26 Hottest Hockey Players

Hockey is a sport that is not that widespread in the world. However, in America, hockey considers a popular sport and offers some extraordinary ice actions. One of the greatest reasons to watch hockey games is the handsome athletes competing on the field. Here are the hottest Hockey Players!

Those good-looking athletes can even make the ice melt! That’s why we created a list with some of the hottest names in the hockey industry. Are you ready to read the list of the 26 hottest hockey players? Dive in!

List of 26 Hottest Hockey Players

1. Roman Josi

When: 1 June 1990

From: Bern, Switzerland

Roman Josi is a Swiss hockey player known for excellently performing on the ice field. He spent his whole career in Nashville Predators, and in 2017 he became their captain. He is 32 years old, and he is one of the most well-known hockey professionals.

Every woman can be lost in Roman Josi’s blue eyes. His charming gaze makes him stand out on the field, and he is literally number one on the list! 

2. Henrik Lundqvist

Born: 2 March 1982

From: Are, Sweeden

One of the names that are most famous for their looks is Henrik Lundqvist. Henrik Lundqvist may not be an active hockey player; as he retired in 2020, he is still considered one of the most handsome players in hockey.

Although he is out of the professional field, his blue eyes still attract some female hockey fans! He is a Swedish player who spent his entire career playing for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League. Nowadays, Henrik Lundqvist is teamed up with Caesars to assist in launching sports betting in New York.

3. Tom Wilson

Born: 29 March 1994 

From: Toronto, Canada

Tom Wilson is a Canadian professional ice hockey right winger playing for the Washington Capitals. He was selected by the Capitals from the very first round in 2012.

Tom Wilson plays in his entire professional career for the Washington Capitals and is considered the main member who helped win the Stanley Cup in 2018. His strong gazes make it almost impossible to go unnoticed.

Wilson is well known for his physics while playing on the ice field. His height, smile, and beautiful neutral facial expression make him top on the list! Tom Wilson is strong and has a powerful gaze! Who wouldn’t want a man with such imposing looks?

4. Tyler Seguin

Born: 31 January 1992

From: Brampton, Canada

Tyler Seguin has become one of the most popular players in the hockey industry for his athletic abilities but also for his good looks. Seguin, hockey center and alternate captain for the Dallas Stars are selected second in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins.

Tyler Seguin played for Dallas Stars and Boston Bruins and is currently playing for the EHC Biel. Sequin started his career in 2010 and seems to have a great future in the field.

5. Marc-Andre Fleury

Born: 28 November 1984

From: Sorel-Tracy, Canada

Marc-Andre Fleury is a 37 years old professional hockey player who won 3 times the  Stanley Cup championship. His athletic looks make it difficult to go unnoticed on the field. Fleury is known by the nickname “Flower”, as he is so charming a flower. 

6. Jonathan Bernier

Born: 7 August 1988

From: Laval, Canada

Jonathan Bernier is one of the most talented hockey players who already won one Stanley Cup with The Los Angeles Kings in 2012. His physical qualities make him easily one of the hottest players in the hockey industry.

He is like the boy next door, making him charming and hot. Over his entire career, he played for many teams and is currently playing for the Detroit Red Wings as a Goaltender. Jonathan Bernier is handsome, and he is quite known as a family man.

His Instagram profile can reveal how much he loves his family. His athletic looks, height, and sensitivity make him easily one of the most adorable hockey players. 

7. Erik Gudbranson

Born: 7 January 1992

From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Erik Gudbranson is a defense hockey player from Canada. He is one of the most well-known players in the ice field, and he was picked third overall by the Florida Panthers in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

Erik Gudbranson is known for his irresistible smile, athletic body, and tattoos. On his Instagram profile, you can notice that Erik Gudbranson is an adventurous spirit that loves travelling and doing active hobbies.

Erik Gudbranson is currently playing for Colombus Blue Jackets. His athletic spirit, along with his charming smile, makes him one of the hottest players on our list. 

8. Jonathan Toews

Born: 29 April 1988

From: Winnipeg, Canada

Jonathan Toews has been one of the biggest hockey players in recent years. Toews won three Stanley Cup Championships and also a gold medal in 2005. Jonathan Toews started his career when he enrolled at the University of Dakota and registered in the hockey team.

