Magic Johnson Biography & Personal Life Facts

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson in 2016

1. He is a preeminent top-quality basketball player

As a basketball expert of the 20th century, Magic Johnson had extensively carried on the rousing facade of the NBA. His career although successful has had its twists and turns; and ups and downs. Regardless of its dissatisfactory moments though, Magic Johnson had mounted to suit one of the preeminent basketball players of the NBA history.  Being a Veteran, it is of sports tradition for him to be known by countless. But amidst scores of accounts are very few facts. Here are some Magic Johnson biography and personal life facts.

2. Johnson loved basketball since his childhood

Magic Johnson was born on the 14th day of August 1959 in Lansing, Michigan, the USA as Earvin Johnson Jr. to a huge family. Johnson grew up in the midst of nine siblings. The basketball lover would be up for practice by 7:30 a.m and by this received his nickname ‘Magic’ due to his excellence in basketball.

3. He came from a basketball family

Coming from a family quite familiar with basketball, it was relatively typical for him to love the sport. His dad, Earvin Johnson Sr. played basketball in high school, his mom also played basketball as a kid and was bred watching the game from her brothers.

4. He’s been one of the best players since high school

Johnson started his early basketball career by playing in high school and proceeded to college where he played for Michigan State College. Although originally not planning to play basketball professionally, Earvin Jr. became one of the best in college-level as this was prominent in these early years.

5. Magic Johnson is a Christian

Johnson is by religious faith a Christian and had talked about his religious credence as the most imperative thing in his life.

6. His NBA career was a success

Magic Johnson made his career professional debut in 1979 for Los Angeles Lakers and played for them all through the 13 seasons of his career. During his 1980’s career Johnson won five Championships with the LA Lakers. He also accomplished 3 NBA MVP Awards, 12 All-Star games, an Olympic Gold Medal and 10 All-NBA 1st and 2nd Team selections. He led regular-season league assists four times, and is the NBA’s unparalleled leader in mean assists per game and was honoured among the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history in 1996. In 2007, he was also named the utmost point guard of all-time by ESPN.

7. Johnson has a son from Melissa Mitchell

In 1981, Johnson fathered a son, Andre Johnson from Melissa Mitchell who later gained employment with Magic Johnson Enterprises as a marketing director.

8. He is married to Cookie Kelly

In 1991, Johnson tied the marriage knot with Earlitha “Cookie” Kelly. Both have a son Earvin III who is plainly gay and a reality show star on the ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.’ The pair also has an adopted daughter, Elisa in 1995. Johnson lives in Dana Point, California.

9. Johnson retired following an HIV/AIDS test indicating positive

Sadly in 1991, Johnson was tested positive for HIV/AIDS and announced his retirement following his discovery. He also mentioned that his wife, Cookie and child does not have HIV. Although he returned to the All-Star game in 1992 but was again forced to retire for the second time and returned for the third time in 1996 to play for the Lakers and retired for the final time that year.

10. He Played a basketball game with President Barack Obama

Magic Johnson along with current and ex NBA players played a basketball game with former President Barack Obama at a gym in Fort McNair as a piece of celebrations planned to commemorate Obama’s 49th birthday in 2010.

11. Johnson had an intimate relationship with Lakers ex-possessor ‘Jerry Buss’

Magic Johnson had a tremendously intimate relationship with Lakers possessor Jerry Buss, whom he called his 2nd father before his death caused by cancer. After his death, Johnson regarded Jerry Buss as his mentor with his confirmatory statement to the media as he stated that exclusive of Buss there is no Magic. Jerry Buss maintained his support with Johnson as after his HIV announcement by installing him as manager and later by a 4% share sales.

12. He has published several books and also has a job as a sport commentator

After leaving basketball in 1992, he published his book, ‘My Life’. Meanwhile, he had published two books in relation to himself and basketball ‘Magic’ and ‘Magic’s touch’ before his retirement in 1983 and 1989 respectively. He also came into view on television as a sports commentator.

13. He has a successful business and writing collaboration with Larry Bird

Earvin Johnson II had created Magic Johnson Enterprises, which has a variety of holdings and has been as successful as he himself had been in the basketball court. In 2008, he contributed his secrets for success with the book ‘32 Ways to Be a Champion in Business’ and collaborated with his former adversary Larry Bird to publish the 2009’s book ‘When the Game Was Ours’, which surveyed their contention and incidences on the basketball court. Still, in 2009, he was inaugurated into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

14. Johnson acquired the LA Dodgers, Dayton Dragons and LA Sparks

Subsequent to the sales of his stake-holding in the Lakers in 2010, Johnson tied with a possession group that acquired the LA Dodgers baseball side in 2012. He as well became a part-owner of the minor-league Dayton Dragons and the LA Sparks.

15. Johnson returned to the Lakers in 2017

On a formal note, Johnson came back to the Lakers in early 2017 as president of basketball operations.

16. He is a devoted Democrat

As regards politics, Magic Johnson is a devotee of the Democratic Party of the USA. He had been active with a couple of Presidential campaigns especially with Hilary Clinton in 2007, and most recently in 2010.

17. Johnson is a public supportive figure as regards HIV/AIDS

After his retirement from basketball, Johnson had been a very popular figure and a helpful one as an activist for HIV/AIDS preclusion and safe sex. He also created the Magic Johnson Foundation to help combat HIV/AIDS.

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