Top-10 Richest Tennis Players In The World 2020

Top-10 Richest Tennis Players In The World 2020
Serena Williams and Roger Federer among the wealthiest tennis players in the world. (Image: Andrew Schwartz / New York Daily News, Tennis Photo Network / Getty)

As a fan of tennis, you may be wondering who the most financially successful and the richest tennis players in the world are. Read on to find out if your favourite Tennis stars made the top list.

Tennis is definitely the biggest non-team sport and with over a billion fans in the world today, it is definitely one of the biggest sports in the world. What makes Tennis truly special is the fact that both male and female players now enjoy the same opportunities. They are now offered the same amounts in prize money at the biggest stages of the game, making it a truly unique sport.

In this article, SportyTell has reviewed and ranked the top-10 richest tennis players in the world in 2020.

Please note that this list/ranking was compiled by taking into account the total prize money, endorsements and net worth of currently active players, or at least players who had not retired before July 2019. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the countdown.

Here Are The Richest Tennis Players In The World Right Now

10. Angelique Kerber: Net Worth – $30 Million

Angelique Kerber
Angelique Kerber (Image:

Career Prize Money: $29.5 Million

Angelique Kerber represented Germany and won a silver medal in the 2016 Olympics. Kerber has won three Grand Slam singles tournaments and 12 WTA titles since she turned pro in 2003. 2016 has been her biggest year so far, winning two Grand Slam titles in the Australian and US Open and becoming world No. 1 while also winning a silver medal in the Olympics. She has raked in a total of $29.5 million in prize money and has endorsement deals with Adidas, Yonex, Head and Shoulders Supreme, car manufacturers Porsche, Cosmetics brand Shiseido, luxury watchmaker Rolex and software company SAP.

9. Simona Halep: Net Worth – $30 Million

Simona Halep
Simona Halep (Image: Corinne Dubreuil / FFT )

Career Prize Money: $36.5 Million

The 28-year-old Romanian superstar played her first professional tournament in 2008. She broke into the WTA top 50 by the fall of 2011 and was already in the top 10 by January 2014, after winning 6 WTA titles in 2013 alone. Halep was the finalist in three Grand Slam singles; The French Open of 2014, the 2016 French Open and the Australian Open of 2017 and was also the finalist in the 2014 WTA Singles.

She finally won her first Grand Slam singles at the 2018 French Open and was the winner in the 2019 Wimbledon Championship beating Serena Williams to the title. Her success in the courts has earned her a huge $36.5 million in prize money, plus several endorsements with Nike, Rexona, Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola and Hublot. Simona Halep is currently No. 2 in the WTA rankings.

8. Caroline Wozniacki: Net Worth – $40 Million

Caroline Wozniacki
Caroline Wozniacki (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Career Prize Money: $34.2 Million

The Danish superstar has picked up an astonishing 30 WTA singles and 2 doubles titles since the start of her professional career. The fall of 2017 saw her win the WTA finals, which she immediately followed up with her first Grand Slam singles title after finishing as the finalist in 2009 US Open and the 2014 US Open. She has won a total of $34.2 million in prize money since she started her career in 2005. She has got endorsement deals with Adidas, Rolex, Mundipharma, Godiva Chocolatier, The Players Tribune and Turkish Airlines. Caroline Wozniacki recently retired after the Australian Open of January 2020.

7. Venus Williams: Net Worth – $95 Million

Tennis Star Venus Williams
Venus Williams (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for American Express)

Career Prize Money: $41 Million

With 49 WTA titles, 7 Grand Slam singles, 14 Grand Slam doubles and 4 gold medals Venus “Ebony Star” Williams has made her mark in the game of tennis. Often credited for her role in bringing in a new era in the game of tennis for women, Venus has racked up $41 million in prize money alone since she turned pro in 1994. With a current net worth of $95 million, her successes in the court have earned her endorsements with Ralph Lauren, Wilson, Electronic Arts, Tide and Kraft’s. She also has her own clothing line called EleVen. Venus Williams runs an interior design firm and owns a small stake in Miami Dolphins.

6. Andy Murray: Net Worth – $100 Million

Andy Murray
Andy Murray (Image: Getty Images)

Career Prize money: $61.5 Million

Sir Andy Murray has been the finalist in 6 Grand Slam singles tournaments and won 3 Grand Slam titles, a Davies Cup, two gold medals and a total of 46 ATP titles. The Scotland native has won a total of $61.5 million in prize money alone and has landed sponsorships and endorsements from the likes of Adidas, Royal Bank of Scotland, Shiatzy Chen, Under Armor and a host of others.

