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Drew Brees #9 (Qarterback) of New Orleans Saints. (Image: )

Drew Brees has once been hailed the greatest player in American football history by some of his fans. This is because the stamina and strength he displays leave many in awe as he plays the field. This ace footballer, who plays the quarterback position for the New Orleans Saints Team of the National Football League NFL, has had his share of life and career. His biography facts, childhood, career, personal life and also his trivia would be discussed in detail.

Drew Brees’ Biography Facts

Full Name:Drew Christopher Brees
Nickname:Hurricane Drew; Breesus; Cool Brees
Born:January 15, 1979 (age 40 years)
Place of Birth:Austin, Texas, United States
Occupation:American Football Player
Current Team:New Orleans Saints
NFL Draft:2001
Jersey Number:#9
Net Worth:$130 million
Height:6 ft 0 in ( 183 cm)
Weight:95kg (209 lbs)
Education:Westlake High School; Purdue University
Parents:Eugene (chip) Wilson Brees II (father); Mina Ruth (mother)
Siblings:Audrey Brees (sister); Reid Brees (brother)
Spouse:Brittany Brees (married 2003)
Children:Rylen Judith Brees; Bowen Christopher Brees; Baylen Robert Brees; Callen Christian Brees
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn

Drew Brees Childhood & Early Life

Drew was born to his parents, Eugene, and Mina, January 15, in the year 1979. His Father Eugene “Chip” was a prominent Trial lawyer while his Mother Mina was an Attorney. By the time Drew was 8, his parents got divorced; this made both he and his younger brother Reid share their time between both parents. Being raised separately by their parents was hard for them, but in the end, they developed a stronger bond and became closer because of it.

Both of his parents were athletes at some time in their lives, his father played basketball for the A&M Aggies Men Basketball Team Texas, and his mother was an all-state champion in high school on different sports. His Maternal grandfather Ray Atkins is notably one of the best football coaches of the Texas High School in football history. His Uncle, Marty Atkins, was also a professional footballer who played the quarterback position in the all Southwest Conference in 1975.

Drew began to develop an interest in sports in high school, Westlake, Texas. He was engaging in as many as three different sports, which were basketball, baseball, and football. He got honourable mentions in the state Highschool all-star football team and USA Today all USA high school football team.

Drew Brees College Career

Attending Purdue University, He excelled in his chosen career of football and for four years in college, playing as the primary quarterback with the Boilermakers team, he made several excellent progress holding 19 Purdue University records. Most outstanding was when he led his team the Boilermakers to a significant victory in the Big-10 Championship and also the Rose Bowl. He was also the two-time Heisman Finalist.

In 2001, Drew graduated from college with a degree in Industrial management. He was also a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Drew Brees Professional Career

San Diego Chargers (2001–2005)

On the same year of his graduation, Drew was Drafted into the NFL and was selected by the San Diego Chargers and was the first pick in the second round of the draft. By November 4, 2001, he played his first game against the Kansas City Chiefs. By December 2004 he had advanced to the central quarterback starting in 15 games and helping his team win a 12-4 victory. Severe injuries are every Athlete’s nightmare; Drew had to stop playing later that season as he was receiving treatment for a severe injury on his shoulder of his throwing arm. He was then made a free agent in 2005 by the Chargers and was offered $10million. The Chargers later refused to raise, because they did not want to spend as much on him when there was a younger uninjured quarterback, Philip Rivers, that they could use. They wanted him around, but Drew had other plans.

New Orleans Saints (2006–present)

After recovering throughout the Off-season, he left the Chargers and began searching for a place that believed in him as it was rumoured that he wouldn’t be able to throw any longer. The Saints of New Orleans thought he could still do it, offering a $60 million 6/year contract. Drew became their franchise quarterback.

He played well that season, going as far as the Pro Bowl and becoming second in the voting for NFL MVP of the year. Expressing their belief in him, the Saints continued to build players around him and in 2009, Drew led his team to their Superbowl victory, making it their first-ever Superbowl in the history of New Orleans and Drew was crowned the Superbowl MVP.

Drew Brees of New Orleans Saints and his sons
Drew Brees #9 (Quarterback) of New Orleans Saints and his sons during the Pro Bowl in 2018. (Image: @Saints via Twitter)

After the completion of the 6-year contract, the Saints renewed his contract, offering him $100 million five-year agreement. Drew became one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL.

Drew Brees playing for New Orleans Saints 2018
Drew Brees #9 playing for New Orleans Saints in 2018. (Image: Patrick Smith/Getty Images+{}”O 0/P:)

Drew Brees Personal Life

Drew got married to his longtime sweetheart, Brittany Dudchenko, in a small ceremony in 2003. They have been together since their days in Purdue, and are still together ever since. The couple is blessed with four children, three boys – Baylen, Bowen and Callum, and a daughter Rylen. They decided to remain permanently and set up a home in New Orleans when they fell in love with the place, just after the horrible Hurricane Katrina. They purchased and renovated their home in Big Easy, and he and his family have lived there ever since.

Drew and Brittany love giving back to their community, and they are engaged in several charities and organizations. The Brees’ Dream Foundation was established to fight cancer and help children in need. The foundation has raised over $20 million to that regard.

Drew’s three Sons seem to be following their father’s footsteps as he coaches their flag football team.

Drew Brees Trivia

Drew Brees is a Devot Christian since he was 17, and has attributed his challenges as faith strengthening and drawing him closer to God.

On July 2016, Drew released his book ” Coming Back Stronger: Unleashing the hidden power of Adversity ” which immediately rose to number 3 bestseller under the Nonfiction category of the New York Times.

Brees owns a variety of businesses and has recently bought 25% of the “walk-on Bristeaux and Bar”, a sports bar.

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