Top-20 Extreme Sports In The World Right Now 2020

Extreme Sports - Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua
Cerro Negro in Nicaragua is a top destination for Volcano Boarding. (Photo credit: Clarissa Wei)

Sports can be an exciting source of entertainment and recreation, but when it takes a turn from its mundane form, it generates the same thrills but this time, the stakes are really high. Extreme sports as many of the not so popular but exhilarating sports are known, can be very risky and adrenaline pumped, but many in the world are fast embracing it, despite the risks involved. In this article, we’ll review the trending top-20 extreme sports in the world right now in 2020.

It is important to note that this article is in no way endorsing or encouraging these extreme sports.

1. Volcano Surfing

Extreme Sports - Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua
Cerro Negro in Nicaragua is a top destination for Volcano Boarding. (Photo credit: Clarissa Wei)

Also known as Volcano boarding, the sports involves sliding down an active volcano by means of a thin plywood or metal board. Aside from active volcanoes, the sports can be carried out in an inactive volcano. Bigfoot Hostel and Volcano Boarding company engage in the sport, in Cerro Negro the youngest active volcano in Nicaragua.

2. Downhill Mountain Biking

A form of mountain biking, downhill mountain biking, involves riding downhill bikers which are different from mountain bikes, through a steep downhill mountain course in the fastest time possible. This sport is really popular with racing venues scattered across Europe in countries such as Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Outside Europe, racing venues can be found in South Africa, Venezuela, the US and more. The International Cycling Union organizes various downhill mountain biking tournaments.

3. Freshwater Cave Diving

Just as the name implies, the sports involves diving in caves which are predominantly freshwater. Equipment used in this extreme sport is the same as that of Scuba diving. Most caves do not have any form of surfaces with breathable air, hence, divers are well trained and do not exceed the scope of their training. Venues for this sports includes the Molnár János Cave in Hungary, Jordbrugrotta in Norway and Boesmansgat in South Africa.

4. Heli-Skiing

A form of snowboarding or skiing, this sport involves skiing downhill by means of a helicopter. A very extreme sports, it is banned in Germany and France, but the Chugach Mountains in Alaska is a good spot for this sport.

5. Flowboarding

Also called Flowriding, the Sport involves surfing, skateboarding, bodyboarding, snowboarding and skimboarding. An artificial wave dubbed the Flowbarrel is produced which brings about a stationary wave similar to ocean waves,  in the presence of this wave, riders mimick the movement of the above-listed sports. The Flowriding League of the World (FLOW) organizes Flowriding tournaments.

6. Bungee Jumping

Extreme Sports - Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping. (Photo credit: bungeeinternational / Pixabay)

This extreme sport involves jumping from a tall structure which could be a tall building or bridge, while attached to an elastic cord connected to the structure. Helicopters, as well as Hot air balloons, can be used in place of these stationary structures. The height of emotions the sport generates occurs during the free-falling and rebounding. Macau Tower located in China is the highest jump point in the world.

7. Zorbing

Also known as orbing, sphereing and globe-riding, this extreme sports involves rolling down a slope while inside a transparent orb. Aside slopes, the sports can be carried out on the water, but the orb has to be inflated and closed from inside. It is important that slopes, where this sport is carried out, are not steep and filled with rocks. Risks of suffocating while inside the orb also exist. Zorbing can be carried out in venues such as Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the US.

8. Ice Climbing

The sports involves climbing inclined surfaces covered by ice such as frozen waterfalls and icefalls. Climbers are often roped and make use of ice axes, crampon and ice screws. Ice climbing tournaments are organized by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). Ouray Ice Park in Colorado is a venue for this extreme sport.

9. Slacklining

Similar to tightrope walking, slacklining involves walking on a webbing attached to two anchors. The tension applied in the sport is less rigid compared to other similar sports. Liners must balance on the webbings to successfully walk through its entire length. At times, liners engage in the sports with strapped blindfolds. Venue for the is Sport can be found in Utah, at the Red Mountain Resort.