He also has a sports management company called 77 management, with the number 77 gotten from the time he won his first Grand Slam title in Wimbledon 2012, becoming the first male Brit to win a Grand Slam title in 77 years. Andy Murray’s net worth of $100 million brought him to the 6th spot on our list of the richest tennis players in the world.

5. Maria Sharapova: Net Worth – $135 Million

Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova (Image: Mark Peterson/Corleve)

Career Prize Money: $38.7 Million

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova has certainly established herself as one of the elites in the WTA. She became world No. 1 for the first time when she was barely 18 years old and has been No. 1 on 4 other occasions. She has won 5 Grand Slam singles titles and has picked up a total of 36 titles. She has won a total of $38.7 million in prize money, but it is her endorsements that have really been tremendous, with Forbes ranking her as the highest-earning female athlete every year since 2006 until 2016.

Sharapova’s endorsements greatly exceed the amount she made from all her tournaments combined. She also runs her own candy company called Sugarpova and with a net worth of $135 million she comes in at the 5th richest tennis player.

4. Serena Williams: Net Worth – $180 Million

Serena Williams
Serena Williams (Image: Andrew Schwartz/New York Daily News)

Career Prize Money: $92.7 Million

Serena Jameka Williams has been playing tennis professionally since 1995 when she was 14 years old. She became WTA’s No. 1 for the first time in 2002 and has gone on to be No1 on 7 other occasions. Her 6th time as No. 1 saw her remain at the top for a record-tying 186 consecutive weeks. She holds 73 titles, 23 Grand Slam singles, 14 Grand Slam doubles, 2 Grand Slam mixed doubles and 4 gold medals. She has won a total of $92.7 million in prize money, the highest in the WTA and her many endorsements with the likes of Beats by Dre, IBM, Gatorade, Intel, Mini, Delta Airlines, Aston Martin, and a host of others. With a net worth of $180 million, Serena Williams takes the No. 4 spot on our list.

3. Rafael Nadal: Net Worth – $200 Million

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal (Image: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

Career Prize Money: $121 Million

With 85 career titles including 19 Grand Slam singles, 2 Olympic gold medals and 5 Davis Cup doubles, Rafael Nadal Parera has made his mark as one of the elites in the game of tennis. Nadal has earned a total of $121 million since he turned pro in 2001. The current No. 2 has also cashed in on huge endorsement deals—in 2019 alone he earned $26 million from endorsements. He has huge contracts with Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Telefonica and Kia Motors. His net worth of almost $200 million puts him at number 3 on our list.

2. Novak Djokovic: Net Worth – $220 Million

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (Image:

Career Prize Money: $143 million

Novak Djokovic kicked off his career as a professional tennis player in 2003, and he won his first Grand Slam singles title in the 2008 Australian Open. He has since added 16 more Grand Slam singles and a career total of 76 titles. The 32-year-old is currently ATP’s world No. 1 and has won a staggering total of $143 million in prize money, making him the highest on-court earner in the game. His endorsements include Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Uniqlo, Sergio Tacchini, Telekom Srbija, Bombardier Aerospace etc. Djokovic’s net worth of $220 million takes him to number 2 on our list of the wealthiest tennis players.

1. Roger Federer: Net Worth – $450 Million

Roger Federer
Roger Federer (Image: Tennis Photo Network / Getty)

Career Prize Money: $130 Million

With 103 career titles to his name, Roger Federer definitely needs no introduction. He is undoubtedly the greatest tennis player of all time. His well over 1200 wins has earned him a record 20 Grand Slam singles titles, and a whopping 103 career titles, Federer has established himself as a Legend.

His on-court successes have also been mirrored off-court with his sponsorship earnings worth at least 3x his total price money, with Forbes naming him the 5th highest-paid athlete in the world in 2019. He currently has mega-sized sponsorships and endorsement deals with Mercedes, Uniqlo, Barilla, Rolex, Moet & Chandon, Credit Suisse, Wilson and Sunrise. Roger Federer’s $130 million career prize money and his $450 million net worth solidify him as the richest tennis player in the world right now.


The table below outlines the wealthiest tennis players in the world including the prize money won in their career, as well as their current estimated net worths.

RankTennis PlayerPrize MoneyNet Worth
1Roger Federer$130 million$450 million
2Novak Djokovic$143 million$220 million
3Rafael Nadal$121 million$200 million
4Serena Williams$92.7 million$180 million
5Maria Sharapova$38.7 million$135 million
6Andy Murray$61.5 million$100 million
7Venus Williams$41 million$95 million
8Caroline Wozniacki$34.2 million$40 million
9Simona Halep$36.5 million$30 million
10Angelique Kerber$29.5 Million$30 million
The Wealthiest Tennis Players In 2020

There you have it—the top-10 richest tennis players in the world ranked in 2020. What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments section below.


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