Top-32 Hottest Female Soccer Players In The World

Top-20 Hottest Female Soccer Players In The World

Who are the hottest female soccer players in 2022?

When it comes to women’s professional soccer players, the excitement is always different, especially for guys.

At that moment, It not only boils down to the game but also to gleeful admiration of the beauties giving their all. 

Since the commencement of Women’s soccer, fans globally have been given a lot to think of.

Gorgeous women of different origins face off to establish bragging rights. 

We also share this sentiment, which is why we have taken our time to research and carve out a list of the world’s most beautiful female soccer players.

Without further ado, here are the top 32 sexiest female soccer players in the world.

They are active as of 2022.

The Hottest Female Soccer Players In The World

32. Rachel Daley


Rachel Ann Daly is an English soccer player who plays for the Houston Dash and while she is last on this list currently, we have a feeling she will move up with popular demand.

With a nice blonde hair and a popping personality, you can easily see why she is on this list. Don’t mistake to think that just because she looks like a model, she can’t kick it on the field. Rachel is a very accomplished soccer player and deserves a place on this list.

31. Natalie Vinti

Natalie Raquel Vinti Nuño was an American/Mexican soccer player who played for San Diego Toreros before she retired.

Don’t let her petite face fool you, she was a force to be recognize when playing and was also on the Mexican National Soccer team for some time as an active player.

With beautiful long black hair, and obviously an athlete body, she deserves a place on this list.

30. Frederikke Thøgersen

Frederikke Skjødt Thøgersen, a Danish soccer player with the Damallsvenskan from Sweden. She is number 30 on the list of the hot soccer girls list but that doesn’t mean she is not one of the best.

Aged 26 she still has a few good years ahead of her to advance her career on and off the field. We should really keep a close eye on her and see how she progress.

29. Line Røddik Hansen

While not as high as you would expect to be on the list, still a great position to be in in anyway.

Line was a Danish pro soccer player who played for the Nordsjælland club and the national Danish team.

Before that she also played for the French club Lyon and also in Spain for FC Barcelona. Which makes her a very attractive and experienced soccer player – besides the fact she is very attractive for sure.

28. Amy Rodriguez

via soccercleats101

Although she is #22 on the list, she is worth mentioning still. Amy is a very good soccer player but also a very attractive female that plays sports.

When we started this list, we wanted to make sure we include the prettiest soccer players playing the game, and we think she deserves a place here.

27. Melanie Leupolz

via skysports

Melanie is a pro soccer player from Germany. She plays mid fielder for the FC Chelsea women’s team and when she’s not on the court she is looking better than anything.

She also plays for the national German women’s team. Melanie has the classic German look but that is one of the things that makes her a hot soccer player in the women’s division.

26. Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner is a German soccer player who plays for the female outfit S.C. Sand and the German National team. 

She is also a model. 

She has featured for the german edition of Playboy magazine and other similar magazines because of her pretty figure. 

Selina is one of those soccer ladies that leaves a lot of male soccer fans drooling.

25. Nayeli Rangel

Mexicans are always beautiful, so it isn’t a surprise that Nayeli Rangel looks so stunning.

The Mexican beauty is a delight to behold, and her excellence in features are also reflected in her career. 

She plays for both the Mexican national female soccer team and Tigres UANL.

The Mexican beauty has been outstanding with both sides. 

24. Nicole Banecki

via @nicolebanek

Nicole is a German soccer player playing for Leverkusen and was born in 1988.

As many other German soccer players on this list, you can see that she doesn’t have the standard German look and if we didn’t write it you might have thought she was an American player or even from Africa.

That’s the power of the world as many players come from many different backgrounds and that is what creates the unique looks you see here.

23. Amandine Henry 

Amandine Henry
@amandine_henry / Instagram

Amandine made it to our list for the most beautiful soccer players and deservedly so. 

She plays for Olympique Lyon and the French National Team as a midfielder.

A tall blonde, Amadine is a pretty face and will remain so till she hangs her boot.

22. Beatriz Zaneratto

This Brazilian knockout is among the most beautiful players still active in the soccer world.

A midfielder with Palmeiras women’s football team, Beatriz is more than just beauty.

She is characteristically known to dominate matches at both club and national level.

That makes her a standout figure in matches.

