Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers 2023

Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers
Holly Sonders Via Instagram

Who are the hottest female golfers right now?

Golf is a pretty tricky sport, and in most parts of the world, it is also considered “a sport for the elite.” While this may not be far from the truth, golfers require a lot of concentration and focus throughout their game.

Who would have thought then that, even with the level of focus needed to be a golfer, some females who participate in this sport still find time to be very “hot”. 

Women like these not only demonstrate exceptional golf skills but also challenge traditional perceptions of the sport. Their dedication to mastering the game and maintaining their personal fitness demonstrates their passion and determination. The female golfers inspire aspiring athletes with their beauty and grace, proving that athleticism can be combined with elegance and style.

In the world of golf, where unwavering focus is essential, it might come as a surprise that certain female athletes embody both exceptional skill and undeniable beauty. Even though their proficiency on the greens requires intense dedication, some women balance their love for the game with an unmistakable magnetism. Ιn this article you are about to meet the most captivating and hottest female golfers. 

Those very hot female golfers you would be glad you met. Let’s meet them right away, shall we?

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The Hottest Female Golfers Right Now

1. Paige Spiranac

  • Born: 26 March 1993
  • Age: 30 years
  • Height: 170 centimeters
  • Nationality: American, from Colorado

Originally from Colorado, Paige Spiranac was born on 26 March 1993. She is widely regarded as one of the hottest female golfers in the world. In 2020, she was also named ‘The PWI Most Beautiful Woman in the World’.

Why is she hot? This impeccably gorgeous American sports star is very famous on social media. She is one of the hottest women in golf.

From her early childhood, she has been very passionate about sports and gymnastics specifically. But after she broke her knee twice, she reconsidered her stand and chose golf instead.

Her influence resonates globally, creating a passion among young women to embrace the sport. A passionate advocate for women’s athletics, Paige employs her social media platforms to spark the aspirations of budding girls, urging them to chase their dreams unflinchingly. With a staggering following of 2.8 million on Instagram, she cultivates an impressive virtual presence. 

Because of her dedication to the game at high school, she won a golf scholarship to the University of Arizona, where she also proved her worth out on the course once again.

She led the Aztecs to the Mountain West Conference Championship in 2015. As a result, she was invited to play on the Ladies’ European Tour. Having missed that event, she received another golden opportunity to participate in the Ladies’ Scottish Open tournament and placed 58th.

However her success hadn’t come without challenges. Her revealing outfits on the course have drawn criticism in the past. Critics have accused Spiranac of sexualizing women’s golf in his self-promotion. As a result of the exposure, she promoted her anti-cyberbullying campaign and fought for women’s rights. Paige Spiranac still inspires millions of girls to play golf.

It is worth mentioning that Paige Spiranac was once a professional golfer, but she does not play professional golf anymore. She has become an active promoter of certain golf clubs and golf apps.

Regarding her personal life, Paige Spiranac was married to Steven Tinoco, an ex baseball player. However, in March 2022 she officially announced that she is not married anymore.

2. Lucy Robson

  • Born: 10 March 1995
  • Age: 28 years
  • Height: 160 centimeters
  • Nationality: British, from London

Lucy Lobson was born in London, UK, on 10 March 1995. Her matchless beauty, bold personality, and excellent golf skills make her an Instagram influencer for female golf.

Lucy was named Treasure Coast Player in 2012 and 2013. During her college years, she played golf for both the University of South Florida and Cal Poly Mustangs. According to Wikifamouspeople, she is one of the most famous celebrities of our time.

Why is she hot? This alluring and incredibly focused golfer is worth over one million USD. She has finished her college studies and is totally into golfing. Although she is a fitness trainer, she keeps her attention and focuses on being a golf star.

She currently resides in Florida, and records show that even in her college days at the University of South Florida, this damsel had begun to make her mark.

Aside from her impressive collegiate golf career, Lucy also has an impressive Instagram account with over 700,000 followers. The stylish outfits she wears, her elegant swing, and her impressive golfing ability have made her a famous name in the social media and influencer industry.

Concerning her love life, Lucy is single and gives her 100% concentration on the games.

3. Blair O’Neal

  • Born: 14 May 1981 
  • Age: 42 years
  • Height: 169 centimeters
  • Nationality: American, from  Macomb, Illinois

Blair O’Neal was born in Macomb, Illinois, on 14 May 1981. A college golfer for four years, she played professionally for 10 years while pursuing her modeling career. Since the age of 11, she has competed all over the world on the golf greens.

Why is she hot? Blair is not only striking in her beauty, but she is also a lot of things. Some of which are: an athlete, a mom, a Television Star, a model e.t.c

Blair studied at the Arizona State University on a golf scholarship she earned by winning the women’s Arizona State golf championship.

For the four years she studied at the college, she participated yearly in golf competitions and won the NCCA women’s long drive championship twice.

She had an impressive professional golf career for ten years before she had a foot injury. Aside from her golf skills, she’s known for her amazing beauty and hot personality. Sports Illustrated named her one of its “Top 50 Hottest Athletes of All Time” and said she was one of its “Most stunning ladies in golf”. 

