The Easy Guide To Inside-Out Golf Swing

The Easy Guide to Inside-Out Golf Swing
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The inside-out golf swing is an important skill to acquire if you want to become a better golfer.

Golf strategy is not only important at the professional golf level; it is also essential at the initiation level due to the difficulty of learning the swing technique and the number of factors involved in golf. 

This article offers some strategy tips for beginner golfers. The knowledge will help you function more efficiently and safely on the course and enjoy this fantastic sport more.

What does Inside-Out Golf Swing mean? 

Most beginners are usually confused about hitting the golf ball from the inside and tend to make a lot of mistakes. That is why it’s no surprise that most amateurs are used to the out-in swing, and that is their undoing in some instances.

The in-out swing simply means contacting your golf from the under with a compressed shot. The swing places your club to the right of the target line. Due to the familiarity with the out-in swing, learning the inside-out swing technique may take years, but with constant practice, the novelty will wear off. 

Why Hit the Golf Ball from the Inside?

You might be wondering: any particular reason hitting from the inside is essential? Why discomfort yourself to learn this swing when you’re very much comfortable with the outside-in swing?

You want to be able to hit the ball when you swing rather than give it a glancing strike.

Well, the answer is simple: you want to be able to hit the ball when you swing rather than give it a glancing strike. It enables the golfer to strike the ball with maximum impact and hit his target.

The swing is a product of the golfer’s posture and the club’s angles. A golfer could stand square, open, or close to the target while the club could be made to swing outside-in, inside-out, and inside-inside. A combination of the appropriate stance and angle would give the swing.  

The Outside-In Swing

This is a common mistake made by lots of amateur golfers. In trying to hit the ball, they hit across it. This results in what is called a slice. 

How to Hit a Golf Ball from the Inside

Bearing in mind that most golfers, amateur golfers, are used to the outside-in swing, conscious efforts must be made to adapt to it. Rather than go full out in adapting, you can go at it an area at a time until the stance is perfected and you are comfortable.  

Your Backswing 

Your backswing starts immediately after the takeaway and continues until your club reaches the top of your swing. Holding the club, stand with your shoulders and feet parallel to the target or slightly facing its right (if you’re right-handed and vice versa for left). 

When you stand slightly facing the right, it is easier for you to make the inside-out swing. You must remember to keep the clubface directed at the target while you tilt your upper body towards your right foot (for right-handed golfers). With this, you’ll be able to shift your weight much more quickly and turn your shoulders. 

When swinging the club, do it with your shoulders and shift most of your weight to the inside of your right foot. Your backswing should stop when your left shoulder has rotated under your chin, and the downswing begins. Your backswing determines how the downswing will go. 

The Right Elbow

This applies to right-handed golfers. In starting the downswing, the right elbow should be kept as close to the body as possible; this will ensure that the club returns to its proper spot on its way down. You must make sure that the elbow doesn’t stray away from your body to maintain contact with the ball. 

Flat Left Wrist

For a right-handed golfer, you’ll want to make sure that the back of your left wrist is kept flat at the top of your backswing. A flat left wrist keeps the club firmly in place while returning and controls overswinging. With the left wrist kept flat, the golfer can execute the inside-out golf swing, hitting golf shots consistently. 

Use Visualization

Golfers are often told to visualize; executing the inside-out swing is when visualizing comes in handy. In visualization, you create a mental picture of what you want to achieve, and in this case, it is hitting from the inside out.

Visualization increases the confidence of the golfer and prompts his body to initiate patterns that will help to execute the desired action. To do this, pick a spot on the inside of the ball. Take a swing while focusing on that spot; this will prompt your body to take actions to mirror your visualizations. 

Improve your Golf Swing with Baseball

You can significantly improve your golf swing skill by thinking about baseball. In baseball, the goal of the batter is to get the middle of his back facing the pitcher. You can also employ this in golf.  To do this, you’ll need a bit of rotation in your right hip (for right-handed golfers).

To execute the swing, rotate your right hip as far as it’ll let you during the backswing. You’ll know if you’ve rotated it well when your right knee straightens, making it easier for your left shoulder to come under your chin and increasing the rotation of the upper body.

Inside-Out Swing Drills

Drill #1: Glove Under the Arm

A way to perfect the inside-out swing is to use a glove or towel. This should be placed under the right arm (for a right-handed player) and held in place by having it between the arm and the sides of the body. Afterward, play your shots. What this does is that it keeps your right elbow by your body and helps you come at the ball from the inside.  

Drill #2: Water Bottle

Place a water bottle outside and behind the golf ball and try to take a shot as usual. The water bottle prompts you to seek alternatives to hitting it and hit your target.  

Drill #3: Matching Shafts

Place a golf club on the ground. It should be placed in such a way that it is inside the right foot and at a right angle to the target. Next, take another club and hold it across your chest in a way that it is parallel to the ground. Now try to turn your upper body in such a way that the club across your chest is parallel to the one on the ground. This will give you a good idea of what it means to be fully turned to the right. 

Drill #4: Use a Chair

 When your hip slides away from the target, it can be quite difficult to make an effective enough downswing, which will, in turn, affect your inside-out swing. To avoid this, get a chair.

Leaving about an inch or two in-between, place it close to your right hip. The goal is to avoid bumping into the chair when you try to swing the club. Instead, when your body touches the chair, turn your hips. This will position your body to make an effective downswing. 

Final Words

A thing to note is that the inside-out golf swing is not compulsory for all golfers as there are situations where it would be uncalled for. 

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