Jonathan Toews is one of the hottest players in hockey, and he is known for his athletic posture and kind face. 

9. Patrick Kane

Born: 19 November 1988 

From: Buffalo, New York, United States

Patrick Kane is a professional American ice hockey player who is hard not to notice on the ice field. Kane is not only one of the hottest hockey players but also one of the greatest American professionals.

Kane played his entire career in the Chicago Blackhawks team. He won three Stanley Cup Championships, and in 2013 he was named the most valuable player of the 2013 NHL Playoffs.

10. Sidney Crosby

Born: 7 August 1987

From: Cole Harbour, Canada

Sidney Crosby is a Canadian professional ice hockey player, and he is active on the ice field since 2005. Crosby becomes a hockey superstar because of his talent and handsome looks. Nicknamed “Sid the Kid” he is drafted by the Penguins in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft.

Besides all the above, Sidney Crosby is also known for this huge rivalry with Alex Ovechkin. It’s hard to go unnoticed on the ice field because of his male athletic posture and his height. 

11. Tyler Bozak

Born: 19 March 1986

From: Regina, Canada

Tyler Bozak is a Canadian ice hockey player who is currently an unrestricted free agent. He most recently played for the St. Louis Blues in the National Hockey League. Bozak has also previously played for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Bozak made his league debut in the 2009-10 season, one of the most valuable players on the field. Tyler Bozak is a strong man with his athletic body and boyish posture. Bozak is considered one of the hottest players on the list!

12. Carey Price

Born: 16 August 1987

From: Vancouver, Canada

Carey Price is a Canadian ice hockey player known for his athletic performance on the field. Carey Price, though is not only known as one of the best hockey players but also for his good looks.

Price has a quite boyish body and style, but he is also a familiar face, making him quite approachable to the women.

His dimples are also one of the cutest things you can see in ice hockey. Price has a clear face and a wonderful smile that make most women crave him.

13. Kris Letang

Born:  24 April 1987

From: Montreal, Canada

Kris Letang is playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins and is considered one of the cutest players. His baby face makes him stand out from the crowd.

His smile is also adorable! Who can deny the fact that women love cute and adorable men? After a quick check on his Instagram profile, you will see that Letang loves his wife and son! Kris Letang has the entire package for becoming one of the hottest players on the list. 

14. Andrew Ference

Andrew Ference
via nhlp

Born:  March 17 1979

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Andrew Ference is a pro hockey player currently playing for the Edmonton Oilers in a defence position. As you can obviously see from the picture above, he got on this list for a good reason.

Andrew started his professional career in 1999 and has been playing pro ever since making him one of the most veteran players in the league.

While not considered a top player, he is still good enough to effect games and make plays which is why he was able to remain active in the league for so many years.

15. Andy Andreoff

Born: 17 May 1991

From: Pickering, Canada

Andy Andreoff is the definition of a dark and tall man! He is so boyish that can steal everyone’s heart. Andy Andreoff is currently playing for the Bridgeport Islanders. His professional hockey career started in 2012, and he is already one of the best players on the field.

Andreoff is a cute tall boy with sensitive feelings. He loves his baby niece, and he can’t stop showing it. Andy Andreoff is the man that we need in our everyday lives. 

16. Seth Jones 

Born: 3 October 1994

From: Arlington, Texas, United States

Seth Jones was born in Texas and is the definition of a southern man! His dark color and athletic body allow him to take one of the first positions on the list of the hottest hockey players.

Jones is currently playing for the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. He is a man with charming looks and character. 

17. Mike David Green 

Born: 12 October 1985

From: Calgary, Canada

Mike Green is a Canadian ice hockey defense player. Green may not be an active hockey player, but he has a place on the list of the hottest hockey players. Mike Green retired in 2020; his last team was the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.

His height and physics make him easily one of the hottest ice hockey players. His blonde hair and cute smile can easily make you like him. Green is a sweet man with a huge career in the ice field.

18. Nazem Kadri

Born: 6 October 1990

From: London, Canada 

Nazem Kadri is a professional hockey player from Canada, and he is known for his talent and charming looks. Kadri has a baby face with a wonderful smile, making him one of the most beautiful men. Besides everything else, Nazem Kadri is dedicated to the team and his community.

