Top 25 Hottest Female Surfers in the World Right Now

Surfing is a sport for the brave and those willing to put themselves out there. Surfers must have a certain level of confidence, strength, and agility to catch waves.

But what’s it like for female surfers? While some women choose to hang back on the beach and watch their friends go for it, others are eager to catch waves themselves!

Well, that’s the thing that can make even the coolest dude get all hot and bothered.

If you haven’t been keeping up with your surf-sports news, here are some of our favorite and hottest female surfers in the world today.

These women are not only talented on their boards but also stunningly beautiful.

They’ve got style and grace, plus they know how to make you feel like you’re right there with them on the waves.

So without further ado, here are our Top 25 Hottest Female Surfers in the World!

Hottest Female Surfers

Female surfers have earned their spots in history by working hard and staying focused on what matters: having fun, riding waves, and getting better at what they do.

Here is the list of the top 25 hottest female surfers (in no particular order) in the World—and we’re sure you’ll agree that they’re all pretty darn hot.

1. Paige Hareb

Paige Hareb, a professional surfer from New Zealand, was born on 6 June 1990.

She has been dominating the World of surfing for over a decade. Paige is known for her smooth style and relaxed attitude, and she’s also known for being a bit of a heartthrob.

She also won the Fiji Women’s Pro in 2017 and 2018 and has competed in numerous competitions around the World. In 2016, she was named one of the top 25 most influential people in surfing by Transworld Surf magazine.

Paige started surfing at age 13 on her father’s board and has been competing ever since. She is known for her athletic style of surfing that involves lots of air time and acrobatics.

She is currently ranked 16th in the World and has been surfing since she was a child. Her competitive spirit has taken her around the globe, from California to Hawaii, where she has competed in numerous competitions and won many awards for her skills in the water.

Paige’s passion for surfing stems from her love for nature, which inspires her to be more creative with her moves in the water. Her motto is “Surfing is like art,” She strives to create beautiful works of art with each turn on her board.

2. Sage Erickson

Sage Erickson is a professional surfer from America who has been on the pro circuit for about ten years. She has set the bar high in the World of surfing since she was eleven. 

She won multiple national titles before she was old enough to drive, and now she’s one of California’s most recognizable female surfers (and beyond). Her signature look is her blonde hair and bright eyes, which she knows are her secret weapon for attracting attention—and sponsorships!

She began competing in surfing when she was 14 years old. Since then, she has become an inspiration for many girls who want to try surfing but are afraid of doing so. By 18 years old, she had already competed in various international competitions. 

Her Instagram is full of amazing shots of her surfing. 

Sage has won a number of awards and competitions, including Cabreiroa Pantin Classic Pro in 2012, Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro in 2012 and 2014, and Pantin Classic Galicia Pro in 2016. She is one of the hottest female surfers in the World.

She was ranked number 13 on the WSL Women’s Championship Tour Rating in 2021. 

Sage Erickson was ranked on number 13 on the WSL Women’s Championship Tour Rating in 2021. In 2014, she was ranked 87th on Maxim’s list of the top 100 hottest women.

3. Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons is an Australian surfer who has been tearing up the waves since 2005. when she first started competing professionally in 2007.

Fitzgibbons won her first ASP World Tour event in 2011. In 2013 and 2016, she was ranked number two in the World behind Tyler Wright.

Following her victory at the Rio Pro in June 2019, she topped the world rankings for women’s surfing.

Sally has competed in some of the most prestigious events in the World. She has also appeared in many ads and magazine covers, including Innovation & Tech Today Magazine.

At the ISA World Games in El Salvador in June 2021, Fitzgibbons also won the gold medal in the final qualifying competition.

Sally is known for her incredible balance and ability to ride waves with ease, even when they’re at their most challenging. If you’re looking for someone who can keep their cool in the midst of chaos, look no further than Sally!

4. Laura Enever

Laura Enever, a professional surfer from Australia, is one of the hottest and most fearless female surfers in the World. 

Her stunning looks have earned her a large following worldwide; besides that, she is also extremely talented as a surfer.

She has won many awards for her surfing and is known for being a fierce competitor.

