Antonio Brown Biography Facts, Childhood & Personal Life

Antonio Brown of Oakland Raiders
Antonio Brown (Wide receiver) of Oakland Raiders. (Image: Sports Illustrated)

Antonio Brown is a professional American football superstar who has a career that has its fill of hassles, contentions, and challenges. These have not brought down his zest for American football as he plays his role with speed and agility. His endurance and passion have not gone unrewarded as Antonio is the highest-paid receiver and ranked the 31st highest-paid athlete by Forbes in 2019. More about his biography facts, childhood, and personal life as we look at the hurdles he has had to overcome to get to this stage.

Antonio Brown’s Biography Facts

Full Name:Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr
Nickname:Ronald Ocean
Born:July 10, 1988 (age 31 years)
Place of Birth:Miami, Florida, United States
Occupation:American Football Player
Current Team:New England Patriots
Position:Wide receiver
Jersey Number:#84
Playing Career:2010–date
Net Worth:$68 million
Height:178cm (5 ft 10 in)
Weight:181lbs (82kg)
Education:Miami Norland HS; Central Michigan
Parents:Eddie Brown (father); Adrianne Moss (mother)
Siblings:Desmond Brown (brother)
Partner:Chelsie Kyris (girlfriend)
Children:Antonio Brown Jr; Autonomy Brown; Atanyiah Brown; Ali Brown
Zodiac Sign:Cancer

Antonio Brown’s Childhood & Early Life

Antonio was Born on July 10, 1988, to his parents Eddie and Adrianne who were married at the time, but later Divorced when Antonio was 10 years of age. He has a younger brother, Desmond Brown.

Antonio’s Father who was also a professional footballer, who played for the Albany/Indiana Firebirds was a wide receiver. He attained popularity during the Arena Football league, and he was voted the leagues greatest Footballer ever of his team. Even though Antonio spent most of his childhood and teenage years far away from his Father and received no moral support and encouragement from him, he still exhibited a passion and surprisingly excelled in football.

Antonio was made homeless for a brief period of 6 months when he was 16. This was during the latter part of his high school years; his mother threw him out of the house because of his affinity for getting into trouble and having disagreements with his stepfather. This was a few years after she had remarried in the year 2000. Sleeping in his teammate’s houses and sometimes in cars or cheap motels, Antonio described this time “as a little rough.”

Antonio Brown’s American Football Career

College Career

Antonio had to enrol in North Carolina Tech to take prep classes for a year after high school, and this was because he finished with low performance. Due to the intensity, he enrolled in track and field events, especially football in the Miami Norland High School where he was awarded North athlete of the year in 2005.

During Prep Classes, Antonio continued in his chosen career, earning him a scholarship to Florida International University in Miami. This scholarship could have been an avenue to shine, and Antonio was garnering to do so, but he was later expelled after a year in college for getting into a dispute. Undeterred by this setback, he contacted his former coach, Butch Jones who for old times sake invited him for tryouts. Antonio once again exhibited his fantastic skill set and intense passion. He aced all his tryouts even though he had never played the wide receiver position before, having always been a quarterback since his high school. Because of the glowing recommendations from coach Jones and other coaches, he was soon offered a scholarship to the University of Michigan.

Antonio didn’t finish college. He dropped out before he could begin his senior year, and he enlisted to be drafted into the NFL. He was not selected by over 32 teams but became the second wide receiver pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Professional Career

The Pittsburgh Steelers did not regret their choice, as Antonio and his team won great victories, even to the Super Bowl. He soon advanced in his team becoming the 3rd wide receiver of his team. After this, he excelled tremendously.

He has played in over 115 games and has recorded 733 receptions gained 9910 receiving yards in the process. He has averaged 15.2 and also 59 touchdowns. This is a highly impressive career record.

Antonio is said to be the highest-paid wide receiver and the second-best player, according to Forbes (2019). Since 2010 after signing up with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has made several notable career advances that have led him to this point.

In March 2019 he was traded to the Oakland Raiders for draft picks, this contract is reportedly to make him over $50 million out of the deal.

On September 7, 2019, Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots in a on-year contract which was reportedly worth about $15 million with a signing bonus of $9 million.

Antonio Brown’s Net Worth

Antonio’s net worth in 2019 is currently estimated at $68 million (USD).

Antonio Brown’s Personal life

  • Having Four children, Antonio has never been married.
  • He fathered two children with his ex-partner Shamieka Brailsford which are Antonio Jr and Antaniyah, and two more with his current partner Chelsie Kyris named Autonomy and Ali.
  • His relationship with his Maimi Born ex fell through due to irreconcilable differences and Shamieka calling him a deadbeat dad.
  • His current partner already had two kids (Kellen and Brooklyn) before she started dating Antonio. They, however, have been together and bore two children, although there was a brief time whereby Antonio was sported on dates with an Instagram model, Jena Frumes. As soon as rumours started spreading, he went back to his girlfriend and described it as “a call from God.”

Antonio Brown’s Trivia

  • In March 2016, Antonio came 4th place in the show by the ABC called ‘Dancing with the Stars’, where he danced with a professional dancer, Sharna Burgess.
  • He is sponsored by several brands which include Nike, Oral-B, Pepsi, and even Facebook. He was once paid by Facebook up to 6 figures to produce content, and he did this by recording his Pittsburg coach Mike Tomlin live on Facebook. This, however, got him into trouble.
  • Antonio has also engaged in community work.
  • His unique life experiences have evoked in him the desire to help and motivate other youths who are going through rough times and in tough neighbourhoods that they can make it.
  • His shirt number is 84 as (8 × 4 = 32). A reminder that 32 teams overlooked him before he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a source of motivation for him.

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