Roger Federer Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is He?

Roger Federer Net Worth - How Rich Is He?

Roger Federer net worth, salary, and his sources of wealth in 2020 analysed.

Net Worth:$450 Million
Career Prize Money:$130 Million
Date of Birth:August 8, 1981
Age:42 years old
Source of Wealth:Professional Tennis Player
Last Update:2020


Roger Federer is a professional tennis player from Switzerland. Regarded as one of the best tennis stars in the world, Federer has continually put up magnificent performances year after year, which has established him as one of the greatest tennis professionals the sport has known.  Since he turned Pro, 22 years ago, Federer’s style of play which features impeccable footwork and skilful shot play has earned him about 20 Grand Slam singles titles, the highest ever recorded for a male tennis star.

His amazing collection of trophies from his various wins has solidified his reputation as not just one of the best tennis players in the history of the sport, but also made him a viable contender for the title of Greatest of All Time in tennis. Every year, as Federer strives to add more Grand Slam titles to his name, he faces intense rivalry from some of the very best in the game. No doubt Federer is one of the best sportsmen on the planet, whose antics on the court and lifestyle of the court intrigues fans.

With an emphasis on Roger Federer net worth in 2020, we summarise the wealth his tennis career has availed him. Other interesting highlights include his early life, career summary/earnings, endorsements, luxury lifestyle, and lessons from Roger Federer’s wealth and rise to fame.

Early Life

Roger Federer was born into a family rich in cultural diversity. Roger Federer’s father’s origins can be traced to Switzerland as well as Germany, while Lynette Federer, his mother, comes from South Africa. Federer grew up in places close to the border between France and Germany, and as a result of his exposure to several foreigners, Federer became fluent in his native language, Swiss German, French, English as well as Standard Germany. He can also speak Swedish as well as Italian, but not fluently. As a young boy, Federer tried his hands at various sports. He played badminton, basketball as well as tennis. As a toddler, Federer saw his parents play tennis, and soon, the young lad was intrigued by the sport.

When he turned four, Federer held on to a racquet for the first time at the Ciba Tennis Club, a private tennis court for employees of a chemical company, where his parents worked. At Ciba Tennis Club, Federer had his first tennis strokes. Delighted and greatly obsessed with the sports, Federer spent countless hours perfecting his skills, on his garage doors. His training sessions were not just restricted to his garage, but also to other parts of his childhood home, where he’ll train with the cupboard board as his receiver.

On noticing Federer’s talents, his parents soon enrolled him at the Old Boys club when he was 8. At Old Boys club, Federer received his first tennis lessons. But he also became occupied with other sports such as basketball and soon had to drop one to focus squarely on the other. Young Federer chose tennis. At the Old Boys club, Federer was exposed to other established tennis stars, when he worked as a ball boy. This gave him the experience and exposure he needed to triumph on the court. Soon Federer had to leave home as he competed in various tennis tournaments, where he excelled. By 1998, 17 years old Federer finished as the top-ranked junior tennis star and received the ITF junior World Champion award.

Career Summary

In 1998, Roger Federer went pro. By 1999, teenage Federer was already among the top 100 tennis stars in the world. After he won his first singles title, the Milan Indoor, in 2001, Federer attracted media attention when he defeated all-time Grand Slam winner, Pete Sampras, to reach the Wimbledon Quarterfinal. However, Federer claimed his first Grand Slam win in 2003. He won the 2003 Wimbledon title, and also the Tours Final. He received $4,000,680, in his first Grand Slam year win. He followed up his spectacular 2003 season, with an even more impressive performance in the following season.

In 2004, Federer became the first tennis player since 1988, to win three Grand Slam singles, in one year. Federer won the Australian Open, the US Open as well as the Wimbledon and ended the year at the top of the World rankings. He received $6,357,547 for his wins that season. Federer’s performance during the 2005 season was also superb. He won a third Wimbledon and a second US Open title. For the 2005 season, Federer earned $6,137,018 in prize money. 2006 followed with wins at the Australian Open, the Wimbledon and the US Open, he finished as the year-end number 1 and earned $8,343,885 in prize money.

