Raheem Sterling Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is He?

Raheem Sterling Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is He?

Raheem Sterling net worth, salary, and his sources of wealth in 2020 analysed.

Net Worth:$45 Million
Salary:$18 Million
Date of Birth:December 8, 1994
Age:01994-12-080 years old
Nationality:Jamaican, English
Source of Wealth:Association Football Player
Last Update:2020


Raheem Sterling is a British footballer who plays in the English Premier League for Manchester City. One of Europe’s top midfielders, he is seen as a force behind the success of the English club, Manchester City. Sterling has mastered the act of fusing incredible dribbles, balance, and fast-paced ball control to deliver some of the epic midfield prowess ever seen in football. His dynamic style of play along the wings of the football pitch has earned him recognition as a natural winger and midfielder as well as one of the best footballers in Europe and the world.

With an emphasis on Raheem Sterling net worth in 2020, we summarise his wealth. Other highlights include his early life, career summary/highlights, salary, luxury lifestyle, and lessons to learn from Sterling’s wealth and rise to fame.

Early Life

Born in Jamaica, Raheem Sterling’s mother assume sole responsibility for Raheem welfare right from his birth as his father wasn’t available. On his birth certificate, Raheem’s father’s name isn’t included. Growing up in Jamaica, Sterling grew up in a part of Jamaica, where there was an increased crime rate as well as gangs who engage in violence. He lost his father to such violence. Raheem sought to distract himself from such by playing football. As a child, Raheem Sterling played football for countless hours. Sometimes he played for as much as 8 hours before he returns home. Sterling signal to return home often will be sounds of gunshots, exchanged from violence between rival gangs. 

When he was six, Sterling moved to England along with his mother. In England, he attended numerous schools, before he settled down at Vernon House Special School. At Vernon Raheem Sterling who had behavioural issues struggled with anger, which led his teacher to tell young Sterling that at the age of 17, he’ll either be playing for the English football team or be behind bars. That was the turning point for him as he soon focused on football, which attracted interest from Chelsea, Manchester City, Fulham, and Liverpool academies. With the encouragement of his mother, he chose Queens Park Rangers, an academy away from his violent locality London, in order to avoid the violent gangs in the area. 

Career Summary

Sixteen years old Raheem Sterling was signed to Liverpool in 2010 from Queens Park Rangers. He was signed to Liverpool in 2010 from Queens Park Rangers for about £450,000. Following his arrival at Liverpool, he joined the club’s youth team. After about two years at the club’s youth team, he debuted in the club’s first team in 2012. Sterling continued in developing his form until the 2013/14 season, where Sterling’s goals scoring form improved. That season as a result of his top-scoring exploits, he received a nomination for the PFA Young Player of the Year award. Though he didn’t win the PFA Young Player of the Year award, he was crowned Liverpool Young Player of the Year.

The 2015 season was another wonderful season for Sterling as his prolific goal-scoring earned him another PFA Young Player of the Year award nomination. Though the award evaded him, he consoled himself by winning the 2014 Golden Boy award, awarded to the best young player in Europe who have put up a very Passover performance during the season. 

Following a contract dispute with Liverpool, he moved to Manchester City for the 2016 season. Manchester City paid as much as £44 million for the star. His transfer was rated as the most expensive in EPL history as at then. At City, Sterling faced fierce competition for a spot in the starting line-up, which saw him earn reduced playtime during his first season at the club, but his second season at Manchester City saw him win his first trophy in professional football, the English Football League Cup.

Manchester City's Raheem Sterling
Manchester City’s midfielder Raheem Sterling celebrates in 2018. (Image credit: PA/Press Association)

After a trophyless 2017 season and claiming his first-ever EPL title in the 2018 season, Raheem was one of  City’s players in their best form as they led the club to their first-ever treble in the EPL in the 2019 season For his performance that season, Sterling received the  FWA Footballer of the Year as well as the PFA Young Player of the Year Awards. That season was noteworthy for Sterling as he was one of the central figures for City as they fought intensely against his former club, Liverpool to win the league. He began his 2020 campaign, by winning the 2019 Community Shield.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best Raheem Sterling’s career highlights.