With more than 435,000 followers, Blair has an impressive Instagram profile and can also be considered as a successful sport influencer.  In 2023, she will be considered one of the hottest female golfers due to her beauty, talent, and charm.

Even though Blair was a successful and famous golfer, she made her breakthrough on TV’s “Big Break: the Dominican Republic,” where she won and went on to play on the pro tour. In addition, her career in golf also placed her on the Golf Channel and in a few modeling gigs around the world.

Blair is married to Jeff Keiser, and they have a son together.

4. Claire Hogle

  • Born: 03 September 1999
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Height: 170 centimeters
  • Nationality: American, from San Diego, California

23-year-old Claire Hogle is a YouTube sensation, a professional golfer, and a shining star of social media. A testament to her limitless potential, she appears to be able to do anything she sets her mind to.

Why is she hot? It is undeniable that Claire has carved a name for herself in the golfing community, social media sphere, and YouTube realm despite her tender age. She’s paved a path that illuminates the potential for success across all these different fields. 

It’s difficult not to feel a sense of anticipation for the heights she’s yet to reach as she strides through these spheres with a poise that belies her years. Taking Claire’s lead, the future will be a masterpiece of achievement and growth.

In her freshman year of college, Claire began her golfing career that would soon blossom into something remarkable. The awards she received for her academics and athletic prowess were a testament to her dedication to both. 

Aside from her golfing prowess, Claire is a captivating presence that exemplifies the multifaceted nature of modern success. All those talents along with her charming beauty make her one of the top hottests golfer players on our list. 

A little pitch into her personal life, Claire Hogle seems to be single and ready to embrace all opportunities in her life.

5. Holly Sonders

  • Born:3 March 1987 
  • Age: 36 years
  • Height: 178 Centimeters
  • Nationality: American, from Ohio

In shortlisting the top 10 hottest female golfers in 2023, Holly Sonders cannot be overlooked. The name Holly Sonders is familiar to everyone who enjoys golf. Besides being a beautiful female golfer, she is also a writer, journalist, and sportscaster. Holly Sonders was born on 3 March 1987 in Marysville, Ohio, United States. 

Why is she hot? This beautiful and flawlessly charming golfer is a ton of talent. Her beautiful face and curvy body are not all there is to this impeccable damsel. 

From childhood, her passion for golf was stirred by her mother. This made her win her first tournament at seven. Even through college, she participated actively in golf. 

Holly started out as a professional golf player in 2009, a stepping stone that eventually led her to a remarkable career at Golf Channel. In 2007, Holly’s influence was instrumental in propelling the Spartans to a significant victory at the Big Ten Women’s Golf Championship. Throughout her career, she became known for her exceptional contributions to Morning Drive and Golf School on the Golf Channel.

Sadly, Holly’s golfing career was cut short by a knee surgery at the tender age of 20. Even with this setback she channeled her passion for journalism and TV reporting that centered on golfing and she continued to shine in the realm of Sports Media. Although Holly’s professional journey is impressive, her allure extends beyond it. Additionally to her professional endeavors, she is a captivating presence on social media, capturing viewers’ attention with scintillating photoshoots and videos.

Hence little wonder that her net worth is the greatest on this list. She is worth over seven million USD.

And even though she is no longer an active participant on the course, Holly Sonders is still one of the hottest female golfers.

As of her personal life, Holly Sonders was married to Erik Kuselias, but the couple separated in 2016.

6. Lily Muni He

  • Born: 17 June 1999
  • Age: 24 years
  • Height: 163 Centimeters
  • Nationality: Chinese, from Chengdu

Lily Muni, born 17 June 1999. She was one of the golfers who are also members of the LPGA. Her first win was at Polo Junior Classic in 2015, and her second win was at Minnesota Invitational in 2017. She tried out for the LPGA tour four times but she finished in 53rd place. In 2017, she won her first Symetra Tour title as a professional golfer.

Why is she hot? Lily had been playing golf since she was six. She has also won some awards to her name. According to estimates, she is worth over a hundred thousand U.S Dollars.

Muni He, also known as Lily, is a rising star from China in the world of golf. She started playing golf at a young age and turned pro at just 18.

Although she is a born Chinese, she now resides in Los Angeles and has, since her debut in 2019, been a star on the course.

Lily says she became interested in golf due to her dad; he was a golf player too. Therefore, Lily says she grew up on the course.

Besides her golf skills, Muni is famous for her beauty and fashion sense, attracting fans on Instagram with stunning photos and impressive golf shots. She’s not just a pretty face – her exceptional golfing abilities have made her a force to be reckoned with on the LPGA tour. 

Moreover, her bold photoshoots on social media have also gained her significant attention, solidifying her status as one of the hottest names in the golfing world.

