Sky Brown Biography Facts, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Sky Brown Biography Facts, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

This article on Sky Brown biography facts presents an analysis of the early life/childhood, career, and personal life of one of the world’s Olympians.

Sky Brown (born July 12 2008) is a Japanese-born British skateboarder.

The skating prodigy is set to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

The 12-year old professional is unique, being the world’s youngest professional skateboarder and Britain’s youngest ever Olympian.

Sky Brown is no stranger to competitions and success even at her young age.

She already won a World Championship bronze, becoming the first female ever to reach a ‘frontside 540’ at the 2019 X Games.

Such feats for a girl in her early teens come with the perfect blend of talent and hard work.

Sky Brown Biography Facts & Profile

Skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown Profile
Sky Brown/Instagram
  • Full Name: Sky Sukai Brown
  • Japanese/Native Name: スカイ・ブラウン
  • Date of Birth: 12 July 2008 ( age 16 years)
  • Place of Birth: Miyazaki, Japan
  • Nationality: Japan, Britain
  • Sport: Skateboarding
  • Years Active: 2016-present
  • Sponsors: Nike, Almost Skateboards, Skateistan, and others
  • Parents:
    • Mother: Mieko Brown
    • Father: Stuart Brown
  • Siblings: Ocean Brown (brother)

Sky Brown Childhood/Early Life

Sky Brown Childhood Photo in 2015
Childhood photo of Sky Brown in 2015. Sky Brown / Instagram

Sky Brown was born on July 12, 2008, in Miyazaki, Japan, to a British father, Mieko Brown, and a Japanese mother, Stuart Brown.

She grows up in a family with a flair for skateboarding, and thus it is no surprise that she started skateboarding and surfing at the very tender age of 3.

Her father once lived in the United States of America before relocating to Japan.

Although Brown’s original residence is in Miyazaki, she stays in the US most of the time.

She surfs as well when she isn’t skateboarding.

Sky Brown Career


Brown became a professional athlete and the world’s youngest professional skateboarder at age ten.

She learned skateboarding basics and tricks from YouTube.

Brown first competed in 2016 in the Vans US Open, becoming the youngest to compete at the event, aged eight.

She had an unsuccessful ordeal in the Vans US Open, falling off her skateboard as the atmosphere overwhelmed her.

2017 & 2018

The following year, Brown finished second in the Asian Continental Finals and finished among the top 10 in the Vans Park Series in 2018.

She contested in the American reality TV show, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors and was named the winner.


In 2019, Brown achieved more than in the previous years.

Brown won the World Championship bronze, becoming the first female to reach a ‘frontside 540’ at the X Games.

She stated her desire to compete for Great Britain at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, favoring the British Skateboarding Association’s relaxed approach to the competition.

She won the Simple Session event in Tallinn, Estonia, and came fifth at the X Games skateboarding event, where she had reached a record-breaking ‘frontside 540.’

Brown is currently the youngest athlete with Nike’s sponsorship.

She performed in the ‘Dream Crazier’ Nike campaign with a female tennis player Serena Williams and gymnast Simone Biles.


Brown clinched the bronze medal again at the 2020 Park World Skateboarding Championships in Brazil.

She was scheduled to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics qualification event in May.

Brown automatically qualified, having been ranked among the top 12 competing skateboarders, being among the first skateboarders to feature in the Olympics.

It would be the first time skateboarding will be listed among the Olympic games.

Video: Sky Brown is World’s Youngest Olympian

Brown fell from a half-pipe ramp while training in California, the USA, in May 2020, sustaining skull fractures, a broken left wrist, and a broken hand.

The ghastly accident seemed to have burnt her blistering career to ash as she was initially reported unresponsive to treatment.

However, she is lucky to continue another chapter of her career, vowing to “push boundaries and compete for gold at the Tokyo Olympics.”

Video: My Worst Fall Yet – Sky Brown

Sky Brown Personal Life, Parents & Trivia

Brown sees Olympic snowboarding winner Shaun White as a mentor, occasionally practicing with her and tapping from her experience.

Brown is exceptionally influential on social media, boasting about 800,000 Instagram followers and over 40 million YouTube views.

Helping Sky live an ordinary life has been a challenge for her parents as they try to balance her time between school, family, career, and fame.

One instance is cited when her father spoke about how she decided to compete in the American reality TV show, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

Sky’s father stated she desired to compete, and he and his wife had to respect her decisions.

However, they brilliantly managed the victory’s aftermath, opting for a vacation to improve Sky’s surfing skills than the distractive media interviews.

Sky has lived in the US for some time despite having Japanese and British citizenship.

During the years she attended schools in these countries, Sky compared their educational systems and told BBC: “School in Japan is strict, we have snack time in America, but we don’t have that in Japan.”

She attributed her appetite to the Japanese system when she stated how students are made to empty their plates.

However, Sky enjoys the Japanese delicacy Tamago Kake Gohan, made from hot rice, raw egg, and soy sauce.

Amazingly, Sky’s day consists of so many activities, shuffling between surfing, school, skating, guitar lessons, and jiu-jitsu lessons.

Furthermore, Brown’s young age has been no excuse for indiscipline, waking early to train, staying healthy, and behaving like an absolute professional.

In October 2020, she released a music video titled GIRL on her YouTube channel, which has generated over 3 million views.

Video: Sky Brown – GIRL


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