  • Liverpool Young Player of the Season: 2013–14, 2014–15
  • Golden Boy: 2014
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2018–19
  • British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards: 2019 Sportsman of the Year
  • PFA Young Player of the Year: 2018–19
  • FWA Footballer of the Year: 2018–19

Raheem Sterling Net Worth in 2020

Raheem Sterling’s net worth is valued at $45 million in 2020. The poor Jamaican kid who had to make do with a juice box ball when his mother couldn’t afford one has come a long way since he began professional football in 2012. His earnings, majorly from football, is supplemented by the few endorsement deals he has signed. Being a top-rated player, his net worth has seen a considerable increase over the years.

His current net worth is reported to be a 120% increase from what it was three years ago. With his continuous impressive performance in the English domestic league, Raheem Sterling’s value is skyrocketing and this is certain to have a corresponding positive effect on his net worth. With his market value currently set at $150 million, this will probably hit $200 million in 2021. His current value makes him one of the most expensive English domestic league players, which is unsurprising for a star who led his team to their maiden domestic treble.

Raheem Sterling Salary in 2020

Raheem Sterling’s salary is currently around $18 Million per annum. In November 2019, after a very successful 2018/19 season, Sterling negotiated a new contract with City, and the star settled for a deal which will see him remain a City player until the 2023 season. That deal also includes a weekly wage of £300,000, about £15,000,000 annually.

In the world of sports, exceptional performance gives stars the power to negotiate contracts which has a lot of benefits financially. With Raheem Sterling, this is the case. The star who is a solid figure in Manchester City’s football strategy is one of the players the club heavily relies on for success, and on numerous occasions, Sterling has brought that success. An instance that indicates this, is City’s record domestic treble in the 2018/19 season, which shot the star’s market value over the roof.

Raheem Sterling Luxury Lifestyle

Just in his early twenties, rich, handsome and profoundly successful, Sterling has sought to use his wealth to buy various comfort, he can afford. 

Houses, Real Estate

Raheem Sterling has a luxury home in Marbella. The house which is located in the top tourist destination is valued at about $5 million. Just meters away from the extremely beautiful beach located between San Pedro and Puerto Banus. The house has an open floor plan, a cinema room, an incredible pool, and a wine cellar. The house which was designed to perfection has e-suite bathrooms.

In 2019, in other to support his fiance dream of becoming a property developer, he bought six rows of houses in Stockport, with rents pegged at £750 every month. In 2015, he sought to see his mansion located in Southport. The house valued at £1.5 million has its own gym, a private bar which is Michael Jackson themed, and several more amazing features.

In 2016, following England’s dismal performance in the Euros, Sterling bought a luxury home for his mother, which the Sun reported with the headline OBSCENE RAHEEM, stating the star bought the luxury home with his personal money, at a time, he failed to lead England to succeed in a major international tournament. 

Cars Collection

Raheem Sterling’s cars collection include a £500,000 Bentley GTX 700-4, a £55,000 Audi S6, a £20,000 Mercedes C63, a £49,500 white Range Rover Sport, as well as a smart car.

Takeaways from Raheem Sterling’s Wealth, Success & Fame

With Raheem Sterling’s worth as high as $45 million in 2020, the interesting story surrounding his success and fame, here are two lessons to learn from the British soccer star.

1. Keep positive associates

A major concern for Sterling’s mother while her son was playing football as a teenager in London was how to keep her son from joining the gangs in London. This was if great concern to her, as Sterling had been concealed from his father’s murderers in Jamaica before they moved to England. Settled in England, she did a good job of keeping him out of a gang. When he wanted to choose an academy, she made sure, he chose one away from the violence in London. To become successful in sports, youthful distractions such as the wrong associates, should be greatly avoided, as this can turn the fate of a promising start.

2. Strive hard to prove your worth

Though Sterling transfer to Manchester City cost the club a lot of money, he lost his place in the starting line up. Eager and determined to show his worth, he fought to regain his place in the club’s starting line up. Aspiring athletes face this sort of challenge quite often. To ensure you are able to reach the peak of your career, never hesitate to show the world, the talent you’ve got, and the beast that resides in you. 


In 2020, Raheem Sterling’s net worth is estimated at $45 million, with his salary around $18 million per year. The major source of his wealth is from his career as a professional football (soccer) player.


Raheem Sterling rise to fame as one of the best football stars in the world was the product of his intense hard work. As aspiring stars try to emulate this, recall that circumstances are unique to each other. 

Finally, what are your thoughts about Raheem Sterling’s net worth? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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