He has a sensitive character that suits a lot to his face. Nazem Kadri recently adopted a cat, and he is spreading love and protection. His Instagram profile is an overload of delights! Nazem Kadri is currently playing as a center-man on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

19. Elias Lindholm

Born: 2 December 1994

From: Boden, Sweden

Elias Lindholm is a Swedish delight that women love seeing in the field. He plays for the Carolina Hurricanes and creates a “hurricane” on his team!

Elias Lindholm has a cute face that looks out of a fairytale. His green eyes and beautiful smile steal the show on the field. Lindholm stands outs for his thick blonde hair! His athletic and cute looks can make the ice melt!  

20. Oliver Ekman Larsson

Born: 17 July 1991

From: Karlskrona, Sweden

Oliver Ekman Larsson is a Swedish defenseman who is playing for Arizona Coyotes. Swedish men are high on the list, and Ekman Larsson must be a part of it!

He is one of the tallest and strongest men on the field and is playing as an alternate captain on the Coyotes. Larsson recently started his own clothing brand and became an underwear model! Oliver Ekman Larsson is an attractive blonde angel on and out of the ice! 

21. Brock Boeser

Born: 25 February 1997

From: Burnsville, Minnesota, United States

Brock Boeser is playing as a winger for the Vancouver Canucks, and he is one of the youngest players on the list. Boeser comes from Minessota and he is the definition of American beauty.

Vancouver Canucks picked him in 2015, and he still plays for the team! To be honest, who couldn’t pick him every year? Brock Boeser started his career at the University of North Dakota, fast becoming one of the most irreplaceable athletes on the field!

22. Derick Brassard

Born: 22 September 1987

From: Hull, Gatineau, Canada

Derick Brassard is a Canadian ice hockey player who loves his freedom! He is currently an unrestricted free center agent. One of the latest teams he played for was the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League.

He is a cute, strong man who stands out on the ice field. Derick Bessard is so attractive that they can make your heart melt with just a smile. Brassard hadn’t won the Stanley Cup, but he stole our hearts. 

23. Brent Seabrook

Born: 20 April 1985

From: Richmond, Canada

Brent Seabrook has won his professional reputation as the clutcher of the National Hockey League. We don’t know if he was the best clutcher in the field, but he clutched our eyes. Brent Seabrook ended his hockey career in 2021, but he still has a place on the list of the hottest hockey players.

It is worth mentioning that Brent Seabrook is a shy man who hasn’t got an Instagram account. His shy personality and low profile make him even more charming in our eyes. The last team he played for was the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League.

24. Evander Kane

Born: 2 August 1991

From: Vancouver, Canada

Evander Kane is an East Vancouver native professional hockey player playing for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League. Evander Kane is one of the most sensitive and loving players in the hockey league.

He loves his town city, and he enjoys providing everything he can to people in need. His smile, along with his loving heart, makes him a top number on the list! Kane has formerly played for the Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets, Buffalo Sabres, and San Jose Sharks.

25. Jaromir Jagr

Born: 15 February 1972

From: Kladno, Czechia

Jaromir Jagr is a professional hockey player from Czechia. He is considered a legend on the hockey field as he is one of the oldest players with an active career. He may be 50 years old but he is still one of the hottest players on the hockey field.

He has a swag athletic style that can compete with all the younger men. It is worth mentioning that Jaromin Jagr won the Hall of Fame award more than any Canadian player.  

26. PK Subban

Born: 13 May 1989

From: Toronto, Canada

PK Subban has one of the biggest and sweetest hearts on the hockey field. PK Subban is an amazing player, but he is mostly known for his massive charitable work in Montreal. He is a Canadian professional player currently playing as an unrestricted free agent.

The last team that he played for was the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League. PK Subban has been an active hockey player since 2005. 

There are many hot players out on the hockey field. Hockey players are not that well known worldwide, and they don’t draw much attention. However, we can not underestimate the handsome players competing on and out of the ice.

It is worth mentioning that most of the players on the list are Canadian and Swedish. Hockey players are not only known for their talents but also for their looks. Hockey is a sport with the most charming men. Do you think that it’s time to watch a game? The answer is probably YES! 

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