Top-20 Richest Golfers In The World 2020

Top-20 Richest Golfers In The World
Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson among the richest golfers in the world.

Though views may not rank as much as other sports widely accepted in the mainstream, golf tournaments have created an avenue for the best golfers to display their amazing talents. Just as with other sports, the establishment of tournaments that attracts millions of fans has led to huge financial success which has benefited stakeholders in the sport, notably the golfers. In this article, we’ll review the top-20 richest golfers in the world based on their current net worths.

While some may be retired in this compilation of the world’s wealthiest golfers, it is important to note that the wealth of some of these golfers may not be entirely generated from the sport. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the money countdown.

Here Are The Richest Golfers In The World Right now

19. Zach Johnson – $25 Million (Tie)

A talented golfer, who has seen convincing success on the PGA Tour where he has won 12 tournaments, which includes two majors, the latest of which is the 2015 Open Championship. Zach has won a total of 21 tournaments throughout his career. He has a net worth currently valued at $25 million.

19. Henrik Stenson – $25 Million (Tie)

Swedish golfer, Henrik Stenson, is one of the best golfers from Europe who currently plays European and PGA tours. In 2016, Stenson won the Open Championship and thus, became the first golfer from the Nordic countries to win a major championship. Stenson who has won the championship twice and doubles as an Olympics silver medalist is worth $25 million.

18. Darren Clarke – $30 Million

Despite in his early 50’s, the Irish golfer by his impressive performances shows that he has what it takes to become a world champion. His professional golfing career has seen a fair share of struggle. 20 years ago he turned professional, Clarke grabbed his first major championship — the 2011 Open championship. Since then, he has struggled to clinch another major win. But despite that, the golf thespian has won 21 golf tournaments, across various golfing tours. Clarke has a net worth of $30 million, placing him 18th on our list of the richest golfers in the world.

17. David Toms – $35 Million

Another golf thespian, 53 years old David Tom still golfs amazingly well. Tom is known for his time in the PGA Tour where he claimed the only major championship in his career, the 2001 PGA Championship. The momentum he carried during his time in the PGA tour, saw him claim 12 more events on the tour. Aside from golfing, Tom owns a golfing design business which contributes generously to his $35 million net worth.

15. Justin Rose – $40 Million (Tie)

Justin Rose
Justin Rose (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

A successful English golfer, Justin Rose’s incredible golfing skills saw him emerge as the first English golfer to win a major in the 21st century after his 2013 US Open win. Rose who won Gold at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, is one of the five golfers in the world who have won golf tournaments in the 6 continents where golf is played. Rose is worth $40 million.

15. Adam Scott – $40 Million (Tie)

Former World number 1 golfer, the Australian golf star has won 31 professional golf tournaments, which includes his 2013 Masters tournament win, which is the only major wins in his career. Scott who turned professional in 2000, came close to a major win in 2012 after emerging runner-up in the 2012 Open Championship. Scott is worth $40 million.

14. Davis Love III – $50 Million

A 2017 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee, Love is a phenomenal golfer who had been golfing since 1985. The golf veteran currently competes in the PGA Tour and PGA Champion Tour. In the PGA Tour, Love has won 21 events which include his 1997 PGA Championship win. In his various appearances for the US national team, Love has claimed several trophies which include the Presidents Cup, Ryder Cup and Golf World Cup. Love’s net worth is valued at $50 million.

12. Nick Faldo – $60 Million (Tie)

A former World number one, the English golfer who though is seen as a professional golfer, currently works as an on-air golf analyst. During his golfing career, he reigned top of the Official Golf World Ranking charts, for 97 weeks. He also claimed 41 wins throughout his career, which includes 6 major Championships, specifically three Masters and three Open Championships. The 1997 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee is worth $60 million.

12. Ian Poulter – $60 Million (Tie)

The English PGA tour and European tour golfer is known for his incredible golfing talents. But in golf, talent isn’t enough. This is evidenced in the case of Ian Poulter who may have claimed a major Championship if talents were all it takes. But despite having not won any majors, Poulter who has signed endorsement deals with various brands has won 2 World Golf Championship events. Ian Poulter’s net worth is currently valued at $60 million.

11. Sergio García – $70 Million

Spanish golfer, Sergio García is one of Spain’s top golfers. The golf star currently competes on the European tournament and the PGA tour. He has spent about 450 weeks in the top-10 spot in the Official Golf World Rankings. In his professional career, Sergio García has won about 35 tournaments. The 2017 European Golfer of the Year has a net worth valued at $70 million.