She’s known for her incredible style, grace on the water, and ability to surf in all types of waves. Laura had a fantastic junior surfing career and went on to compete on the WSL Women’s World Tour for seven years, finishing consistently in the Top 10.

She has won the ASP Triple Crown Rookie of the Year and also ASP Women’s World Junior Champion 2009.

5. Karina Petroni

Karina Petroni, a Brazilian surfer, has been taking the surfing world by storm since she was 14. She has won many competitions and is known for her style and grace on the waves.

She was born in Brazil but moved to California at age eight and started surfing at age 9. She’s now one of the top female surfers in the World.

Karina has been in the surfing industry for 15 years.

She began surfing at the age of nine and quickly became involved in local surf competitions, which snowballed into a full-fledged professional surfing career by the age of twelve.

This Brazilian beauty has been on the scene since she was just a young girl and has only gotten better with age. Her passion for surfing is evident as she travels all over the World in search of the perfect wave.

6. Coco Ho

Coco Ho is one of the most talented and beautiful female surfers in the World, and she’s only getting better with age. The Hawaiian-born surfer took home the title of ASP Women’s World Tour Champion in 2016.

Coco received her first sponsorship when she was eight years old. She qualified for the Association of Surfing Professionals Women’s World Championship Tour at the age of 17.

In 2009, she was also named WCT Rookie of the Year.

Coco Ho is one of the most successful female surfers in the World, and she’s not afraid to show it. She’s also won numerous awards for her skill at surfing. 

Her career highlights include first place at the 2010 Supergirl Pro Junior contest, the 2011 World Qualifying Champion, and the 2013 ASP Heat of the Year.

7. Bree Kleintop

Bree Kleintop is one of the hottest female surfers out there. She was born on 14 April 1994 in Virginia, United Sites.

Her Instagram account has over 500k followers, and with good reason. She’s gorgeous!. 

Bree started surfing when she was six years old and had been doing it ever since. 

Her father has spent over 20 years in the surf industry.

Bree Kleintop is one of the most well-known female surfers in the World. She has won multiple awards.

In 2010, she finished second in the Taranaki Surf competition in New Zealand.

8. Quincy Davis

Quincy Davis is another hottest female surfers in the World. She was born in the small town of Montauk, New York. She began surfing when she was seven years old.

Davis has a great body, and her smile lights up the room. She loves to be in the ocean, and she loves to surf. She has been competing in surfing competitions since she was young and has won many titles and awards.

Davis was born in Montauk, New York. She started surfing when she was seven years old.

In 2009, she ranked 1st in the Volcom Qualifying Series and in NSSA Championships.

9. Carissa Moore

Chrissa Moore was born on 27 August 1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is a professional surfer. She first began surfing at age 5 when her father took her to the beach for the first time. Her father was also a professional swimmer.

Her career highlights include winning a total of five WSL Women’s World Tour Champions (2011,2013,1025,2019,2021) and the Olympic Gold Medal in women’s shortboard surfing in 2020.

10. Erica Hosseini

Erica Hosseini is a professional surfer and model from California. According to her, she trains constantly and surfs every single day, regardless of the weather.

Erica has won numerous NSSA titles, junior titles, and pro events over the last ten years. She finished second in the Foster’s Cup race in Lower Trestles, California, in 2002. She has also won a total of five NSSA (The American Neutron Scattering Society) championships.

Erica is currently ranked #33 in the ASP Women’s World Rankings. She has also been featured in national magazines such as Men’s Journal and Maxim.

She is undoubtedly one of the hottest female surfers due to her attractiveness and athleticism, as well as her flawless curves, hair, and teeth.

11. Kelia Moniz

Kelia Moniz is another professional surfer who was born in Hawaii and raised on Oahu’s North Shore. She began surfing at age ten and was competing by 13 years old. 

Kelia is known for her excellent balance on both waves and boards and her unique ability to ride through any condition or wave size without fear or hesitation.

She has more than just a pretty face and a hot body; she has surfed in her blood and can smack the lip with any stick.

Tony, her father, is one of the “legends.” He has surfed professionally for 30 years and is well-known around the World as a big wave rider. 

