Peyton Manning Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is He?

Peyton Manning Net Worth– How Rich Is He?

Peyton Manning net worth, salary, and sources of wealth in 2020 analyzed.

Net Worth:$250 Million
Career Earnings:$248 Million (salary)
Date of Birth:March 24, 1976
Age:48 years old
Source of Wealth:American Football Player
Last Update:2020


Peyton Manning is a retired American football player who played in the NFL as a quarterback. During his 18 seasons stint, Manning played for two NFL franchises, the Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos. A player with exceptional tactics, which NFL fans still vividly recall, Peyton Manning was a sensation during his time in the NFL. Though retired Manning still is a principal figure in the sport and his opinion on matters regarding the sport, is hanged on to by NFL fans. NFL fans will mostly recall Manning for matches, in which he faced younger brother, Eli Manning.

Those games often dubbed the Manning bowl, saw fans intensely captivated as they compared and observed the antics of both brothers while relishing the entertainment from the game. Though fans were entertained by the Manning bowl on just three occasions during the course of Peyton’s career, they surely were memorable. Those matches also saw Peyton produce an amazing performance as he led his franchise to victory over his brother. The four Super Bowls in which Manning stars are even more memorable. Manning won just two of the events.

With an emphasis on Peyton Manning net worth in 2020, we briefly summarise the wealth his career has brought him. Other highlights include his early life, career summary/earnings, endorsements, lessons from Peyton Manning’s wealth and rise to fame.

Early Life

The second of three boys, Peyton Manning was born in New Orleans into a family with a deep connection to sports, specifically, American football. His father, Archie Manning played in the NFL as a quarterback for the New Orleans Saint.  Like his elder brother, Peyton inherited the love for football from his father, and at a young age, he had already cultivated a passion for the sport. Armed with a burning passion for football, which was boosted by his natural talent for the sports, Peyton imbibed the repeated training he got from his father who had the experience. 

At Isidore Newman School, which he attended, Peyton formidable football prowess came to the fore, especially in his senior year.  His performance that season earned him the Columbus (Ohio) Touchdown Club National Offensive and Gatorade Circle of Champions National Player of the Year awards. Following a spectacular 1993 season, he was heavily sorted after by various colleges. Despite interest from the University of Florida, Texas A&M University, Louisiana State University, the University of Michigan, Florida State University, University of Mississippi, the University of Texas at Austin he chose to commit to the University of Tennessee. 

Career Summary, Achievements & Contracts

At the University of Tennessee, Peyton Manning played for four seasons. He excelled both in sports and academics while at college. His academic success made him receive the National Football Foundation National Scholar-Athlete Award in his senior year. He also received the Best College Player ESPY and other awards.

Manning entered the 1998 NFL Draft and was selected by the Indianapolis Colts as the Draft’s first overall pick. He then signed a six-year deal worth $46,314,000 with the Colts. In his first five seasons in the league, Manning proved to be a top player and soon earned Pro Bowl honour. But it was in the 2003 season, that Manning had his true breakthrough. That season, Manning finished at the top of the league Passing completion list and received his first of 5 NFL MVP awards. He also was awarded the ESPY Best NFL Player. 

After signing a new seven-year deal worth $99,200,000, Manning began his first of his next seven years with the Colts in exceptional fashion, by winning a second successive NFL MVP award. Following an impressive 2005 season, Manning showed NFL fans he was in his best form in the 2006 season when he led the Colts to their first Super Bowl trophy in three decades, the Super Bowl XLI. His performance earned him the Super Bowl MVP as well as the ESPY Best Championship Performance award. His 2007 season was uneventful compared to the recent seasons he had enjoyed, but by 2008, Manning was back in top form as he claimed his third NFL MVP award.

The 2009 season was even better as he once again was the centre of attention as the Colts appeared in the Super Bowl XLIV. Manning’s magic was not enough as the New Orleans Saints triumphed. He, however, consoled himself with a fourth NFL MVP win. Following a good showing in the 2010 season, Peyton was forced to sit out the entire 2011 season as a result of an injury. Following his return, his services were no longer needed by the Indianapolis Colts and thus he became a free agent. For a player with his accomplishments, he wasn’t going to wait long before NFL franchise came calling. He then signed a five-year deal worth $90,000,000 with the Denver Broncos.

