Top-10 Best Sports For Kids To Play & Benefits

Top-10 Best Sports For Kids To Play & Benefits
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There are many sports for kids these days that sometimes, you hardly know which to let your kids get involved. Getting your kids to participate in sports is an incredible way of ensuring their all-round development.

Given the risks involved In sports, some parents ask: what are the best sports for kids to play? 

Well, we will help you reduce that confusion by listing and discussing the best sports for kids, reasons why kids should play sports, and benefits.

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The Best Sports for Kids to Play

1. Baseball & Softball

Baseball is a top sporting activity many kids grow up wanting to play. Kids as young as 5-year-old can comfortably play this sport with minimum risk. They can do this with the softball and move up to hardball when they grow older. There are many local baseball teams in the U.S. Sometimes; they go further to register and become part of the national Little League in the United States. The league hosts nearly over 4 million kids in the United States today between the ages of 5 and 18.

2. Soccer

Soccer may appear to be a sporting activity that is more mainstream in other parts of the world; however, it has grown in popularity and has become one of the most regularly played games in America today. Today, there is an excess of 3 million American kids involved in soccer. A research in 2015 proved that soccer ranks as the most popular sport watched on television in the U.S.

Children as little as four years of age can partake – yet with a little ball and on a smaller field than more seasoned kids. Also, soccer’s quick pace permits it to hold the concentration of children who might get exhausted playing different games as often as possible.

Soccer for Kids (Photo credit: Amber Faust)

3. Bicycling

Almost every child finds fun running on wheels. It creates more fun when they face the challenge of balancing themselves on something that moves on two wheels. Parents or older adults should monitor young kids taking part in the sport for their first time. 

Notwithstanding the difficulty every kid faces initially, bike riding is likewise an incredible type of activity. Children can begin with a plastic, three-wheel tricycle from the age of two. Guardians would then be able to present a bike with preparing wheels around the age of 5. When your youngster has aced that, the preparation wheels can fall off inside a while. However, for health reasons, it’s suggested that kids not ride multispeed bicycles, or multi-gear bikes, until the age of 9. 

4. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports among children in the U.S. This sport has a vast history. The game is anything but difficult to arrange as it depends on a few pieces of equipment. A ball and a recreation center are all you need to get your kids started with basketball. Basic moves like fast passes and spilling will improve your kid’s dexterity. It’s a beautiful game for the kids as it poses minimal risk. The most terrible that can happen is incidental eye jab and pulled hamstrings. 

With only a ball and a circle, the game helps children become genuinely dynamic and physically fit. It also introduces them to team sports at an early stage.

5. Inline Skating

Inline skating is one of the most mainstream exercises among kids today. Yet, before you pant with dismay at the idea of your youngster falling onto hard solid, you should realize that there are safety measures you can take to protect your kid while he goes dashing around on skates. 

Children with good motor abilities can begin inline skating at the young age of 5. If your youngster appears to be keen on inline skating, you should initially take him for an expert exercise. Ensure your kid is wearing the full gears when he goes to his first exercise. These should include a head protector, elbow cushions, knee cushions, and wrist monitors. His skates ought to have brakes as well.

Kids Skating (Photo credit: Candid Shots)

6. Hockey

Hockey is a top sport for kids, which enhances endurance, strength, vision, and skill. It improves a kid’s ability to target and control a quick-moving puck with the stick. Kids will figure out how to go around the arena at 10 miles for each hour while hurling themselves at each other during the game. In the past, parents had their reservations for the fighting in between games. Fortunately, that culture has reduced, hence making hockey safe for the kids. It may not keep your youngster 100% without injury; however, it has many benefits.

7. Cricket

Cricket is an incredible game for children, and they can begin taking in the game early on. Although cricket tends to be difficult initially, but if you encourage your kid and give him the training required of the game, he will adapt easily. Again, if you have a cricket bat and balls, there are unlimited exercises you can attempt without going a full game. This sport is great for the heaps, arm strength and general endurance. 

8. Swimming

Swimming is a good sport for kids which helps them to tackle the fear of heights and water. Once learned, it is never forgotten. It assists with building up your kid’s capacity on a particular premise without rivaling anybody. It is a sport that guarantees fun and well-rounded physical development for your kids. Although it is advisable you be with your kids when they are starting off for the first time. Measures should also be taken to ensure that the pool is not too deep for them.

9. Running

Running is one of the incredible sport that grows naturally with kids. Once a kid starts walking and has a full grasp of his Balance, he tends to incorporate running into this. The sense of speed, competing with the dog in speed at the courtyard gives them a sense of confidence and fun. To mark the sport’s importance, there are many marathons organized by schools every year in the United States. The game is probably the best type of activity that children can get.

Kid running (Photo credit: Run 4 FFWPU)

10. Tennis

Players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have given tennis a top place in the sports ranking that has never been felt. The sport is a good one for kids, and it could make them adopt a role model early on in their lives. The game is also not too costly to set up in your court for easy access. It is one of those sports you would consider setting up if you don’t like your kids going out most of the time to get an exercise.

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Reasons Why Kids Should Play Sports

There are many reasons kids should be allowed to play sports during their school yearsSome of these reasons are listed below:

  • It instills the spirit of Sportsmanship
  • Sports helps Kids to Socialize
  • Helps in making Kids Competitive 
  • Leadership Skill
  • Helps them learn how to work in Team
  • Community
  • Discipline
  • Helps them build self-esteem and confidence
  • Breed academic success
  • Improves Communication Skills

Benefits of Sports for Kids

Listed below are the benefits kids derive from engaging in sporting activities:

  • Sports improve Physical Strength
  • It develops hand-eye coordination
  • It improves Balance
  • It breeds sense of Citizenship
  • Sport helps in weight control
  • It increases family bonding
  • It helps them to explore their environmental 

There you go! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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