Having won two world championships, Kelia is one of the World’s most graceful, carefree, and, above all, versatile surfers.

12. Brianna Cope

Brianna Cope is a surfer from Hawaii who has been surfing since she was four years old. She is known for her incredible ability to ride waves and for having one of the best surfing styles out there. 

Cope leverages her massive social media following to spread her message about the importance of good health, the power of positive thinking, meditation, and fitness.

She is one of the most prominent names in surfing and has been nominated for many awards throughout her career. 

Her career highlights include 2nd Place WSL 6 Star Prime Los Cabos Open of Surf, 3rd place World Surf League Costa Rica, and 3rd Place WSL US Open of Surf Pro Junior.

13. Malia Manuel

Malia Manuel is an American surfer who grew up in California and started surfing when she was eight years old. 

She has many awards throughout her career. She was named Rookie of the Year in 2012 and finished fifth on the 2014 ASP World Tour.

At the age of 14, in 2008, she became the youngest surfer ever to win the US Open of Surfing. She surfs with a positive attitude, style, and authority that perfectly match her persona.

If you haven’t heard of Malia yet, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for this surfer babe, who’s sure to make waves wherever she goes!

14. Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is, without a doubt, one of the hottest female surfers out there. She has an athletic body with toned arms and legs. 

Anastasia been featured in multiple surf magazines. In 2010, she won the Pipeline Women’s Pro in Hawaii. She is known for her great skills and beauty.  

At 5’8″, Anastasia Ashley has a body that would make any man drool. She was born in San Clemente, California, in 1987 and grew up surfing with her dad. At five years old, she started competing and won her first major national title at 17 years old.

15. Maya Gabeira

Maya Gabeira is a Brazilian professional surfer and model.

She’s known for her incredible aerial abilities, which have earned her many awards, including being the first-ever woman to surf a 22.4 m (73 ft) high wave in Nazaré, Portugal.

She started surfing at the age of 13 and began competing professionally by the time she was 17 years old.

She has won several awards for her work in the sport, and her place on this list is well-deserved.

16. Alessa Quizon 

Alessa Quizon is a professional surfer from Hawaii who has won awards for her skills in the water. She’s also super easy on the eyes, with brown hair, pretty eyes, and hot body. She’s known for her good looks and her competitive spirit on the waves—and fans can’t get enough of watching her surf.

She was born on 2 January 1994. Alessa is best known for her short blonde hair and her ability to ride the waves with ease.

She has been competing since she was a teenager and is currently ranked 14th in the World in women’s surfing.

17. Ellie Jean Coffey

Ellie Jean Coffey is a surfer from Australia. She grew up in a surfing family and had been surfing since she was four years old. Her parents started her out on small boards, but as she got older, she started riding bigger waves.

Both of her parents were avid surfers. She learned to surf from them and aspired to be a professional surfer.

Ellie has pretty much everything we could ever want in a surfer. She’s got the style, skills, great attitude toward her sport, and a hot body!

She’s been consistently ranked as one of the top female surfers in the world, and we’re thrilled to see her getting the attention she deserves.

Ellie has also competed against her sister for a spot on the Women’s Surfing Championship Tour.

She’s known for her incredible style on the board. Her moves on the board are mesmerizing, and you can’t help but fall in love with her when you watch her surf.

She always looks impressive in her riding gear and also keeps it classy when she’s not on the waves.

18. Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore is an Australian professional surfer who has won 8 world championships and 34 WSL Championship Tour events.

She is a role model for all surfers everywhere, and her breathtaking beauty makes her shine even more.

She’s known for her very high-performance scores. Her athleticism and skills are what make people want to see her in action, but we also love that she can be pretty casual—she seems like a cool person to hang out with!

On the ROXY Surf Team, Gilmore is currently the top athlete. 

In addition to being an incredible athlete and surfer, she’s also considered one of the most beautiful.

19. Alana Blanchard

Alana Blanchard was born in Los Angeles, California, on 5 March 1990.

She began surfing at a young age and quickly rose to fame as an up-and-coming surfer in the World of professional surfing.

