedia Commons.

Racing legend Mark Martin is one of the best racers the world has ever seen. Very few drivers can match his skill and experience on the track.

Mark Martin’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated at $70 million. Many of his successes and financial bountifulness came from several endorsement campaigns, sports deals, and other side businesses.

In 2017, Mark Martin was officially inducted into the hall of fame in NASCAR even while he is racing. 

11. Kyle Busch 

Net Worth: $80 Million

Kyle Busch Net Worth
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Kyle Busch is one of the youngest and most successful race drivers in the world. When he was nineteen years old, he won the pole and became the youngest to claim the title.

In Busch’s racing career, he has won only 209 career races. Not surprisingly, he has also won a total of fifty-six NASCAR Cup Series.

Kyle Busch’s net worth is currently valued at $80 million. Although Busch is the youngest, he is currently one of the highest-paid drivers, earning about $17.8 million per annum.

10. Ralf Schumacher

Net Worth: $100 Million

Ralf Schumacher Net Worth
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The younger brother of seven-time Formula 1 World Champion the legendary Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher had a professional racing career that lasted for eleven years.

Though not as successful as his brother he did win several races and had an impressive twenty-seven podium finishes.

He retired in 2013 and became a manager for DTM and Mucke Motorsports. In 2020, Ralf Schumacher’s net worth is valued at $100 million.

9. Sebastian Vettel

Net Worth: $120 Million

Wealthiest Race Car Driver – Sebastian Vettel Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

One of only 5 drivers ever to win at least four Formula 1 World Championships Sebastian Vettel is right there in the all-time list of the greatest race car drivers.

Sebastian Vettel’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be $120 million. His contract with Ferrari has been a very lucrative one, which has seen him earn an annual salary of almost $40 million.

Though he has not been able to replicate his racing success with Red Bull, he sure has been raking in the big bucks.

 8. Jimmie Johnson  

Net Worth: $150 Million

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Jimmie Johnson at Daytona 500. Wikimedia Commons.

How dreams come true is the story of Jimmie Johnson. His obsession and passion from his childhood days were to be a NASCAR driver.

The perfect timing came for him to show the world the material he is made of. Johnson has won several championships as well as other league race.

Jimmie Johnson’s net worth is $150 million as of 2020. Thanks to his endorsements with several top companies and other private businesses. 

7. Kimi Raikkonen

Net Worth: $200 Million

Kimi Raikkonen Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

Kimi Raikkonen, nicknamed the Iceman, hails from Finland and currently racing in Formula 1 for Alfa Romeo Racing.

With 21 Grand Prix victories to his name, the Iceman is the most successful car racer to come from Finland.

In 2020, Kimi Raikkonen’s net worth is approximately $200 million.

His talent is truly exceptional as he is the only driver to have raced with a hybrid V6, a V8, and a V10 engine.

6. Jeff Gordon 

Net Worth: $230 Million

Jeff Gordon Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

Former Winston champion has also registered his name as one of the world’s richest racing drivers.

Looking back, Jeff began his NASCAR career from a humble beginning and had risen to become one the best racer on the track.

He won 98 victories while he was still racing, and he clinched the Brickyard 400 title on different occasions. 

Jeff Gordon’s net worth is valued to be $230 million in 2020. He has retired from racing, yet his legacy on the track is more than enough to make him one of the world’s wealthiest race car drivers.

He currently co-owns Jimmie Johnson’s racing team and other companies (such as a wine production company).  Apart from all of these, he’s also a top executive in Hendricks Motorsports.

5. Fernando Alonso

Net Worth: $240 Million

Fernando Alonso Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

Fernando Alonso is a Spain international and world champion, popularly known as an excellent sports driver. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest F1 drivers to date.

He has won the Formula One World Championship twice (2005 and 2006) with the Renault team.

Fernando Alonso’s net worth is approximately $240 million as of 2020, with endorsement deals accounting for a majority of that sum.

4. Richard Childress 

Net Worth: $250 Million

Wealthiest Race Car Driver – Richard Childress Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

Richard Childress, a former racer and manager, is among the richest race car drivers ever in NASCAR.

His managerial fame has spread far and wide, as he has coached top stars like Dale Earnhardt Sr, Paul Menard, and Jeff Burton.

Even though his career as a racer may not be blissful, his managerial role currently proves to his critics that he is a kingmaker in the track.

Richard Childress’s net worth is estimated at $250 million as of 2020. The racing legend has endorsement deals with several top brands.

3. Lewis Hamilton

Net Worth: $285 Million

Second-Richest F1 Driver - Lewis Hamilton Net Worth
Via Wikimedia Commons

Lewis Hamilton is a British racer in the formula one. He has won a record seven world championship titles since he began in 2008, tieing Michael Schumacher’s record.

A man of few words yet works wonders in the tracks. Hamilton drives for Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

In 2020, Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is valued at $285 million.

2. Dale Earnhardt, Jr

Net Worth: $400 Million

Richest Race Car Driver – Dale Earnhardt Jr Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

While some people may argue with this point here, others will nod their heads in total agreement to it.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a retired stock racer, yet his annual earning is very massive compared to the average racer currently.

While he was still racing, he was one of the best, and he won several racing competition. His racing career was very successful.

As you all know, more wins and success attracts much money and substantial endorsement deals in NASCAR—Dale is no different.

In 2020, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s net worth is around $400 million.

As a stock driver, he was the highest-paid NASCAR driver, as he was earning the sum of $21.4 million in 2016–2017. 

Presently, Dale has several investments, and to mention a few; he co-owns Junior Motorsport, and he’s having a blistering career as a broadcaster for NASCAR on NBC.

1. Michael Schumacher

Net Worth: $800 Million

Richest Race Car Driver – Michael Schumacher Net Worth
Wikimedia Commons

He is regarded as the greatest of all-time race driver in the world. Since his forced retirement in 2013 due to serious injuries sustained in a Ski trip, very little is known about the legend.

Michael Schumacher’s net worth is about $800 million due to his partnership businesses and other endorsement deals he has with top companies.

His record as the highest winner of the World Championship was not broken until 2020 by Lewis Hamilton.

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