His 2012 season was spectacular as he displayed his exceptional prowess in the league which earned him the AP National Football League Comeback Player of the Year Award and second place in the Top 100 NFL Players of 2013. By the 2013 season, he was back completely and featured in the Super Bowl XLVIII, but the Seattle Seahawks conquered the Broncos. Manning, however, went on to receive his record fifth NFL MVP award. Now approaching the end of his career, Manning was still a force on the pitch.

In 2014, he became the player with the most passing touchdown in the NFL. He, however, bowed out of the NFL following a spectacular performance in the Super Bowl 50, which saw him provide an amazing performance to lead the Broncos to defeat the Carolina Panthers. He ended his 18 years stint in the NFL with a second Super Bowl win. 

Peyton Manning Net Worth in 2020

Peyton Manning with the Broncos
Photo: Thomas J. Russo/USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million in 2020. Though retired from the NFL, Peyton still is a notable figure in the league. His exploits in the NFL earned him millions of dollars and Peyton has put all that money into good use. At the time of retirement from the NFL, he was worth $150 million. But in less than five years, he had added $100 million to his net worth. Super awesome!

Thanks to his ever-growing endorsement portfolio, Peyton Manning’s earnings continue to increase. His endorsement portfolio has continued to expand even after his retirement from the NFL. Peyton along with his brothers and father runs the Manning passing academy, a football clinic. Peyton has also been subjected to interest from sports news networks, willing to sign him as a commentator. He reportedly turned down a financially rewarding offer to act as a color commentator on ESPN Monday Night Football. It has also been reported that Manning is seeking to own a stake in an NFL franchise similar to Michael Jordan‘s stake in the Charlotte Hornets.

Peyton Manning Career Earnings & Endorsements

During the course of his 18 seasons in the NFL, Peyton Manning’s performance earned him a lot of money. According to Spotrac, Manning ranks as the second-highest-paid NFL player in the all-time list with estimated earnings of $248,732,000. The bulk of his career earnings arise from his more than 10 years stint with the Indianapolis Colts.

When Peyton Manning left the NFL in 2016, he earned as much as $16 million from endorsement deals. In 2018 Manning sold his stakes in 31 Papa John’s pizza locations. He still remains as the company’s ambassador. He has endorsements with an American mortgage banker, American Financing, Gatorade, Tide, OtterBox, and DIRECTV.

Peyton Manning Luxury Lifestyle

Peyton Manning enormous net worth is evidence of his hard work for several years and thanks to that, he can afford a luxurious lifestyle but prefers to live modestly.


Peyton Manning owns a $4.575 Million Mansion in Cherry Hills Village, Denver, which covers 16,464 square feet. The three-story mansion has 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a garage capable of housing 7 cars, a wine cellar, a games room, a large kitchen with a dining area, two offices, as well as an elevator. 

Takeaways from Peyton Manning’s Wealth, Success & Fame

Following the interesting story about Peyton Manning’s rise to fame, his wealth, and how he became famous, here are 2 incredible lessons from the American retired NFL star.

1. Create a solid reputation

When Manning became a free agent following his injury, it didn’t take time before NFL franchise came calling, thanks to his reputation of being one of the best players in the NFL which he created while at the Indianapolis Colts. A solid reputation speaks in your absence.

2. Hard work pays

Thanks to the several hours of intense training that Manning put in into building his skills, he became fully armed with the right tactics and mindset he needed to succeed.


In 2020, Peyton Manning’s net worth is valued at $250 Million. His career earnings throughout the 18 seasons he played in the NFL is as much as $248 million. Manning’s source of wealth is mainly from his occupation as a professional American football player.


Hard work with consistency will produce a good reputation which will speak for your skills, during your absence. Finally, what are your thoughts on Peyton Manning’s net worth? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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