NBA Live Streaming 2020: Watch NBA Games Online

NBA Live Streaming 2020: Watch NBA Games Online
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Looking for the best NBA live streaming services to watch NBA games online? We got you.

The 2019-20 NBA Season ended with a bang and saw LeBron and the Lakers win yet another NBA Championship. This makes it LeBron’s fourth NBA Championship in the third franchise of his NBA career.

That is yet another record set by the NBA megastar.

As much as it would be lovely to talk about the Lakers and just how awesome LeBron is, this article will be focusing on where you can watch NBA games online.

Yes, last season was great, despite missing out on cheering our favorite stars live at the stadium thanks to this terrible virus.

Yet another season is just around the corner, making it time to look at the best online platforms to stream NBA matches online.

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The Best NBA Live Streaming Platforms To Watch NBA Games Online

NBA TV + League Pass

NBA TV - Stream Live Games & Coverage

If you’re looking to stream NBA games and everything NBA, there’s no better service than the league’s online streaming service, the NBA TV.

The league pass gives you a year’s access to every game of your chosen team for just a little under $120.

For the hardcore fans who would love to watch as many teams as possible, $200 gives you access to every game in the NBA.

While it is awesome to own a league pass, you might prefer adding it to an online streaming service or a cable service provider.

Hulu + Live TV

NBA on Hulu Live TV
Hulu TV

Yes, Hulu does have a colossal online library of movies, shows, and other content on demand. Aside from the shows and movies, Hulu also gets you connected with several local channels like Syfy and National Geographic.

For NBA Games, you get a variety of sports channels that includes TNT, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN News.

The Hulu + Live TV can be accessed from different WiFi and internet-enabled devices, including Apple TV, computers, Fire TV, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

So no matter what you’re doing or wherever you are, you get to watch NBA games televised nationwide. This makes it one of the best NBA live streaming online platforms around as of now.

However, there are a few downsides to using Hulu. For one, you don’t get to access local sports channels like Fox Sports that give you all the action of your local team.

So unless your favorite team game is on the market and televised nationwide, you don’t get to watch.

The price might also be an issue; with the regular Hulu, you pay $16 a month and watch all the movies and shows you could ever want.

But with Hulu + Live TV, you’re paying about $60 a month, which, coupled with your internet costs, makes it pricey.

YouTube TV

NBA on YouTube TV
YouTube TV

YouTube TV has a generous amount of channels for all members of the family. The kids get to watch Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network.

The fans of telenovelas get to enjoy NBC Universo and Telemundo. You also get the best channels for all of your favorite shows like Starz, HBO Max, and Showtime.

On the sports-end, you get local channels like Fox Sports 1 and 2, ESPN 1 and 2, and the NBA TV. 

The fox sports channels give you access to local games, so you don’t get to miss games of your local team.

You also get to take advantage of YouTube TV’s extensive DVR and multiple screens features if you want to add a little flair.

For the playoffs and finals, YouTube TV gives you the ABC channel. You may not get to watch every game, but you still get to see plenty of action.

Sling TV

NBA on Sling TV
Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the older streaming sites and used to be dominant back then.

That was before they began facing serious competition from the likes of Hulu. With the latter becoming a much bigger player offering way more market grabbing packages.

However, they still offer some pretty exciting packages that are way cheaper than the other two mentioned above. 

Sling TV offers two basic packages, which costs $30 each.

The Sling Blue has 40 channels with two basic sports channels, the TNT, NBCSN, and FS1. So you’re sure of plenty of local games.

On the other hand, the Sling Orange Package doesn’t have as many TV channels as the Orange package, but if you want ESPN, which is a must-have, then the Sling Orange should be the one to go for.

However, Sling TV does have a third kind of subscription, which gives you a combination of both the Blue and Orange Package for $45, which provides you with 50 TV channels that give you FS1, TNT, NBCSN ESPN, and ABC.

Plus, a $10 add-on gets you the NBA TV on any of the options you choose.

Fubo TV

NBA on Fubo TV
Fubo TV

When Fubo TV started, they were basically a streaming service for soccer games. They have since evolved into a major player in online streaming with over 200 TV channels available for your sports and entertainment needs.

With about 75 channels on sports, Fubo TV is gradually becoming the go-to provider not just for NBA fans but for the fans of almost every sport.

A Fubo TV subscription also gives you access to their generous cloud-based DVR, so you can set any live game to record and watch it later.

The Fubo Sports Network is another thing you might find interesting — the original sports program by Fubo TV that gives you a fun integration of sports and humor that you’re bound to enjoy.

The subscription starts at $55 a month, with the Elite subscription also giving you NBA TV at an $80 premium.


NBA on Vidgo

Just Like Fubo TV, Vidgo started out as a sports streaming service alone, but they have since added lots of entertainment channels.

At a subscription cost of $40, you get 60 channels, which includes sports channels like BeIN Sports, ABC, Fox, and several ESPN channels.

Though they do not offer the NBA TV on any of their subscription packages, you still get to see plenty of NBA Games on ESPN while chatting about it on Vidgo’s social platform.


NBA on AT&T TV Now

Yes AT&T TV has been a go-to for your call time and wireless needs, but they also have an online streaming service where you can watch NBA games online.

The Plus plan, which starts at $65, gives you ESPN, TNT, and ABC channels.

The premium plans get as high as $186 and give you many more entertainment channels, a cloud-based DVR that gives you 20hrs of recorded movies and games per month, and NBA TV. 

Final Words

There you have it, some of the best NBA live streaming services available to you, each one with its own positives and negatives.

For those who are after the free platforms, sorry for the disappointment. Those sites lag and get busted all the time and are usually more trouble than they are worth.

It’s always best to stick with reliable platforms that gives you your money’s worth.

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