10 Best NFL Streaming Services 2021 (Some Free)

Top-10 Best NFL Streaming Services

What are the best NFL streaming services in 2021?

That’s a tough question, right?

Read on to find out how you can stream and watch the NFL without a cable — some for free.

The National Football League (NFL) is popular amongst Americans and Canadians.

Thus, many people try as much as possible to watch the league live from their homes.

However, the confusion lies in picking the top NFL streaming services from the pool out there.

For those finding convenient ways to stream live NFL matches, below is a list of the best ones.

These channels will be broadcasting matches for the rest of the season.

In the comfort of your home, with your internet connection and device, you are good to go without paying for cable.

The games are broadcasted four times in three days per week.

The days are Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

You can get to stream your live matches on the various networks that are listed right below if you wish to watch the NFL online.

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The Best NFL Streaming Services


USTVGO Website

Unlike clumsy and bombarded sites with advertisements, the USTVGO is an exception.

It is a smooth streaming platform with a basic video player that loads live broadcasts from the USA without buffering; unless you have slow internet speed.

A number of channels are hosted for free, ranging from the NFL Network, NBC (the official broadcaster), and ESPN, amongst others.

This streaming service is a good option for those wishing to have access to a free streaming service.

Website: USTVGO

9. DAZN VOD Sports

via DAZN

This subscription-based service is a platform that offers streamed events live and on-demand with its operations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada, e.t.c.

DAZN is television, smartphones, tablet, and game console-compatible.

For the best viewing experience, it is advised that an internet-connected device that is HD-compatible be used.

Using an HD-compatible device will give you a quality picture resolution and give you the satisfaction you crave.

Website: DAZN

8. Reddit Streams

NFL on reddit Streams

We are just as surprised as you are that Reddit makes the list.

It isn’t a streaming service, but it’s one of the largest maintained community platforms on the web, just like Facebook.

Subreddit pages upload free live streams of various broadcasted sports events regularly.

Their curated pages contain links for fans where live matches can be streamed, although some streams are unofficial, thereby having you find other links that actually work.

You may regularly check out for links that work as some of the links get blocked in the middle of an event.

However, you can easily connect to others in the community and get the working links during an event.

Website: Reddit Streams

7. Hulu Live Sports Channels

Hulu Live Sports Channels
Hulu Website

From as little as $5.99, you can stream live NFL Sports on NBC and other regional sports.

Hulu Live started back in 2017 as hybrid TV alongside Sling TV and Netflix.

Content packages, however, vary according to the price range.

You either pay a low price with ads included or the premium package that contains none.

Apart from the annoying ads that fly intermittently across your screen during games, Hulu is an excellent platform to stream NFL games online.

Website: Hulu Live Sports Channels

6. NFL Streams

NFL Streams
NFL Streams Website

NFL Streams are various numbers of platforms that are not actually legit sources for live football streams as the site has a lot of redirections and too many advertisements.

Despite all of that, the site comes in quite handy for live football streams.

If you don’t like seeing unsolicited ads and web redirects, then you may not feel comfortable on their platform.

Website: NFL Streams

5. YouTube TV

NFL Live Streaming on YouTube TV
Screenshot: SportyTell

The over-the-top content (OTT) is what YouTube is known for asides from being an online streaming platform in the United States.

Networks streamed include ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC, amongst others, with a Cloud DVR service without limiting storage space.

It offers 60 US channels directly streamed on your Smartphone or even Apple TV without a cable box for $64.99 monthly.

Of course, YouTube TV is not without a subscription fee.

They promise a high screen resolution, ad-free during live events, and that, of course, must be paid for.

Website: YouTube TV

4. Sling TV Channels

Watch NFL on Sling TV Channels
Sling Website

This Live TV App is available with ease of customization regarding the number of channels you request to subscribe to.

That, of course, makes it a good platform with packages that range from as little as $20 monthly for 31 channels to around $45 monthly for the entire package of 76 channels.

Given the quality streaming service Sling offers, it’s one of the cheapest-paid streaming services you can get out there.

Website: Sling TV Channels

3. CBS All Access

Watch NFL Matches on CBS All Acces
CBS All Access Website

CBS is a media giant valued at more than $4 billion, with over 4 million active subscribers worldwide.

They offer subscription-based services only available on Sunday Night Football.

This lets you stream live broadcasts from the local CBS channel where NFL games can be watched live from the local affiliate.

CBS is available on all major platforms and operating systems with a subscription cost of as little as $5.99 monthly.

Website: CBS All Access


NFL Streaming Service — ESPN Site
ESPN Website

ESPN is a stand-alone Sports Streaming App for major sports programs like NBA Television and NBC with broadcasting rights for the various programs.

Subscription to ESPN+ enables you to have access to thousands of live events streams on the ESPN App.

As an app with a good interface, just your good internet and device will allow you to stream live matches.

Although the service is not free, it’s good for your money’s worth. Try checking it out.

Website: ESPN

1. Fubo Tv

NFL Streaming Service — Fubo TV
Fubo TV Website

Fubo TV reduces your effort of finding live streams, making it one of the best and it also checks all channel boxes of the NFL channel.

Individuals who subscribe to receive the NFL Network and NFL RedZone continue to access other services on NFL.com after paying $60 monthly.

Their base or standard plan allows subscribers access to 30hrs DVR space for recording streams.

It also gives you access to stream on two separate devices simultaneously.

It is also one of the best NFL streaming services you can get out there with no ads to worry about during games.

Website: Fubo TV


That’s our list of the best NFL streaming services right now.

Let’s hear your experiences with some of these services in the comment section below.

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