How To Get Into Esports & Competitive Gaming In 2020

Competitive Gaming Guide - How To Get Into Esports
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Perhaps you might have wondered what esports and competitive gaming is. Perhaps you might have cogitated deeply of reasons for it being a global trend amongst gaming peers in the new generation. perhaps you might have pondered on the financial benefits, the dark side and bright side of the esports community and of course, how to get into esports in 2020.

There are no specific methodology or route as to landing on the esports scene, however, with the right amount of determination and diligence as well as constant up-to-date news and careful understanding of the structure of the industry and how it works, you definitely would get into esports world and build a career in competitive gaming.

What is Esports?

Down to the basics, what is esports? Esports which simply means electronic sports is a virtual video gaming sporting competition organized between multiplayer gamers, individual gamers and professional players. It also involves spectators gathering watching live gaming events between professional players. This became a popular trend in the 2000s which saw an enormous increase in numbers of lives streams of various gaming events.

The massive amount of potential profit to rake in from the sport cannot be ignored too. The esports industry has attracted investment from influential figures in society. NBA legend Michael Jordan invested a Whopping $26 million into the industry in 2019 and Will Smith through his Dreamers Funds owns multiple teams in the esports sphere.

Aside from its financial advantage, it also has numerous social benefits. Gone are the days when gamers sit idle alone in the corners of their homes, glued to screens for hours. Esports has provided a medium for social interaction and connection between gamers alike.

You need not play alone and miss out on the perks of meeting new people in the industry. Also, it has been a factor that has tackled the increasing rate of unemployment, as it provides basic jobs to the general public. Venues which host spectators events with thousands in attendance and tons of tickets sold out, financially support staffs and vendors of the venue. Also, there are hundreds of locations were peoples earn a living through game sales. 

The sky-rocketing growth of the esports industry within the years has prompted the million-dollar question on how to get into esports.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Into Esports & Competitive Gaming

How To Get Into Esports
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First and foremost, you need to be clear as to what career path you’re choosing to pursue in the esports industry as there are tens of roles one can build a career from aside being a gamer. Just like any other sports, there are those who build careers as professional players in the sport, and there are those who build careers as external bodies and structure to support the sport, e.g. pro gamer, coaches, hosts, agents, referees, sponsorers, streamers, marketing specialists, etc.

So, really, how do you get into the esports scene?

This article would focus on getting into the esports industry as a professional gamer. Here are the ultimate steps to follow.

1. Find a Game You’re Very Good At

For a rookie in the gaming community, it is highly important that you first find a game you’re comfortable with and very good at. There are Multiplayer battle arena games, first-person shooters, Real-time strategies, Card games and lots more. pick a particular preference and become a master of it.

2. Pick a Gaming Platform

After you must have identified your gaming preference, next is picking a gaming platform. Various platforms exist to play your chosen game. From the popular PlayStation to the Xbox and even your personal computer (PC) would do. A little spending might be required on your paths in settings up your chosen platform, e.g. your PC might require upgrading to a much higher processor than what you already have. Consider it as an investment — in the long run, it will yield good returns when you become a pro gamer.

3. Study Tactics & Techniques Required for Your Gaming Preference

Attending esports tournaments and witnessing live gameplay by top professionals certainly builds an instinctive consciousness of gaming experience to tap into in your personal gameplay. It gives the prospective feeling of what a professional career as a gamer would be like. Also, ardent studying tricks and skills from video tutorials or even watching live streams of experienced gamers is a surefire way to get you started. Useful gameplay tips can be learnt through “Twitch” and “YouTube”, where you’re sure to find other players who are currently focused on your preferred game.

4. Network with Other Players

Often you’d meet gamers who are into the same or similar games as yours. It could be through in-game chats, or it could be at an esports tournament or even on social media. Don’t just let them off, connect with them for iron sharpens iron. Regularly communicating with other gamers like you leads to the exchange of experiences and gaming ideas that can boost your confidence and there’s the chance of getting vital up-to-date news associated with your game via your gaming peers.

5. Practice Regularly

Ever heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”? This is where it is applicable. You’re required to put in long hours of practice to hone your skills in your preferred game and not just long hours of practice but hours of practice with other well-experienced players above your skill level. In the long run, it is beneficial to your goal of becoming a pro gamer.

6. Explore

If you live in a city where gaming companies are close around, then the word explore is for you. In a frequent while, there are opportunities hanging loosely from these companies. If you’re indoor all day and not out there reaching out, you’d miss out on opportunities that could further push you up the leader towards your esports goals. So it is vital you reach out to the gaming/esports companies around you. A simple honest explanation of your passion towards esports, your skill sets, a particular field of specialization and how you’re seeking ways of getting into the industry will do but at all cost avoid bugging them. You just might get a call-up.

7. Enrol in a Gaming League & Participate in Online Tournaments

There are gaming leagues you should join such which allows teams to participate in competitions that could earn you a spot in online tournaments. Take note that if you intend playing a team game, you’ll have to join a team and prior regular practice with a set of players is a requirement so as to understand each other’s play style and be on the winning side. Going all the way to win an online tournament is the icing on the cake for it definitely will give you the needed recognition in achieving your esports goals of becoming a pro gamer.

Gaming leagues to consider in this case depending on your location are as follows:

8. Build a Reputable Social Media Presence

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other popular social media platforms should be utilized in networking with other gamers and building a stream of followers of esports lovers and fans. Posting your own gameplays, video tutorial of gaming contents and things related to esports as well as developmental happenings in the esports world is one way to achieve that. There are gaming agents who keep tabs with gamers that own reputable social media profiles and get into contact with them. So this is a necessity.

3 Important Tips When Getting Into Esports

Here are some very important things to know if you are an/aspiring esports professional player:

  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • While sleep time varies from person to person, it is advisable to sleep for at least 8 hours at night to function optimally.
  • Engage in movement activities every now and then, and also spend a minimum of an hour outdoors whenever you can.


What are your thoughts about gaming and experiences on how to get into esports and competitive gaming? Please share with us in the comments section below.



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