Luis Suárez Biography Facts, Childhood, Career, Net Worth, Life

Luis Suárez Biography Facts, Childhood, Career, Net Worth, Life
Luis Suárez – Biography, Childhood, Career, Accomplishments & Awards. (Photo credit:

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz (born January 24, 1987) is a professional football player from Uruguay who currently plays for the Spanish side, FC Barcelona. He is one man whose inclusion in the striking squad of any football team spells doom for the opponent. Luis Suárez had created a reputation for himself as an aggressive striker with impeccable striking ability and agility. From his exploits at various level of club and national team tournaments, the Uruguayan forward has shown that he has just the right blend of energy, wits and skills to integrate well within his team to produce the ultimate result. In this Luis Suarez biography facts, childhood, career, net worth and personal life, we take a detailed look at one of the most peculiar footballers in the modern age.

Aside from being one of the best footballers in his own right, Suárez’ personality is one that can be said to be volatile. The Barcelona forward has appeared in the news for biting an opponent during matches. But while Suárez may have a flair to incite aggression towards an opponent, he has always shown that he is a hundred per cent committed to his team. His goal-line handball against Ghana in the 2010 FIFA World Cup shows his readiness to go to extreme lengths to see his team move forward. Though Suárez has had a career trailed by controversy, he is no doubt, one of the best strikers the world has known.

Luis Suárez Biography Facts, Age, Quick Info

Here are some quick facts that you need to know about the Uruguayan professional football player.

Full Name:Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz
Nickname:El Pistolero
Born:January 24, 1987 (age 37)
Place of Birth:Salto, Uruguay
Occupation:Football (Soccer) Player
Current Team:FC Barcelona
Jersey Number:#9
Playing Position:Forward
Height:6 ft 0 in (1.82 m)
Strong Foot:Right
Parents:Rodolfo Suárez (father);
Sandra Diaz (mother)
Siblings:Paolo Suárez (brother);
Facundo Suárez (brother);
Giovanna Suarez (sister);
Diego Suárez (brother);
Maximiliano Suárez (brother);
Leticia Suárez (sister)
Partner / Spouse:Sofia Balbi (married 2009)
Children:Delfina Suárez (daughter);
Benjamin Suárez (son);
Lautaro Suárez (son)
Net Worth:$70 million USD
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius

Luis Suárez Childhood/Early Life & Family Background

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz was born in Salto Uruguay to a poor family with African descent on January 24 1987. His father Rodolfo Suárez worked as a porter, but things were bleak with his family’s financial situation while he was young. As a result of their financial condition, the family had to move to the capital, Montevideo when Suárez was seven years old.

At Montevideo, his mother Sandra Diaz persuaded Suárez to join a football club, Urreta. Prior to playing for Urreta, Suárez had played youth football at Sportivo Artigas. Suárez didn’t have a fiery passion to play football, he was not bright in academics and did not yearn to be a professional footballer, but that changed as he sought a way to get his family out of penury. At Urreta, Suárez brilliant performance was noted by a Nacional football team scout.

By the time Suárez was 12, his father had left his family leaving his mother and grandmother with 7 children. Suárez took to drinking and keeping company with friends who influenced him negatively.

At the age of 15, he met his future wife, Sofia Balbi who helped shape is life positively.

Luis Suárez Profile, Professional Football Career & Awards

Nacional (2005–2006)

After joining Nacional at the age of 14, Suárez continued to play football but never took it seriously. When he was 16, his coach caught him drinking, and threatened to never let him play if he didn’t take football seriously. His aggressive nature has been something Suárez has struggled with since the early days of his career. He once head-butted a referee after he was given a red card while he was at Nacional.

He began taking football seriously and impressed scouts from Groningen, a Dutch club who came to recruit players from Uruguay. Nacional was paid €800,000 by Groningen for Suárez. The deal meant that Suárez will relocate to Europe. He was exceptionally happy about the deal because it meant he will be able to move close to his future wife to be and girlfriend Sofia Balbi who had relocated to Barcelona a year ago.