10. Kiteboarding

The sport combines fundamental aspects of other sports such as surfing, paragliding and snowboarding. Propelled by the wind a large kite, which is connected to a border on the ground moves with speed across water or land. As a very convenient sport, it requires just a kite strapped to form a comfortable sit to engage in the sport. The sport can be carried out in windy areas preferably beaches such as the O’ahu beach located in Hawaii.

11. Paragliding

Extreme Sports - Paraglider
Paragliding. (Photo credit: JaStra / Pixabay)

A very popular sport, it involves gliding through the air by means of a canopy similar to a parachute which is attached to the glider as he glides through the air. A wing or a canopy, as well as a harness, are the equipment used in this sport. World Air Sports Federation organizes various paragliding tournaments. Venues for paragliding can be found in Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique and Castelluccio, Umbria, Italy.

12. Bouldering

A rock-climbing sport, it involves climbing small rock formations or artificial rocks without ropes or harness. The sports can be done both indoor and outdoor and involves the use of climbing shoes, chalk to prevent hand moisture and bouldering mat. The sport does not require this equipment. Venues for outdoor bouldering can be found at Hueco Tanks in Texas and Mount Evans in Colorado.

13. Winter Swimming

Woman swimming in ice water
Woman swimming in ice water. (Photo credit: Inga Gedrovicha / Shutterstock)

Also called Ice swimming, the sport involves swimming in outdoor pools which are unheated. In countries where the temperature is really low, the sport is known as ice swimming. The International Ice Swimming Association and International Winter Swimming Association organize ice and winter swimming tournaments. 

14. Zip-lining

Similar to a ropeway,  Zip-lining involves moving across a steel cable mounted on a slope with a  suspended pulley.  In this sports, liners hang on to the pulley as they move on the cable. Hocking Peaks Adventure Park, located in Ohio is one venue for this extreme sport.

15. Canyoning

The sports essentially involves travelling through canyons by swimming, jumping and climbing. Depending on the nature of the canyon, it can be easy or a bit tricky. Climbers can make use of ropes. Canyoning locations can be found in the Sierra Nevada in the US and in Ticino in Switzerland.

16. Snowmobiling

Extreme Sports - Snowmobiling
Snowmobile (Photo credit: grandadventures / Pixabay)

Another rare sport that requires snow, snowmobiling involves the use of a snowmobile or a snow scooter to travel through the snow. Trail riding across the snow is one of the thrills of the sports. The Upper Peninsula in Michigan boasts of one of the best snowmobile terrains in the world.

17. Coasteering

A sport with diverse physical activity range, coasteering involves either walking, swimming, climbing, canyoning or diving along rocky coastlines, mostly the intertidal zones. Pembrokeshire located in Wales is an ideal location for this extreme sport.

18. Fighter-Jet Flying

A very extreme sport, fighter-jet flying involves flying military-grade fighter jets at high speed while performing insane acrobatics such as tailslides and barrel rolls. MiGFlug offers to interested persons the opportunity to engage in this thrilling extreme sport.

19. Skydiving

Extreme Sports - Skydiving
Skydiving (Photo credit: Skeeze / Pixabay)

Very similar to parachuting, it involves free-falling from an aircraft before opening a parachute. The higher the altitude of the aircraft, the longer the free fall. The Swiss Alps and Byron Bay in Australia are great locations for this sport.

20. Whitewater Rafting

By means of an inflatable raft, individuals who engage in whitewater rafting navigate rivers or other water bodies. The water bodies are often very rough with violent waves and require teamwork and manoeuvring for successful navigation. The International Rafting Federation organizes rafting tournaments with venues located at various locations such as the Arkansas River in Colorado, in Himachal Pradesh, India and many more.

There you have it—Our curated list of the top-20 trending extreme sports in the world right now in 2020. What do you think about these sports? Which popular extreme sports did you expect on this list? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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