Top-7 Best EA Sports Games Right Now

Top-7 Best EA Sports Games Right Now

Every real gamer is accustomed to that god feeling when playing any of the very best EA Sports games instalments.

It is a moment of truth where a player feels they are in absolute control.

They determine what happens, and if there is a failure, they own it up without sharing blames.

Well, some people still find a way to blame the game controllers.

Nevertheless, the feeling is intense and thrilling.

It is more reason why Some people, when troubled, seek solace in the virtual world to calm their nerves.

A video game enthusiast must-have, one time in their life, played a franchise from the Electronic Arts (EA).

This game developing and publishing company has some outstanding video games any gamer must have played.

Their graphics quality, sound, and fluidity can not be overemphasized.

In this article, we take a look at the top 7 best EA Sports games any sports game lover should be playing right now.

These titles are from the Electronic Arts’ sports installments.

The Best EA Sports Games You Can Play Right Now

7. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

The McIlroy PGA tour is one of the PGA tour series that was not named after Tiger Wood.

It plays efficiently on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Even critics give credit to the graphics and realness.

The gameplay is awesome as it comes with a new mode called the Night Club Challenge.

This challenge offers a background like in a nightclub.

In addition to the Night club course, three other courses were added to make a perfect balance and render option for players. 

To make the gameplay an easy one and to ensure the taking of accurate shots, some advancements were put into the backswing meter, the putt, and the aiming arc.

These are all that make the Rory PGA tour stand out amidst the PGA series. 

6. Real Racing 3

EA Sports Real Racing 3

The Real Racing 3 is developed by Firemonkey and published by EA.

This teaming up yields the amazing car race any racing fanatic will like to play.

The game features real-time performance cars and licensed tracks that are waiting to be unlocked.

The good news about Real Racing 3 is that it is actually free, and it plays efficiently on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

The game makes its money with impatient gamers in the sense that after every race, the car is sent in for maintenance and repair, which may last hours.

If that bothers you as a player, you can boycott the process with a payment of gold. 

5. NBA Live 19 / NBA Live Mobile

NBA Live 19

The NBA live 19 is a video game that will take the breath of any basketball fans away.

The players take the exact looks of the real NBA players; you don’t have to second guess it.

Indeed, they did a great job.

Adding to that, As minor as it may also seem, one can’t help but notice how some player’s sneakers are changed in every game.

That is quite a detail the EA did great with.

Although, there is some backlash about some player’s complexion, jersey, and dribbling, which were mentioned not to be efficient.

Notwithstanding, the NBA live 19 is still some steps away from NBA Live 18.

Improvement is all that matters.

The best part of this game is the fact that it also comes in a mobile version.

It is available on Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.

This mobile version gives a player a real identity as it comes with a GameFace HD where you can easily scan your face into THE ONE.

The motion is eloquent, which gives possession and control a perfect flow.

You can build your momentum in the league and the street, and all this can be done using your mobile device. 

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4. FIFA 21 / FIFA Mobile

EA Sports FIFA 21 - FIFA Mobile

FIFA 21 answers all the needs any soccer/association football game enthusiasts will be looking for.

The gameplay looks and feels better, especially when contesting for ball, tackling, and passing.

The career mode also stands out.

You can recruit players and develop them into playing other positions.

The reason for this is to help the team in case of any departure of old players.

So their position can be perfectly filled.

EA has developed a co-op event for the game where FIFA ultimate fans can play in an outstanding stadium with a weekly reward.

The game also comes with little criticism from the angle of customization. In career mode, clubs and leagues cannot be created, while the La Liga and EPL have no franchise mode, which is disheartening.

Further from that, this game also comes in a mobile version that gives its fan an on-the-go play.

You can spark up your mood with a little play that is assured to gaslight your mood and keep you burning for the day.

The game comes with new features and advancements.

It now gives room for players to engage in turn-based matches with other players all around the world.

In addition to that, it has 30 different leagues, which render an abundant choice of play.  

As if all that wasn’t enough, the FIFA mobile comes with a special feature that keeps you updated about all happenings in the world of soccer.

This is more than just a game. It is life. 

3. NHL 21

EA Sports NHL 21 Game

The NHL series is a video game hockey fanatics wouldn’t want to miss out on.

It has been an outstanding franchise developed by Electronic Arts over the years.

The NHL 21 comes with a lot of advancement in gameplay, the skating engine looks more natural, and one can easily differentiate an elite skater from the others.

Above all, the franchise model has been updated with a trade deadline which makes it more real.

The NHL 21 is known to suffer some criticism, just like every other game, in the aspect of its franchise mode.

The creativity of customizing an existing player to one’s choice was limited. 

2. Madden NFL 21 / Madden NFL 21 Mobile

Madden NFL 21

The Madden NFL 21 is based on the National Football League.

It is unique from its predecessors as it houses a backyard style called The Yard.

Its arcade-style mode is also interesting but people complained that it lacks creativity but we think that was compensated with a Superstar KO mode.

This mode is more fun as it is customizable and a Madden NFL fan will enjoy it. 

Furthermore, the game also has a mobile version which was designed for Android and iOS devices.

Even the mobile versions feature some standard football rules.

The blitz tournament makes the madden mobile more fun as opponents get to meet head to head during the weekend.

Players with records of many wins are then rewarded with a player card. 

There is an option to join the league, which gives room for player interactions.

It has a tournament and championship, which gives the madden mobile game an interesting play. 

1. UFC 4


The UFC 4 sits at the top of the list of the best EA Sports games you can play right now.

The realness attached to it is way beyond amazing.

An instance is when fighting, a fighter can sustain a permanent injury then you get notified that special skill and awareness has been permanently lost due to the impact of such injury.

This makes a player sit up straight to avoid further injuries.

Still, in realness, a fighter can plan how they want their week to go before a fight.

A fighter is provided with a phone where they can go on social media to cause a buzz about the fight.

They can as well make a live stream and talk dirty about the opponent, which builds hype for a fight like in the real UFC. 

It has an awesome online championship where a fighter can win medals, and all fights come with an amazing soundtrack.

Indeed the UFC 4 is a game to play.

To Wrap Up

Hope you enjoyed this compilation of the 7 best EA Sports games any sports fan should be playing right now.

We can see how EA has been consistent with most of their sports series.

They have the right games to thrill various sports fans at every moment.

Even as we speak, the new PGA Tour Road to the Masters game is about to be released, which has been most awaited as golf fans can’t wait to lay their hands on it.

Also, the much anticipated EA Sports F1 2021 is slated for release by June.

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