What Is Bill Belichick Net Worth & Salary In 2020?

What Is Bill Belichick Net Worth & Salary?
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How much is Bill Belichick net worth and salary in 2020?

Read on to find out how he made his money.

Bill Belichick is a professional football coach who is currently the head coach of the National Football League (NFL) team, New England Patriots. Belichick is an iconic figure in the NFL. His influence in the New England Patriots cuts so deep that Belichick doesn’t just oversee the players’ training, but also plays a significant role in the Patriots football operations.

Aside from being the Patriot head coach, Belichick serves as the General Manager. Regarded as one of the Greatest Coaches of All Time, Bill Belichick has achieved significant feats that place him on a pedestal above other NFL franchise head coaches. He has had various stint seeing to the technical affairs of NFL franchises has won the Super Bowl title as a coach on six occasions, the highest in NFL history. Belichick, who has won the Super Bowl title twice as defensive coordinator, lay claim to 4 coaching records in the NFL.

With an emphasis on Bill Belichick’s worth, we’ll review his career, salary, charity, and lessons from his wealth and success.

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Bill Belichick Coaching Career, Contracts & Accomplishments

In 1975, after graduating from the University, Bill Belichick took up a $25 per week job to serve as the assistant to Ted Marchibroda, head coach of the Baltimore Colts. The following year, he went on to serve as assistant special teams coach for the Detroit Lions. By 1978, Bill Belichick was the associate special team coach and defensive assistant for the Denver Broncos.

1979 saw Belichick settle down with Ray Perkins of the New York Giants, where he retained the same position held at the Denver Broncos. Belichick stayed with the Giants for 12 years, even after Perkins’s departure. In 1980, he assumed the linebacker coaching task, and in 1985, he became the defensive coordinator. Belichick won the Super Bowl XXI and XXV editions with the Giants. His defensive game plan helped the Giants narrowly upset the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl XXV.

In 1991, Belichick assumed the role of head coach for the Cleveland Browns. After the franchise moved to Baltimore in 1995, Belichick was fired. Following his departure with the Baltimore Ravens, he once again served under Bill Parcels, who he had previously served as defensive coordinator while at the New York Giants. He spent 1996 as an assistant head coach at the New England Patriots. They made it to the Super Bowl XXXI but lost to the Green Bay Packers.

Between 1997 and 1999, he served as assistant coach to the New York Jets. In 1999 left the New York Jets a day after being made head coach. He then joined the New England Patriots. The Jets had to be compensated with the 2000 first-round pick by the Patriots. Following his arrival at the New England, the franchise owner gave him near control of the franchise football activities.

Bill Belichick Career, Contracts & Accomplishments
Bill Belichick with the New England Patriots in 2009. Photo: Keith Allison / CC BY-SA

Between 2001 and 2004, Belichick guided the Patriots to three Super Bowl wins. The 2007 season saw him denied Super Bowl glory by the New York Giants. In September 2007, he signed a seven-year-long deal worth $45 million. In the 2010 season, Belichick failed to avenge his 2007 Super Bowl loss as he again lost to former team, New York Giant, at the Super Bowl XLII. After more than ten years since he last won a Super Bowl title, Belichick claimed a fourth title at the Super Bowl XLIX in the 2014 season.

The next season, the Denver Broncos denied him successive Super Bowl victory at the Super Bowl 50. In the 2016 season, Bill Belichick won the Super Bowl LI, his fifth Super Bowl win. His attempt at successive Super Bowl win fell through in the 2017 season as the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl LII. In the 2018 season, Belichick successfully claimed his sixth Super Bowl win as head coach and won his eighth Super Bowl. In 2019, Belichick assumed the defensive coordinator of the Patriots team.

Bill Belichick Net Worth in 2020

As of 2020, Bill Belichick’s net worth is approximately $35 million. Since he assumed head coach duties for the New England Patriots in 2001, Bill Belichick, who has impressed owner, Robert Kraft, has seen an increase in his salary.

With no other significant source of earnings, such as endorsement deals, Belichick’s fortune is sourced from his salary earnings, which has considerably increased in recent years. As Belichick maintains the top performance he has, his contract could rise significantly soon.

Bill Belichick Salary in 2020

Bill Belichick’s salary as of 2020 is currently $12 million per year as a Patriots head coach. According to a report by Forbes, Belichick’s annual salary makes him the highest-paid coach in United States sports. Gregg Popovich, the coach and general manager of San Antonio Spurs, trails behind with yearly earnings of $11 million.

Bill Belichick Charity & Philanthropy

Bill Belichick owns the Bill Belichick Foundation, which focuses on football and lacrosse and provides financial support to organizations. In 2014, the foundation gave out $100,000 in scholarship and grants to organizations such as the Lacrosse Academy of Birmingham, Harlem Lacrosse, Fields of Growth, and others. Bill, who is known to have a tough personality and rarely accepts public speaking fees except for charity.

Bill Belichick Houses & Real Estate

Bill Belichick has a mansion in Nantucket, Massachusetts. The estate, which covers 3000 square feet, is worth about $4.6 million. In 2009, through a corporation, Belichick bought a condominium in Florida’s Jupiter yacht club for $1.4 million. In 2006, he and his ex-wife Debby purchased a mansion that has five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and one-half bathroom for $4.6 million. Following their divorce, his wife took over complete ownership of the property.

Lessons from Belichick’s worth & success

Start from the button

Bill Belichick started his coaching career as an assistant special teams coach before he became a head coach. Through the years he spent under top NFL head coaches, Belichick acquired experiences that proved vital when he became head coach.


Net Worth:$35 Million
Salary:$12 Million per year
Date of Birth:April 16, 1952
Age:72 years old
Source of Wealth:American football coach
Last Update:2020

Bill Belichick’s net worth is approximately $35 million as of 2020. The 72 year-old successful Patriots’ head coach earns $12 million annually. According to a report by Forbes, Belichick is the highest-paid American coach.


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