10. Vijay Singh – $75 Million

Dubbed The Big Fijian, the Fijian golfer is one of the best golfers Fiji has ever produced. Vijay Singh currently competes in the PGA Tour and the PGA Champions Tour. Since he turned professional in 1982, he has won several awards such as the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, PGA Player of the Year and European Tour Player of the Year awards. Singh who has won three majors was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006. Singh has a net worth valued at $75 million, making him the top-10 richest golfer in the world.

9. Ernie Els – $85 Million

A South African golfer, nicknamed The Big Easy, a reference to his physique and fluid-like method of swing, Ernie Els is a former World number one. At 50, it’s not surprising he still golfs. He currently golfs in the European Tournament, PGA tour and PGA Champion tour. Throughout his career, Else has won 71 tournaments which include 4 majors. The 2011 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee is worth $85 million.

7. Jordan Spieth – $120 Million (Tie)

Jordan Spieth Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life
Jordan Spieth (Photo credit: Associated Press)

Amazingly talented and profoundly skilled, Jordan Spieth is one of the most successful golfers in the world right now. Jordan who competes in the PGA tour has won three majors and is a former World number one. The 2015 PGA Tour and PGA Player of the Year winner, is currently estimated to be worth $100 million.

7. Fred Couples – $120 Million (Tie)

American golfer, Fred Couples is one of the few golfers who have managed to record more than 50 tournament wins in a career which has seen several high and low points. Fred, a former world number one, who competes in the PGA Tour Championship has won 64 tournaments in his career. In 2013 he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Fred is worth $120 million.

6. Rory McIlroy – $130 Million

Rory McIlroy
Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Irish top golfer, Rory McIlroy is no stranger to the golf world. The golf star is Irish most successful professional golfer at the moment. As of April 2020, he sits at the number one spot in the Official World Golf Rankings. He has won about 4 majors championships in his career. In 2019, he won the PGA Tour Player of the Year award. McIlory who is one of 4 golfers in the world who have won the majors before the few of 25 is worth $130 million.

5. Gary Player – $250 Million

An amazing golfer, Gary Player who is a South African golfer is probably the best golfer the African country has produced. Gary who is now retired won nine major championships and is the only golfer not from American who has won all four major championships. In 1974, Gary was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Despite not being active in the golfing scene, he still wields a lot of influence. Gary’s net worth is estimated at $250 million, positioning him as the 5th richest golfer in the world.

4. Greg Norman – $300 Million

Only a few golfers in history have won as many tournaments and had as much impact as Norman has on the golfing scene. The Australian golf star has won a total of 88 tournaments which includes his 2 major wins. His amazing golfing abilities earned him the top place in the Official World Golf Rankings, which he held on to for 331 weeks. The 2001 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee has a net worth valued at $300 million.

3. Jack Nicklaus – $320 Million

Nicknamed The Golden Bear, the American golfer, Jack Nicklaus, who is now retired, is one of few golfers who can be said to be one of the greatest golfers of all time. During his golfing career, Nicklaus won 73 PGA events and won 18 major championships, which ranks as the highest championship wins in the world. The 1974 World Golf Hall of Fame Inductee has a net worth valued at $320 million.

2. Phil Mickelson – $400 Million

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson (Photo credit: Getty)

In golf, the name Lefty will surely capture the attention of fans. The American professional golfer, Phil Mickelson is one of the best golfers currently playing. Mickelson who competes in the PGA tour has won 44 PGA events which includes his five major championships win. The lifetime PGA tour member was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2012. Mickelson takes the No. 2 spot on our list with a net worth valued at $400 million.

1. Tiger Woods – $800 Million

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is the wealthiest golfer in the world. (Photo credit: CNN Int’l)

Unarguably talented, Tiger Woods is by any standard one if the greatest golfers in the world. Naturally gifted, Woods who from his amateur days had dazzled fans with his electrifying and wondrous performance performed wonders in golf. The American professional golfer overcame several challenges to establish himself as the best in the world. Woods has won 15 major championships which rank him as the second-highest golfer with the most championship wins in the world. On 11 occasions, he has claimed the PGA Tour and PGA Player of the Year awards. Tiger Woods is currently the richest golfer in the world with a net worth valued at a whopping $800 million.


Thought to be a sport exclusively reserved for the elites and high ranking members of the society, Golf which dates as far back as the middle ages, is now an established sport in the modern age. Though often played by the rich and high class, golf is a professional sport which welcomes all, despite societal influence.

A sport with a debatable background, Golf which has been misconceived to mean Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, is played by about 60 million individuals from both genders scattered across the globe. A corresponding effect of the rapid growth and acceptance of golf as a sport in the modern age, golf tournaments established to promote the sports have seen an increase in viewership in recent years.

There you have it — The top-20 richest golfers in the world ranked based on their net worths. What do you think? Please share with us in the comments section.


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