When Alana Blanchard was only four years old, her father, Holt, first taught her how to surf. Alana later entered her first competition when she was just nine years old.

She is one of the biggest names in the sport and has been featured in many magazines and advertisements.

In addition to being a great surfer, she is also known for her good looks and modeling work.

With 1.7 million followers, she also has a significant influence on social media.

20. Victoria Vergara

Vergara is known for her athletic ability and excellent wave skills. She is also known for her sense of style.

Vergara is from the tiny tropical French island of Reunion, which is located in the Indian Ocean.

Her family has a strong passion for surfing. According to Vergara, she learned to swim before she could walk.

Her parents first introduced her to bodyboarding when she was four years old. That was the beginning of her passion for the ocean, and she began her professional career at the age of 15.

Vergara’s bold personality makes her an easy person to root for!

21. Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco is a surfer who hails from Puerto Rico but has traveled all over the World to compete. She started surfing at the age of three and has been competing professionally since 2012.

What’s really impressive about Tia is that she has accomplished so much at such a young age (she just turned 25!).

She knows how to get into the best position and catch the perfect wave and does it with style.

She currently holds a spot among the top 50 female surfers in the World Surf League.

Tia is also an Instagram vegan food blogger. Her love for yoga and meditation is unwavering.

22. Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark, a beautiful surfer from New Zealand, is one of the hottest female surfers out there. She has been surfing since she was a little girl and instantly fell in love with it.

She competitively started surfing when she was 14 years old and had been competing ever since.

She’s known for her smooth style and graceful moves on the waves, which make her a fan favorite around the World.

Currently, Catherine is pursuing a career as a coach.

23. Courtney Conlogue

Courtney Conlogue is an American professional surfer. She was born on 25 August 1992 in Santa Ana, California.

Conlogue was the youngest athlete to be selected to the USA Junior Surf Team in 2004 when she was 11 years old.

By the age of 14, she had won a gold medal in surfing as a member of the US X Games team.

It’s no wonder she has a knack for making waves – she grew up doing it!

Her achievements include winning the TSB Bank Surf Festival in 2013, Cascais Women’s Pro in 2015, the Rip Curl Pro in 2016 and 2017, and the Outerknown Fiji Women’s Pro in 2017.

Conligue’s Instagram is full of gorgeous shots of her surfing around the globe, and she even posts videos of herself in action to give fans a glimpse into what it’s like to be an elite athlete. Her popularity has made her more than just a great surfer—she’s become an icon for women everywhere who want to do what they love and make their dreams come true.

She’s definitely got a lot of experience under her belt. Plus, she’s gorgeous!

24. Bruna Schmitz

Bruna Schmitz is a Brazilian surfer who has been competing since the age of 12. 

She’s been ranked as one of the top female surfers in the World, and you can see why: she’s got style, grace, and a smile that could melt any heart.

She became the youngest winner of a Brazilian professional tournament in 2003, at the age of 13. And a year later, at the age of 14, she became Brazil’s youngest professional surfer.

Bruna has won several other international competitions and is known for her dynamic style and fearless approach to waves.

25. Christa Alves

Christa Alves is another hottest female surfers in the game. She’s been turning heads since she was a kid, and her skills have only gotten better since then.

When you look at Christa Alves, you can’t help but wonder what else could be so perfect.

She has an amazing body. Her smile is contagious, and her body is awe-inspiring.

Christa is native to Cocoa Beach, Florida. She enjoys competition and is an expert at scoring points.

Christa Alves has competed in a number of competitions there and around the World.

She is known for her beautiful smile and excellent surfing skills. Her hotness lights up the whole beach, and with her blonde hair and amazing physique, it’s easy to see why she’s such a hit in the surfing community.

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And there you have it, the top 25 hottest female surfers in the World! These ladies are more than just good-looking – they’re talented and inspiring, too. They’ve broken through barriers to get where they are, and we’re so glad they did.

Whether you want to watch them surf on TV or follow them on Instagram (or both), these women are sure to keep you entertained.

If there are any surfers you think should have made the list, let us know in the comments below!

And as always, thanks for reading!

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