Beatriz just seems to have everything in place. 

Her hair, skin tone, and height make her every guy’s wish.

21. Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani
@asllani9 / Instagram

Tall, slim, beautiful, and bold — Kosovare Asllani will pass as a stunning model any time. 


She decided to play football, though, and she has done remarkably well with it too.

She currently plays for Real Madrid and has been quite outstanding with the Spanish outfit.

Asllani clearly knows she is gorgeous and does not hesitate to flaunt on her Twitter and Instagram handles.

20. Alexia Putellas Segura

A Spanish pro soccer player, Alexia plays as a midfielder for the Primera division club Barcelona.

Alexia is widely considered to be the Messi or Ronaldo of the women’s soccer world and is one if not THE best female soccer player in the world right now.

Put together with her amazing skills on the field her striking beauty and you have a lethal combination. The only reason she is not higher on this list, is because there are a lot of beautiful women soccer players in the world.

19. Stine Larsen

Stine Larsen  – Best Looking Female Soccer Player
@larsenstine / Instagram

Stine Larsen is a young Danish soccer player who plays for Aston Villa. 

Larsen’s beauty makes her undoubtedly one of football’s prettiest women, and her dimples only emphasize it.

She is not so keen on makeup going by her Instagram pictures and videos, but that does not reduce her beauty as she still looks stunning.

18. Maria Pilar Leon

Maria Pilar Leon is a Spanish sensation who plays for Spain women’s national team and F.C.Barcelona female team. 

She occasionally dyes her hair to blonde, black, and some other colors, a fashion style that enhances her beauty much more.

Whenever she shares pictures of herself on her Instagram, it is always a sight to behold.

17. Erika Dos Santos

via geeksoncoffee

Érika Cristiano dos Santos is a Brazilian soccer player who plays for the national women’s team of Brazil and also for the Corinthians team.

What makes Erika a sexy soccer player is not only her beautiful face, but the fact she also has great shape and it shows.

Considering all these things, she made her place on this list.

16. Julie Ertz

Julie Beth Ertz is an American soccer player who also plays for the Chicago Red Stars.

With striking grey eyes and beautifully defined cheeks, Juliet is a stunner. 

Everything she does is something to drool about, whether at the pitch of play or the pool.

She is still an active player with the U.S. women’s team.

15. Alexia Putellas

Alexia Putellas
@alexiaps94 / Instagram

If you are an active female association football lover, you will know Barcelona’s Alexia Putellas.

She never holds back her joy whenever she scores for her team. 

Also, you must have noticed that she is a real beauty to behold. 

Any time we see her on social media, she just seems to look even hotter. 

She is a hardworking player and an inspiration to young girls. 

Clearly, none of her fans would mind meeting this talented goddess someday. 

14. Kelley O’Hara

Kelley O’Hara is an American soccer player who plays as a defender for the NWSL’s Washington Spirit.

She is one of the prettiest women in soccer right now. 

O’Hara also featured in the final issue of ESPN Body in October 2019.

Besides being beautiful, O’Hara is a sensation on the pitch, displaying her defensive skills and even banging in goals.

When she is not playing, she hosts a podcast at Just Women’s Sports.

You can find great pictures of her on her Instagram.

13. Lara Dickenmann

Lara Dickenmann
@ld_21 / Instagram

Lara Dickenmann is a Swiss soccer player who plays with the national team and VFL Wolfsburg. 

She is a skilled goal scorer.

Dickenmann is endowed with a pretty face with a fascinating toned body and long legs.

She sometimes gets a side part hair cut which always looks great on her.

12. Hanna Folkesson

Hanna Folkesson –
@hfolke / Instagram

Hanna Folkensson currently plays for Hammarby and the Sweden women’s national team. 

The Swedish player isn’t all about soccer as she is also a stunning belle.

Hanna simply seems to get prettier with each passing day, with her taste for style and fashion adding to her beauty.

11. Christen Press

Christen Annemarie Press could easily be mistaken for a Chinese or any other Asian beauty with her V-shaped face.

She is an active player with the American female soccer team and also plays for Manchester United.

Christen is one of those girls that still look great without makeup.

She has a habit of tying her hair into a ponytail which makes her look even more alluring. 

Christen is definitely one of the hottest female soccer players in the world right now. 

