Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is He?

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth – How Rich is He?

Floyd Mayweather net worth, salary and his sources of wealth in 2020 analysed.

Net Worth:$565 Million
Career Earnings:$1 billion-plus
Date of Birth:February 24, 1977
Age:47 years old
Source of Wealth:Professional Boxer, Actor, Professional Boxing Promoter
Last Update:2020


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a retired boxing professional who has established himself as an eminent boxing promoter. A boxer with amiable skills, whenever Mayweather handles his business in the ring, the star who has never lost a professional boxing bout throughout his career carries himself with confidence as well as an aura which brings to the fore, his wealth of experience as well as boxing prowess.

A notable star, Mayweather who is known to come out of retirement on special occasions, has fought some of the biggest names, not only in boxing but in other combative sports such as Mixed Martial Arts. He is touted by various pundits in the sport as the greatest boxer of all-time.

With an emphasis on Floyd Mayweather net worth in 2020, we summarise the wealth his career has availed him. Other interesting highlights include his early life, career summary/highlights, career earnings, endorsements/sponsorships, luxury lifestyle, houses, vehicular assets and our takeaways from Floyd Mayweather’s wealth and rise to fame.

Early Life

Born to a dysfunctional family, his father, Mayweather Sr. was a boxer. For the most part of his Mayweather Jr’s formative years, his father was incarcerated due to his involvement in drugs. While his mother was a drug addict, and unlike most kids, Mayweather had to take care of himself as his parents were practically absent in his life.

A talented boxer, his grandmother was the first to notice his skills, and when Mayweather sort to find a job to get a source of income, his grandmother encouraged him to develop his boxing skills instead. With the help of his father who he spent little time with and some of his uncles, Mayweather trained well enough to begin his amateur career and the rest as historians say, is history. 

Career Summary

Mayweather amateur career was the genesis of his boxing career success. During his amateur career, he developed his skills so well that he soon understood the dynamics of his style of boxing. One of such was the defensive boxing techniques he adopted following his uncle’s training. That earned him his “Pretty Boy” moniker. He fought in 92 matches throughout his amateur boxing career and saw defeat just 8 times. Among the notable championships young Mayweather won are 1993, 94 and 96 National Golden Gloves Championship as well as the Bronze at the 1996 Olympics.

His professional career began in October 1996, when he competed in his first bout. Though his early years were marred by rifts with his father which involved him firing him as his trainer, Mayweather remained focused, recording successive wins, until he landed his first title win in 1998, the WBC super featherweight title. That win attracted praises for the star, but he continued to defend his title, holding on to his title for three years, until he decided his exploits in the super featherweight division was up and he proceeded to the lightweight division where he went on to become The Ring and WBC lineal lightweight champion.

He soon left the lightweight division and went on to the fight in the Light welterweight. Mayweather was on course to win another title in this division, but he left as the top contender for the title light-welterweight title. In April 2006, after he defeated Zab Judah, he became the IBF Welterweight champion. Mayweather earned $5 million from the bout. His eyes were thus set on other titles in the division and months later his dream materialized with him defeating Carlos Baldomir to emerge as The Ring and WBC Welterweight champion, marking his third lineal championship win in three divisions, namely, super featherweight, lightweight and welterweight. He received $8 million for his win.

After his success in the welterweight division, Mayweather went on to the light-middleweight division where he claimed the WBC title, before returning to the welterweight division after giving up his light-middleweight championship. He won his welterweight championship again and went on to win the light welterweight championship, which he didn’t win earlier. He then went on to retire in 2007.

In May 2009, Mayweather returned from retirement to fight Juan Manuel Márquez, who was The Ring Lightweight champion. After triumphing over Manuel, a fight which saw him earn $25 million, he fought one more time, before he announced he’s out to gain more titles. Mayweather continued in top form winning all his fights but without claiming a title. In 2013, he defeated Saul Alvarez to win the WBC and The Ring welterweight championship and went on to unify the title with his WBA (Super) Welterweight win. His fight with Alvarez earned him $73 million. Following his win, he went on to defend his title.

In 2015 after years of negotiations, he finally fought against Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao and defeated the later. His fight with Manny Pacquiao, earned him the biggest paycheck in his career, $250 million. Following his highly publicised fight against Pacquiao, he went on to defend his WBC, WBA (Super), and The Ring welterweight championships, before he finally retired for the second time in his career.

