15 Game-Changing Benefits Of Technology In Sports

Game-Changing Benefits Of Technology In Sports

What are the benefits of technology in sports?

Technology in sports has taken the game to a whole new level.

There is no denying the tremendous positive impact technology has had on sports as a whole. It has completely changed and advanced the face of competitiveness. Technology has brought about measures of convenience, from increased accuracy in time measurements to improvements in the designs of sports equipment.

The importance outweighs the problems with technology in sports by a mile. SportyTell takes a look at the top-15 ways technology has changed the game.

The Game-Changing Benefits of Technology in Sports

15. Weather Control

As mind-boggling as this sounds, this is so true and came into use by China in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Clouds that appeared to have rain in them and could cause a potential downpour during sporting activities were split into bits to prevent precipitation. Now, this is just one technological advancement that leaves one in drooping jaw wonder.

14. Improved Field Conditions

From world football (soccer) and American football stadiums to the basketball courts, technology has improved the venue of play in several sports. Gone were the days that athletes get hurt due to poor field conditions. Owners of various sports facilities are always on the lookout for improvement of pitch, court, lawn or whatever venue used in the sport to improve the productiveness of athletes’ performances.

13. Better Viewing Experience

Both from a spectator’s view and coach’s perspective, technology has helped immensely in this aspect. Distinctly, the development of video cameras in a way to capture and analyse sports games is one significant development that has improved coaching in the modern era. For home spectators, the convenience of watching a game with an understanding follow up with the game is incredible. Scorelines and game time popping at the corners of TV set screen in a prominent display is astonishing.

12. Better Coaching and Scouting

In the early days of sports, scouting talents were much more a hard job than it is today. Scouting agents had to make decisions based on feelings and instincts. Fast forward to today, the situation has become more comfortable with the aid of technological tools that give scouting agents loads of information on targeted athletes spanning from the speed of the athletes, to passing ability, stamina, strength and so on.

11. Makes the Game Fair

On this aspect, technology has quite had a negative impact in the form of abuse of synthetic performance-enhancement drugs—almost every field of games are having issues with athletes cheating through this medium. In a bid to eliminate this negative influence, technological developments in sports have seen much more sophisticated testing routines emerge.

10. Modernised Training

Gone are the days when athletes have to run around unnecessarily over a thousand times and lift mountain-like objects to keep fit. Technology has brought to the fore improved and mechanised training facilities with accurate tech-devices that offers unique training methods.

9. More Connected to Athletes

The rapid growing industry of social media plays a role here. It brings the togetherness of fans, especially fans who supports the same sports clubs. Various sports clubs have verified social media handles that gives fans a chance to follow up with the club’s activity and connect with them. Same goes with professional sports athletes and fans alike.

8. Ticket Purchasing

Imagine fans who come to watch their favourite team play only to leave with forlorn looks on their faces given their frustrations to get tickets. Modern technology has put a halt to that. From the comfort of your home, you can purchase a ticket ahead of a game from the team’s official website and even get seat number assigned hours before the start of a game.

7. Accuracy in Athletes Gameplay

Modern technology has proved helpful to both amateur and professional athletes in improving their gameplay with the provision of video projection and swing analysis. It helps athletes figure out what exactly is wrong in certain aspects of their game and how to fix and improve their shortcomings.

6. Better Equipment

Among the importance of technology in sports is better equipment, which is as necessary as athletes. Soccer boots, tennis rackets, golf sticks are few of the improved equipment technology has offered in different aspects of the competition, creating for convenient gameplay and enhancing the entertaining impact of sports in general.

5. Safer for the Athletes

In sports that involve more body contact than often, technology has provided a measure of safety to possibly avoid, and reduce the number of injuries and concussions. An example is in American football where safety equipment such as the concussion helmet is provided. Athletes can play with a healthy amount of confidence once in possession of this safety equipment.

4. Helps to Better Understand the Game

Technology has done a lot of good to better the understanding of the game. Imaginary calibrated offsides lines in soccer give viewers a view of a committed offside foul. ESPN Axis even go as far as showing the position of players who scored, and opposition players who were in a place to prevent it. That adds to the excitement and fun to the sport, giving viewers something to look for next.

3. Quick Access to Information

Transfer and exchange of information beyond boundary regional location are vital in the sports world, and once again, technology in sports has proved helpful in this regard. With just a smartphone, one can assess tons of sports information, including live scores and game analysis anytime, anywhere.

2. We Can Watch More Games

With games played at different timing, and sometimes, simultaneously, it would be practically impossible to keep tabs with more than one game. However, technology has made it possible to keep up with several matches even played at the same time and not miss out entirely, thereby expanding the sports horizon of fans.

1. Instant Replay

A replay is one of the most significant technological development in sports. This development which exists in almost every field of sports ensures athletes play to the rules of the game, thus bringing out the deserved winner.

Final Words

While there exist some disadvantage to technology development in sports, the benefits of technology in sports largely exceed the cons. 

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