Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size

‘Strong essences are kept in small bottles,’ says a popular belief. But, in the case of some famous athletes, this saying only applies to their significant other. In today’s article, we will focus on 20 famous athletes who married beauties who are almost half their size! So, is height a drawback, or does it spices things even more? Let’s take a look!

20 Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size

1. Gerard Piqué (6’4) and Shakira(5’0)

Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size
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Gerard Piqué, the famous Barcelona defender, is 6’4, while his equally renowned wife, Shakira, is only 5’0. The couple met back in 2010 during the World Cup held in South Africa.

By 2013, Shakira and Gerard welcomed their first child.  In 2015, they welcomed their second son. Even though Shakira and Gerard haven’t got married, they still seem to go strong! Will there be a wedding? Only time will tell.

2. Wladimir Klitschko (6’6) and Hayden Panettiere (5’0)

Klitschko is a former Ukrainian professional boxer who is still considered one of the best heavyweight champions in boxing history. Wladimir and Hayden started their romance back in 2009. Despite the 18 inches of height difference and Wladimir being 14 years older than Hayden, the couple gets engaged in 2013.

The 6-carat diamond bauble engagement ring was worth an estimated $500,000! By 2014, the couple welcomed their daughter, Kaya Klitschko. Unfortunately, the couple called it a quit in 2018. However, they are still on friendly terms.

3. Tony Parker (6’2) and Eva Longoria (5’2)

While it is true that Tony Parker, the famous San Antonio Spurs point guard, is not precisely a tall NBA player, he certainly towered over his equally famous petite wife, Eva Longoria. The couple met in 2004 and got married in Paris in 2007.

However, they split up only 3 years later and got divorced in 2011. The cause of divorce? Not height. Tony Parker cheated on Eva with the wife of one of his teammates. Since then, Eva has found happiness again and married José Bastón. José and Eva welcomed their first son in 2018.

As for Tony Parker, he married Axelle Francine, a French journalist, in 2014. Despite having two kids together, Tony and Axelle got divorced in 2020.  

4. Great Khali (7’1) and Harminder Kaur (5’9)

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Dalip Singh Rana, aka The Great Kali, is a heavyweight professional wrestler who boasts an impressive 7’1 height alongside numerous professional successes.

His height is a direct consequence of acromegaly, a hormonal disorder that causes bones, body organs, tissues, and cartilage to increase in size. In 2002, the Great Khali married Harminder Kaur, an Indian actress who is only 5’9. In 2014, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Alveen Rana. 

5. Kobe Bryant (6’6) and Vanessa Bryant (5’5)

Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size
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Kobe Bryant is, by far, one of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA.  His tragic death – together with his daughter Gianna – in a helicopter crash in 2020 came as a shock. He was only 41 years old.

At 6’6, Kobe was among the tallest guards of his generation, towering over Vanessa, his long-time life partner. Kobe and Vanessa met in 1999 when Vanessa was still a high school senior and Kobe was already a star. They got married in 2001 and had four daughters together.

For over two decades, the couple faced highs and lows until destiny ended their love story. R.I.P., Kobe!

6. Dennis Rodman (6’7) and Carmen Electra (5’3)

Blame it on his flamboyant personality, his fierce abilities as a basketball player, his wrestling career, charisma as an actor, or his unusual friendship with Kim Jong-un (the North Korean leader), Dennis Rodman has always found a way to stay in the spotlight. And his brief marriage with Carmen Electra makes no exception! 

In 1998, the couple got married in Las Vegas. It only took Rodman nine days to file for an annulment. And it was not because of the height difference. Rodman alleged that, on the wedding night, he hadn’t been of sound mind. Several attempts to make the marriage work, and six months later, the couple was divorced. 

7. Magic Johnson (6’9) and Earlitha Kelly (5’6)

This couple has stood the test of time, an outstanding example of unconditional love and support through thick and thin. A legend in his own right, the former Los Angeles Lakers star is the tallest point guard in the history of the NBA.

In September 1991, Johnson and Earlitha finally tied the knot. They had been in a relationship for over 12 years when they got married. Shortly after their wedding, Johnson made public that he had been diagnosed with HIV. 30 years later, he keeps towering over his loving wife, who is only 5’6 tall! 

8. Ivo Karlovic (6’11) and Alsi Karlovic (unknown)

Alongside Reilly Opelka, Ivo Karlovic is the tallest ranked tennis player in the history of ATP. In 2005, Ivo married Alsi, a Jamaican beauty who offered all her support throughout the illness that kept Ivo hospitalized and away from the circuit.

Since the couple highly values privacy, Alsi’s height is unknown. However, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the height difference is substantial. 

9. Gheorghe Muresan (7’7) and Liliana Muresan (6’1)

Known as Big Ghita, this gifted basketball player, actor, and published author is the tallest player in the history of the NBA. His 7’7 impressive height is due to a pituitary gland disorder.

Back in 1994, Gheorghe married Liliana, a Romanian beauty who is 6’1. Even though Liliana is far from being ‘petite’, Gheorghe still looks like a giant by her side. The couple is still going strong and has been blessed with two kids. 

10. Nikolai Valuev (7’0) and Galina Valueva (5’2)

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Can you imagine getting in the boxing ring and fighting against Nikolai, who is 7’0 and has an impressive 85’ reach? That’s what his opponents had to deal with. Despite being a fierce opponent in the ring, deep inside, Nikolai is a romantic and dedicated family man.