As for her personal life, Lily Muni He becomes first-ever LPGA golfer to partner with Uneekor, Williams star Alex Albon’s

7. Beatriz Recari

  • Born: 21 April 1987
  • Age: 36 years
  • Height: 163 centimeters
  • Nationality: Spanish, from  Pamplona

Beatriz Recari Eransus, a distinguished figure in the realm of golf, holds her ground as a professional on both the LPGA and Ladies European tours. Her golfing achievements have garnered her an enviable collection of wins, firmly establishing her reputation as a true force in the sport.

Why is she hot? Her journey into golf began at the tender age of 11, when she embarked on a path that would eventually lead her to global recognition. With a career that dates back to 2006, she’s earned recognitions that demonstrate her dedication and talent. 

In 2006, she won the European Women’s Golf Championship, and earlier in 2000, she won the Portuguese Amateur Championship as an amateur. She has gone from being an aspiring amateur to being an accomplished professional, cementing her legacy as a legendary player.

Besides her undeniable skills on the golf course, Beatriz’s stunning looks have made her one of the hottest female golfers of 2023. Her substantial Instagram following, exceeding 64,000 followers, attests to her ability to effortlessly blend golfing finesse with her innate charm.

8. Belen Mozo

  • Born:25 September 1988
  • Age: 32 years
  • Height: 170 centimeters
  • Nationality: Spanish, from Cádiz

Belen Mozo was born on 25 September 1988 in Cádiz, Spain. In the world of golf, Belen Mozo is one of the hottest female players.

Why is she hot? About seventeen years ago, Belen was the British ladies’ armature golf champion and Girl’s Armature champion. This was quite a feat because, since 1972, no one had been able to win both titles in the same year.

She went further and took up golfing as a career ten years ago after she finished college. However, last year she retired from the course because of a persisting hip injury that has refused to heal.

Apart from her remarkable career in golf, Belen Mozo is also distinguished for her exceptional beauty. Her popularity has made her one of the hottest female golfers in 2023, capturing admirers worldwide. She has over 37,000 devoted Instagram followers who witness her journey both in the sport and in her life. 

She is worth over half a million USD, and although she has retired off golfing, her achievements will remain throughout history.

She is married to Robert Maksound, another very talented athlete. Her husband, Robert, is a Colombian professional tennis player and was once the world’s top doubles player. On December 5, 2020, the couple married after dating for a while.

9. Cheyenne Woods

  • Born: 25 July 1990
  • Age: 33 years
  • Height: 175 centimeters
  • Nationality: American, from Arizona

Cheyenne Nicole Woods, an American professional golfer, was born on July 25, 1990, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. With a notable career in the golfing world, she has left her mark as a skilled and determined athlete. Her journey exemplifies her dedication to the sport she loves.

Why is she hot? This remarkable golfer is not only stunning but also incredibly talented. Her sporting journey commenced during her high school days.  Even in her college days, she also won numerous tournaments that speak of her excellent skills in this area. She is worth over a million USD as a result of her numerous sponsors.

This beautiful and very talented golfer is the niece of Tiger woods. In addition to her family connection to Tiger, Cheyenne is renowned for her outstanding golfing abilities and striking appearance. As a golfer, her participation in multiple tournaments establishes her prowess in the sport.

In addition to her golfing talent, her Instagram profile has over 155,000 followers. In the platfrom she engages highly with her audience as she posts frequently phtos from her life, family and moment in the grass. 

A glance through her love life shows that she has fallen head over heels with Aaron Hick who’s another incredible sportsman. She is a mother of 3 incredible boys, and she has a happy family life with her husband and kids.

10. Sharmila Nicollet

  • Born: 12 March 1991
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 181 centimeters
  • Nationality: Indian, from Bengaluru

Sharmila Nicollet has born in India, on 12 March 1991 and emerged as a golfing prodigy. She started her path on the grass when she was 11 and at the age of 15, she secured her first tournament victory.

Why is she hot?  Sharmila Nicollet became the youngest female to win the All-India Ladies Amateur Golf Championship during the 2007–2008 season, which is a testament to her talent and determination.

This Indian wonder is a wrap of many talents. In just four years, she won both “The Lady Golfer of The Year”  and “Player of The Year” awards.

At the age of eighteen, she began her professional golf career and has never failed to amaze her fans through her skillful displays on the golf course.

Besides being India’s number one golfer girl, Sharmilla Nicollet is also considered a super-sporty glam chick. Her glamorous face and sporty looks also distinguish her from others.  Her Instagram profile counts more than 291,000 followers, where she is showcasing her love for fitness and her flawless appearance. 

Taking a glimpse into her personal life, it’s fascinating to discover that Sharmila Nicollet’s partner, Kenny Bednarek, is an accomplished athlete. Kenny Bednarek earned a silver medal in the 200-meter sprint at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Aside from their love of sports, they are also committed to fitness, enjoying Indian food and spending time at the gym together.

These amazing female golfers, some with lots of experience and others just starting out, have broken old ideas and made golf even more interesting. They’re not just pretty – they’re really good at playing golf too. People all over the world look up to them and feel inspired. Whether they’re great at golf, have lots of followers on social media, or both, these women have made a big mark on golf and are known by many, even beyond the golf course.

Who would have made the list of your hottest female golfers? Please feel free to share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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