By 2007, Federer had to battle emerging young stars, such as Novak Djokovic, but he won all the Grand Slam singles, with exception of the French Open. Federer received $10,130,620, for his win. Despite battles with mononucleosis and back injury, Federer went on to finish as a finalist at the French Open and Wimbledon, and semifinalist at the Australian Open. He won the US Open as well as the Olympics gold medal. He finished the season as the world number #2 and received $5,886,879 in prize money. Federer returned to the top spot in the world rankings in 2009, winning the French Open for the first time and his fifth Wimbledon title. He earned $8,768,110 in prize money in 2009.

Photo of Roger Federer
Roger Federer (Photo credit: Sky Sports)

Federer’s lone Grand Slam wins in 2010 was at the Australian Open. He won the Tour Finals and earned $7,698,289 in 2010. With no Grand Slam wins in 2011, he won Wimbledon and earned silver at the 2012 Olympics. He received $8,584,842 in prize money in 2012. Following the 2012 win, Federer did not see Grand Slam victory until 2017, when he won Australian Open and the Wimbledon, he received $13,054,856 in prize money. He followed his 2017 season, with a lone Grand Slam win in 2018, the Australian Open. He received $8,629,234 in prize money. In 2019, Federer received $8,716,975 in prize money, but the Grand Slam singles shipped past him.

Roger Federer Net Worth in 2020

In 2020, Roger Federer’s net worth is valued at $450 million. He is the richest tennis player on the planet. For a star like Federer who has recorded success on the courts, his lucrative net worth is no surprise. The star has earned as much as $130 million in prize money throughout his career. Added to what he racks in yearly in prize money, are the various endorsement deals, he has to his name. This accounts for most of his earnings annually.

Aside from prize money and endorsement deals, Federer like most sports stars has his personal investments. In 2019, Federer signed a deal with Swiss shoe brand, ON Running. The partnership involves a bit of investment on the tennis star part, but the details of the deal remain unknown. 

Roger Federer Career Prize Money & Earnings

Throughout his 22 years tennis career, Roger Federer has won 103 ATP singles titles. Of his 103 singles wins, Grand Slam singles account for 20, while ATP Masters 1000 accounts for 28. Federer’s career prize money is a total of $129,946,683, which ranks as the second-highest for a tennis player. As of May 2020, he ranks as the second top male earner in prize money and the highest-paid athlete in the world with $6.3 Million as salary according to Forbes.

Roger Federer Endorsements & Sponsorships

Roger Federer is a very popular personality globally especially in South Africa as well as Switzerland. That popularity has attracted top brands to the star. In 2018, he agreed to a 10 years deal with Uniqlo, a Japanese apparel company. The deal will see Federer earn about $300 million. He has endorsements with Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Wilson Sporting Goods, Credit Suisse Group (ADS), and Barilla. In 2020, Federer earned about $100 million from endorsement deals.

Roger Federer Luxury Lifestyle

Roger Federer’s huge worth is evidence of his hard work for several years, thanks to that, he can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.


Roger Federer is the proud owner of a £6.5 million glasshouse which overlooks lake Zurich. The house which was built from scratch contains two apartments. Foremost of the amenities in the house are a spa, swimming pool as well as a gym. Federer also owns other houses in top destinations such as Dubai.

Cars Collections

Roger Federer’s car collections speak highly of his partnership with Mercedes-Benz. He owns a Mercedes E Class Cabriolet, a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, a Mercedes Benz SL as well as a Range Rover.

Private Jet

Roger Federer owns a private jet which is sponsored by NetJet. 

Lessons from Roger Federer’s Wealth & Rise to Fame

Now that you know the interesting story about Roger Federer’s rise to fame, his wealth, and how he became successful, here are two incredible lessons from the swiss professional tennis player.

1. Leverage on competition to succeed

One major aspect of Federer’s career is his rivalry with Rafael Nadal. That rivalry has helped Federer build his game and also made the star remain a focus.

2. Always Improve your skills

After his Grand Slam wins in 2012, Federer had to wait a long while before he saw victory at the Grand Slam, during those years of waiting, Federer improved his style of play, his coaching staff and equipment before he finally achieved success in the Grand Slam again.


Roger Federer’s net worth is estimated at $450 million as of 2020, which ranks him among the wealthiest tennis players in the world. According to Forbes, his total earnings from May 2019 – May 2020 is $106.3 million, which makes him the highest-earning athlete and tennis player by a mile. Federer’s source of wealth is mainly from his occupation as a professional tennis player.



Competition can serve as a means of keeping athletes in their best form, never shy away from it, and always evolve your craft with the passing of time. 

Finally, what are your thoughts about Roger Federer’s net worth? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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