He won Galina’s heart by writing her poems! While the height difference between Nikolai and Galina has never been a drawback for the happy couple, Galina did admit that Nikolai always gets his way when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Since he sleeps diagonally across the bed, all she can do is find a way to fit in.  

11. Kris Humphries (6’9) and Kim Kardashian (5’2)

Yes, there was love before Kanye West, and there will be love after him too for Kim Kardashian! After an intense 7-month relationship, the NBA star and Kim tied the knot in 2011. However, their marriage only lasted 72 days before Kim asked for an annulment!

The public scandal and Kris’s participation in the Kardashians’ reality show shattered Kris’ chances of being appreciated for his playing skills. Or at least this was what he claimed in the open essay he wrote for The Player’s Tribune. 

12. Dirk Nowitzki (7’0) and Jessica Olsson (5’1)

Famous for his fade-away jump shot, this former German NBA player married Jessica Olsson in 2012. Since Jessica was born to a Swedish father and a Kenyan mother, it was not a big surprise that the couple opted for a traditional Kenyan wedding ceremony.

As a cultural gesture to prove his love, Dirk had to identify Jessica from five veiled women.  The couple currently has 3 children. 

13. Shaquille O’Neal (7’1) and Nicole Alexander (5’1)

Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size
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It is impossible to talk about basketball without talking about Shaquille O’Neal. A legend and a cultural symbol in his own right, Shaq is the most impressive center ever played in this game. Famous, charismatic, and wealthy, there is no wonder that Shaq attracted substantial female attention. Shaq’s love life is a carrousel of failed marriages, scandalous affairs, dating models, actresses, authors, etc.

However, his engagement with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander stands out as striking due to the height difference between the two. They started to date in 2010 and, by 2012, Shaq proposed to Nicole. However, the couple never tied the knot. The two split after a heated public argument, but they would be the best representatives of our list athletes who married beauties half their size if they did get married.

14. Pau Gasol (7’0) and Silvia Lopez Castro (5’10)

We wouldn’t be too wrong to consider Pau Gasol as the most successful Spanish basketball player in the history of the NBA. Pau and Silvia, a former gymnast and cheerleader, started dating in 2009 and split up in 2014. Useless to say that Pau towered over his petite girlfriend! Despite the apparent physical mismatch, it was not the height that broke their relationship. Even if rumors have not been confirmed, the couple broke up because of Silvia’s infidelity. 

15. Joe Flacco (6’6) and Dana Grady (5’)

Joe Flacco is an NFL champion quarterback who stands at an impressive 6’6 height. In 2011, Joe married Dana Grady, his high school sweetheart. Even if there is no official report on Dana’s size, it suffices to see them side by side to estimate that Dana can’t be taller than 5’-5’1.  Joe and Dana have five children and seem to be going strong as a couple. 

16. Andrei Kirilenko (6’9) and Marina Kirilenko (5’9)

This couple is the perfect fusion between basketball and pop music! What sets this couple apart from many others (obviously, apart from the height difference) is that Marina allows Andrei to cheat on her once a year…without any type of consequence! Despite his wife’s permission, Andrei has never taken advantage of his wife’s benevolence. They have been married since 2001 and have four children. 

17. André the Giant (6’9) and Jean Christensen (unknown)

Born with acromegaly, a growth hormone disorder that caused his body to grow uncontrollably, Andre Rene Roussimoff is a professional French wrestler and actor who, at his biggest, was 6’1 tall and weighed approx. 500 pounds.

André dedicated his life to keeping us all entertained. Given his height and weight, most women would look tiny by his side. That was the case with Jean, a former wrestler. Jean’s passion for costume design would lead her to change the world of wrestling as far as colorful gears are concerned. André and Jean met in the 1970s when André was at the height of his career.

Despite having a troubled relationship, in 1979, the couple welcomed their only daughter, Christensen-Roussimoff. Unfortunately, André and Robin never had a real father-daughter relationship. The reason for André and Jean’s divorce is unknown. 

18. Lamar Odom (6’1) and Khloé Kardashian (5’1)

Lamar Odom is a former NBA player who won two championships (2009 and 2010). Apart from his NBA career, Lamar is also famous for his marriage with the model Khloé Kardashian. Lamar and Khloé met in 2009. It only took them three weeks to realize they were meant for each other and tie the knot. Once married, Lamar became an active part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians show.

Even if the couple’s marriage seemed to be going strong on the show, the truth is not everything was rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, in 2013, their love story came to an end, and Khloé filed for divorce.  The reason was not the height difference. Lamar was not only cheating on her, but he had also become a drugs addict.  

19. Zdeno Chara (6’9) and Tatiana Biskupičová (unknown)

Zdeno Chara is a Slovak professional ice hockey player who won the Stanley Cup in 2011. He is considered the tallest person to have ever played in the NHL. With an impressive 6’9 height, he towers over his lovely wife, Tatiana. After dating for over 10 years, the couple tied the knot in 2007 and have three children.

20. Paul Wight (7’) and Bess Katramados (5’6)

Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size
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Better known as The Big Show, Paul is a WWE legend. Apart from his professional wrestling career, Paul is also an actor and a professional wrestling commentator. Paul and Bess tied the knot in 2002, only five days after Paul’s divorce from his first wife.

At 5’8, Bess can hardly be considered small. However, when compared to her famous husband, she does look relatively tiny.  

We hope you enjoyed the list of athletes who married beauties half their size. Maybe you know someone to share it with and encourage them to take a step forward with the tiny crash of theirs.

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