Aaron Rodgers Biography Facts, Childhood, Career, Life

Aaron Rodgers Biography Facts, Childhood, Career, Life
Aaron Rodgers' biography, career accomplishments and life. (Photo: Aaron Rodgers/Instagram)

Aaron Rodgers has shown tremendous sportsmanship and zest in his Ame.

He began his career professionally with the Green Bay Packers in 2005 and has been their star Quarterback for over a decade leading them to various victories including the Superbowl XLV.

He has been awarded the NFL MVP in 2011 and 2014. Here are more on his biography facts, childhood, early life, career, net worth and personal life.

Aaron Rodgers Biography Facts

Full Name:Aaron Charles Rodgers
Born:December 2, 1983 (age 35)
Place of Birth:Chico, California, USA
Occupation:American Football Player
Current Team:Green Bay Packers
NFL Draft:2005 (round 1 / pick 24) – Green Bay Packers
Jersey Number:#12
Playing Career:(2005–date)
Height:6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Weight:233 lbs (101 kg)
Education:University of California, Berkeley
Parents:Edward Wesely Rodgers (father);
Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers (mother)
Siblings:Jordan Rodgers (brother);
Luke Rodgers (brother)
Social Media:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

Aaron Rodgers Childhood & Early Life

Rodgers was born to Edward Wesely and Darla Leigh Rodgers in Chico California on December 2, 1982. He is the 2nd of three children with two other siblings Jordan and Luke Rodgers.

Rodgers started developing an interest in football while still a toddler, and by age two, he could sit through and enjoy an entire football game, by five he was able to identify different player positions and football formations and could throw a football into a hanging tire.

His father Edward Rodgers was a college player, an offensive linebacker with the Chico State wild Cats but didn’t play professionally. His father shaped and encouraged him and his brother to love football and pursue it professionally.

While Growing up, Rodgers attended a lot of different schools. He initially attended Oak Manor Elementary school before his parents moved to Oregon. He then attended Vose Elementary school. In his middle school, he showed a passion for baseball and joined the baseball middle league team in Raliegh middle School. His Highschool was Pleasant valley Highschool in Chico Chicago, and there he decided to join the football team, playing the starter quarterback position. He completed his highschool Season outstandingly but because his school was in a very small town had no scholarship offers, he had to spend One year in Butte college before landing a scholarship with the University of California.

Aaron Rodgers Colligate Career

Aaron began his college career in Butte Junior College in California, in his one year Season at Butte he led his team to the 10-1 record and was ranked 2nd in the Nation. He was named MVP player by All-SEC conference, throwing 26 touchdowns. Because of his outstanding performance, he was eligible for transfer to the University of California after one year of college instead of two as was usual. After he was transferred to the University of California in 2003, He became the Team starter that same season after sitting through just five games. In his first season, he recorded a tie with the school records of 300- yard games and the lowest percentage of passes intercepted at 1.43% one of the lowest in school records.

In the two years of playing in Berkeley as the starting quarterback Rodger broke a lot of school records, he made a Heinsman Finalist in the year 2004 with his oppressive attack. He had to leave high school in his senior year to enlist for the 2005 NFL draft was regarded as a top-5 or top-10 prospect by NFL scouts and was regarded as “talented strong-arm junior” due to his incredible career stats- throwing 2230 passing yards and 67.5 completion rating and 24 touchdowns during his last season. Despite his great prospect, Rodgers who was hoping to be selected by the San Francisco 49ers got chosen by the Green Bay Packers as the 24th draft in the first round of the NFL pick.

Aaron Rodgers Professional Career

Green Bay Packers (2005–date)

The Green Bay Packers selected Rodgers to be the replacement to their starter Quarterback Brett Favre who was regarded as an ” iron force” and was their starter since 1992. Rodgers signed a five-year contract of $7.7 million with $5.2 million guaranteed. He started in some preseason games but would only step-in in the case Favre had an injury in the regular season, but when Favre turned 38, and the Packers refused to renew his contract in 2008 Rodgers had a chance to play in the regular season.

He began his 2008 Season with his first starting game against the Minnesota Vikings the game ended in a 24-19 victory. Rodgers soon sprang forward displaying tremendous skills and offensive playing. He ended his Season with 4038 passing yards, 28 touchdowns, and 13 inceptions. From then on, Rodgers became the Starter for the Parkers, leading the team to astounding victory in the Superbowl XLV and becoming the MVP of the Superbowl XLV. He was two times NFL MVP, and also he won the Pro Bowl in seven consecutive times throughout his career.

On August 29, 2018, the Green Bay Packers signed a four-year contract extension worth $134 million with $57 million guaranteed. He had to decline a Pro Bowl appearance nomination due to an injured knee.

Aaron Rodgers Personal Life

Rodgers was previously in a serious relationship with the American actress Olivia Dunn. The couple was together from 2014-2017 but later broke up in 2017.

He is currently dating former racecar driver Danica Patrick.

He has two lovely homes, a Beach home twenty miles north of downtown San Diego and visits during the Off-Season. He spends his Tim in the Suburbs owned by Green Bay about 10 miles to the Lambeau Field.

Rodgers is a limited partner of the Franchise Milwaukee Bucks, and this was announced on August 2018, becoming the first active NFL player to have a stake in such a Franchise.

Rodgers has also been involved in several charity organizations and fundraising events, being a recent supporter of The MACC fund. On May 12, he raised $50,000 in an episode of the Celebrity Jeopardy surpassing other stars like Astronaut Mark Kelly for the MACC Fund.

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