David Robinson Biography, Facts, Childhood, Career, Life

David Robinson Biography, Facts, Childhood, Career, Life
David Robinson – Biography and Career Accomplishments.

David Maurice Robinson (born August 6, 1965) is a retired basketball player from the United States who played in the NBA between 1989 and 2003 as a centre. One of the best centres to have played in the NBA, Robinson fused the strength and mental endurance he acquired in his military service with his natural basketball talents to emerge as one of the best players to have ever played in the NBA. A player with amazing talents who created several records in the NBA, David Robinson is one of basketball greatest players. In this David Robinson biography, we review facts about the childhood, career and personal life of the top basketball star.

David Robinson Biography Quick Facts, Age

Here are some of the biography quick facts you need to know about the American retired NBA star.

  • Full Name: David Maurice Robinson
  • Nickname: The Admiral
  • Born: August 6, 1965
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Place of Birth: Key West, Florida, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Height: 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)
  • Weight: 107 kg (235 lb)
  • Education
    • High School: Osbourn Park Senior High School
    • College: United States Naval Academy
  • League: NBA
  • NBA Draft: 1987 (Round 1, 1st Pick) San Antonio Spurs
  • Playing Position: Center
  • Kit Number: #59
  • Playing Career: 1989–2003 (San Antonio Spurs)
  • Parents
    • Father: Ambrose Robinson
    • Mother: Freda Robinson
  • Spouse: Valerie Hoggatt (married 1991)
  • Children
    • Sons: Justin Robinson, Corey Robinson, David Robinson, Jr.

David Robinson Early Life & Childhood

David Maurice Robinson was born on August 6, 1965, as the second child of his parents, Ambrose Robinson (father) and Freda Robinson (mother). His father was a naval officer and as a result, he and his siblings had to move really often. Following his father’s retirement from the Navy, his family settled in Woodbridge, Virginia.

In Virginia, Robinson began playing basketball more often. His natural talents for basketball thus came to the fore. In junior high school, Robinson played basketball but soon stopped. In his senior year in Osbourn Park High School, Robinson was added to the basketball team of the school and earned All-Area and All-District, but that was insufficient in attracting attention from college scouts. He soon went on to attend the US Naval Academy where he studied Mathematics.

David Robinson College Career & Military Service

At the Naval Academy, Robinson was taller than the height limit to enrol in the Academy but was waived by the Superintendent of the Academy. Due to issues with his height, Robinson served just two years of obligated active duty in the Navy as a civil engineering officer in the Reserve Corps. This was after he left the academy. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade before leaving the Navy.

In the academy, Robinson emerged as the best player to have ever played basketball. He won the Wooden and Naismith Player of the Year in his final years at the academy. He also was an All-American team. In the 1987 NBA Draft, the San Antonio Spurs selected him as the draft first overall pick, but due to his two years of active-duty obligation, the Spurs had to wait. 

David Robinson NBA Career, Achievements & Awards

San Antonio Spurs (1989–2003)

Due to the fact that Robinson had not signed a contract with the Spurs, it was declared that he could enter the NBA Draft again. But he chose to play for the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs agreed to keep him on the average salary of the two highest-paid players in the NBA every year or release him to free agency.

Prior to Robinson’s arrival, the Spurs had a bad season, but though Robinson’s arrival was expected to boost the team’s performance, no one thought, Robinson could lead the Spurs to an impressive improvement record of 56–26. The Spurs were defeated in the second round of the Western Conference, but Robinson won the 1989/90 NBA Rookie of the Year award. He continued in good form through the following seasons.

In the 1993/94 season, Robinson and Shaquille O’Neal contended for the scoring title. In the 1995 season, he won the league MVP. From his debut season to the 1997 season, he tried but was unsuccessful in his NBA Championship bid. But with the arrival of Tim Duncan in the 1998 season, Robinson had the right key to the NBA Championship.

In the 1998/99 lockout-shortened season, Duncan and Robinson forged a power duo nicknamed the Twin Tower and they led the Spurs to their first-ever NBA Finals, where they prevailed over the New York Knicks to become the first ex-ABA team to win the NBA Championship. Following his NBA win, he continued in good form. In his last season in the NBA, the 2002/03 season, the Spurs had another impressive outing in the NBA. Robinson and Duncan thus led the Spurs to a second NBA Championship. He and Duncan were thus named the recipient of Sports Illustrated 2003 Sportsmen of the Year award.

David Robinson National Team Career

Throughout his career, he featured in several tournaments for the US National side. This tournament includes the FIBA 1986 World Championship, the 1987 Pan American Games as well as 1988, 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics. He won Gold at all these tournaments except the 1987 Pan American Games.

David Robinson Wife, Personal Life & Charity

In 1991, David Robinson got married to Valerie Hoggatt. The couple gave birth to 3 kids.

One of Robinson’s children, Corey played football at the Notre Dame University, but stopped in 2016, due to multiple concussions. He also served as the student body president, for the 2016/17 session. Another son, Justin played basketball for Duke University.

In 2011, Robinson bagged a Master of Arts in Administration from the University of the Incarnate Word, with a concentration in organisational development.

Robinson funded the establishment of a non-profit private school named Carver Academy in 2001. In 2011, the school became a public charter school and its name was changed to IDEA Carver.

In 2008, Robinson established the Admiral Capital Group with Daniel Bassichis, an ex Goldman Sachs employee. The Group invests in various opportunities which bring both social and financial returns. Interestingly, Robinson’s original intention for the establishment of this Group was to create an additional source of funding for the Carver Academy. The Group has since seen its portfolio rise to well over $100 million.

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