10. Adriana Leon

Adriana Leon – Beautiful Female Soccer Players
@_adrianaleon_ / Instagram

Adriana Kristina Leon is a Canadian professional soccer player who currently plays for Westham United women’s team.

With striking eyes, the beautiful blonde is a sight to behold.

She is curvy, fit, and has a silhouette a lot of women would be envious of, and she definitely deserves a top spot among the sexiest female soccer players right now.

Leon is also an ambassador with Onefootball and features on their Instagram ads.

9. Ali krieger

via Williams + Hirakawa / ESPN The Magazine

We know she only comes in at number 9, but we seriously thought about moving her up to #1. Ali is the definition of a sexy soccer player and you can tell that right away from looking at her.

Playing for the NY/NJ Gotham club she also represented the Women’s national soccer team three times already and looking strong.

Ali has such an athletic physic that many other players look up to her training and nutrition habits to try and copy her abilities.

8. Nichelle Prince

Nichelle Prince
@nprince7 / Instagram

Nichelle Patrice Prince is just that girl you really can’t take your eyes off when she is playing, no matter how hard you try. 

You really need a ton of self-determination to concentrate on the game whenever this dark-skinned Canadian is with the ball.

She is petite and athletic and simply gorgeous.

7. Kealia Ohai Watt

Kealia Ohai Watt
@kealiamae / Instagram

Kealia Ohai Watt is a beautiful blonde who plays for Chicago Red Stars.

She is known for her work ethic and is one of the most skilled and accomplished players on individual terms.

She is married to American football player JJ Wayts.

They frequently share pics of themselves on their social media handles, and we love them.

6. Julia Simic

Coming in at #5 on the hottest women soccer players list is Julia Simic which looks more like a super model than a soccer player.

Julia played for the national german team for two matches before she retired from professional soccer. She now has a popular Instagram page and is considered an influencer.

5. Sydney Leroux

Sydney Leroux
@sydneyleroux / Instagram

Sydney Rae Leroux Dwyer would rank among the best if she chose modeling over soccer as a career.

The American professional soccer player has always looked stunning and fit.

But nothing would have prepared soccer fans for her outstanding performance at the FIFA World Cup in 2015.

Despite having two kids as of 2022, the athlete still looks pretty stunning, and we hope that she passes some of her beauty to her daughter.

4. Lauren Marie Sesselmann

OK wow! That’s like the only reaction you can make when looking at Lauren. She is just gorgeous. She can double as a model and I am sure she actually does it. Besides cracking goals on the field, she turns heads on the street and on social media.

Currently playing for the Santa Clarita Blue heat team, she is a Canadian American native and is 38 years of age.

3. Abby Dahlkemper

Abby Dahlkemper is an American soccer player. 

She plays for both the United States women’s national soccer team and FA Women’s Super League’s Manchester City as a defender

Dahlkemper, a natural blonde, is one of the most beautiful and hottest female players to grace the soccer game.

With short blonde hair and cute light brown eyes, she always manages to look dazzling.

Whether in her sport outfit, a pretty dress, or a bikini, she turns up sexy.

Also, as a final touch, it would be nice to let you know that this stunning beauty recently married Aaron Schoenfeld, a professional soccer player for MLS’s Austin FC.

2. Alisha Lehmann

Alisha Lehmann – Sexiest Female Soccer Players
@alishalehmann7 / Instagram

Alisha Lehmann is a Swiss soccer player who has been with West ham since 2018.  

Her dark eyes are one of her standout features, which seem to draws attention to her.

She is a captivating damsel in every way. 

Alisha Lehmann is one of the most followed female soccer players with 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

1. Alex Morgan

With a captivating smile, nice figure, and height, Alex Morgan is a total knockout. 

The American is an active player with the female national team.

Before joining the senior team, she played with the under 20 teams and won the silver ball in the U-20 FIFA women’s World Cup in 2008.

Her fans would no doubt admire her curvy figure and rich, dark flowing hair.

To Wrap Things Up

Hope you enjoyed our compilation of the top-32 hottest female soccer players in the world right now.

Not only are these women endowed with beauty, but they also possess amazing talents and skills that enable them to establish bragging rights on the football pitch.

Do you think we missed out any of the sexiest women’s soccer players that deserves a spot on this list?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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