Highest-Paid Sports - Boxing - Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. (Credit: John Locher/Associated Press)

He came out of retirement for the third time in 2017, where he fought UFC fighter, Connor McGregor.  The fight was held in August 2017, with Mayweather triumphing. His bout with McGregor ranks as the second most profitable fight of his career as he earned $100 million. His next fight came in December 2018 against Tenshin Nasukawa, who lasted one round against Mayweather. The fight which ended in just two minutes saw Mayweather part with $88 million.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best Floyd Mayweather’s career highlights.

  • IBO welterweight champion
  • IBA welterweight champion
  • WBC super featherweight champion
  • WBC lightweight champion
  • WBC super lightweight champion
  • IBF welterweight champion
  • WBC welterweight champion
  • WBA (Super) welterweight champion
  • WBO welterweight champion
  • 2x WBC light middleweight champion
  • WBA (Super) light middleweight champion

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth in 2020 & Business

Floyd Mayweather - The Money Team
Floyd Mayweather – The Money Team (Image credit: PA)

In 2020, Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is estimated to be $565 million, which ranks him as the richest boxer in the world right now. Most of his fortune is indirectly related to his boxing career where he has earned over $1 billion, thanks to his massive pay-per-views bouts which has attracted thousands of viewers. His boxing promotions company, Mayweather Promotions, which he founded in 2006, is also a lucrative business venture which has greatly boosted his total net worth.

Floyd Mayweather Career Earnings

Floyd Mayweather topped the list of the highest-paid athletes of the decade (1 January 2010 – 31 December 2019) with his estimated earnings of $915 million within the last decade. Floyd Mayweather’s career earnings are estimated to be above $1 billion going by some of the posted earnings for his boxing matches throughout his career.

Floyd Mayweather Endorsement & Sponsorship

Long gone from the boxing scene as an active boxer, Floyd Mayweather owns no sponsorship and endorsement deals currently. At the peak of his career, though several brands wished to sponsor the star, few could actually do so as a result of his high entry fee which stood at $1 million. For his fight against Conor McGregor, brands such as Hublot, Burger King and FanDuel paid $1 million to sponsor Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Luxury Lifestyle


Known for his extravagant lifestyle, Mayweather doesn’t shy away from flaunting his massive wealth. He owns a mansion in Los Angeles worth about $25 million. The Mansion is said to have a 12-seat cinema and a wine rack which can accommodate as much as 225 bottles for his star-studded House parties.

Billionaire Watch Collection

Floyd Mayweather’s watch collection is valued well over $18 million. In 2018, he purchased an $18 million Billionaire Watch by Jacob & Co. The Billionaire diamond tourbillon watch is truly an epitome of a high-end watch. For a man like Mayweather Jr with a net worth valued well over $500 million, a luxury wristwatch is a fashion accessory.

Cars Collection

Floyd Mayweather’s cars collection which is worth about £20 million includes a Bugatti Chiron, 4 Bugatti Veyrons, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari 488, Bugatti Veyron, a Mercedes G63 AMG, plus many more. He also owns a set of Rolls Royce cars worth about £2 million. Mayweather favours his cars being black and white except his Bugatti Veyron which have a red and silver colour.

Private Jets

Floyd Mayweather is a proud owner of two private jets, one of which is a Gulfstream G650 valued at $60 million. Owning a private jet is more or less like a walk in the park for the ‘Money’ guy.

Lessons from Mayweather Jr’s Wealth, Success & Fame

Now that you know the interesting story on Floyd Mayweather’s rise to fame, his wealth and how he became successful and famous, here are 2 amazing lessons to learn from the American retired boxer and professional boxing promoter.

1. Stay focused

Mayweather Jr. always knew he wanted to be a boxer right from his years as a teen. His desire to become a boxer saw him drop out of school to train and make a name for himself.

2. Never be distracted

During the period he won his first world title, Mayweather Jr. fell out with his father and he thus relieved his father from being his boxing trainer. This generated so much media buzz, but Mayweather Jr. still was not distracted and went on to successfully defend his title and won even more. 

3. Know when to bow out

As Mayweather Jr. was riding high in the euphoria of his success, he reckons that he could achieve more alone and thus he severed ties with Top Ranks Promotions and began Mayweather Promotions to promote his own fights. This proved very profitable for him as he managed his own affair well and thus reaped completely the financial rewards.


In 2020, Floyd Mayweather net worth is estimated to be $565 million, placing him atop the list of the richest boxers in the world right now. His career earnings from his entire boxing fights are well above $1 billion. Mayweather’s source of wealth is majorly from his profession as a professional boxer and boxing promoter.


For all aspiring athletes, refine your talents while remaining determined, focused and at your best even in the least prestigious tournaments. 

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