Groningen (2006–2007)

After joining Groningen at the age of 19, Suárez had to struggle to settle in the Netherlands because he didn’t understand Dutch or English. He finally settled at Groningen with the help of teammate and Uruguayan Bruno Silva. Suárez also made a keen effort to learn Dutch which earned him the admiration of his teammates. His aggression issue continued at Groningen but not without his exceptional performance.

Fellow Dutch team Ajax saw the potential Suárez had and thus offered to pay €3.5 million to Groningen for Suárez. Groningen rejected the deal, Suárez didn’t take the news lightly and went on to take the matter to the arbitration committee of the Royal Dutch Football Association who ruled against Suárez. Ajax was determined to see the deal through and thus paid €7.5 million to Groningen for Suárez on the same day the arbitration committee ruled against a very angry Suárez.

Ajax (2007–2011)

After signing a five year deal with Ajax in the 2007/08 season, Suárez debuted for his club at the UEFA Champions League qualifier. He helped his team finish second in the league in his debut season. The next season, he played incredibly well which earned him the Ajax Player of the Year award. In his third season with Ajax, Suárez was named a captain and helped his team win the KNVB Cup while he emerged the tournament highest goal scorer. He went on to receive his second consecutive Ajax Player of the Year and Dutch Footballer of the Year Awards.

In his final season with Ajax, Suárez got involved in his first biting accident and was dubbed the ‘Cannibal of Ajax’ by newspaper De Telegraaf. He was suspended for seven matches by the KNVB. He was then transferred to Liverpool for €26.5 million during his suspension. He departed Ajax amidst funfair and fireworks from fans. 

Liverpool (2011–2014)

Suárez signed a contract with Liverpool for five and a half years in the 2010/11 season. He requested for the number seven jersey when he arrived at Anfield oblivious to the fact that the jersey number has been worn by Liverpool legends. He was involved in a racial abuse case in his second season with Liverpool after he was accused of abusing Patrick Evra of Manchester United. He was fined £40,000 as a result.

In his third season with Liverpool, he was involved in his second biting incident and was fined by the EPL FA. He sought to leave Liverpool, but Liverpool rejected an offer of £40,000,001 from Arsenal. His final season with Liverpool was the best for Suárez since he arrived England as he was named the Barclay’s Premier League Player of the Season, Football Association Writers Player of the Year, the PFA Player of the Year and was named European Golden Shoe winner with Cristiano Ronaldo. He also tops Europe’s Most Influential Player list.

Barcelona (2014–date)

In July 2014, Suárez signed with Barcelona for what was revealed later to be £64.98 million. He signed a five-year contract with Barcelona and was given the number 9 jersey. He received a four-month ban from all football-related activities after he bit a player in the 2014 World Cup, his third biting incident. After spending three seasons at Barcelona, Suárez was shortlisted among the final three for the UEFA Best Player in Europe in 2015. Suárez has continued in impressive form and is regarded as one of the powerhouses in the Barcelona squad.

Luis Suárez National Team Career

Following multiple invitations from the Uruguayan national team, Suárez finally debuted for the Uruguay national team in February 2007. He was part of the Uruguay national team squad that went to the 2010 World Cup, the 2011 Copa America which they won and in which he received the Player of the Year award, 2012 Summer Olympics, the 2013 Confederation Cup, the 2014 World Cup, the Copa América Centenario, the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 Copa America.

Luis Suárez Net worth, Salary & Endorsements

Luis Suárez net worth is currently estimated at $70 million USD. Suárez is regarded as one of the highest-paid footballers in the world. His contract guarantees him $20 million in salary and bonuses. He also has endorsement deals with companies such as Tourism Malaysia, Tronsmart and Gome.

Luis Suárez Wife, Family & Personal Life

Luis Suárez with his wife and kids
Luis Suárez with his wife and kids in 2014.

Suárez met his wife in 2003 when he was 15 and they got married in 2010. They both have three children, a daughter and two sons.

He has a tattoo of his daughter name on his arm, and he kisses it whenever he celebrates a goal.

Suárez has an autobiography titled ‘Crossing the Line – My Story’ which he released in 2014.

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