Paul Pogba Biography Facts, Childhood And Personal Life

Paul Pogba of Manchester United celebrating after scoring a goal.
Paul Pogba in action for Manchester United (Image: Fox Sports Asia)

Paul Pobga, popularly known by his nickname “Pobgoom“, is a French professional football player. He is a player of mammoth eminence decorated with trophies among which are the World Cup, FIFA U20 World Cup, Europa League Cup, Serie-A League title, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italia, English F.A Cup, Carling Cup and the English Community Shield Cup. But for the obvious soccer central mid-field stars like Xávi, Claudé Makalele, David Beckham, Steven Gerard, Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand, few have captivated and dominated the Central mid-field position like one of the current mid-field giants—Paul Pogba. He is a football sensation as he is known to his fans as one with fantastic dressing and multiple hairstyles within a season. He is also a player with a unique style of play with the ability to control and organize the mid-field. We discuss the life of this fantastic football star in our Paul Pogba biography facts, childhood and personal life.

Paul Pogba Biography Facts

Full Name:Paul Labile Pogba
Born:March 15, 1993 (age 26)
Place of Birth:Lagny-sur-Marne, France
Height:6 feet 3 inches
Shoe Size:N/A
Weight:180 Ibs (84 kg)
Parents:Fassou Antoine Pogba (father), Yeo Pogba (mother)
Siblings:Florentin Pogba, Mathias Pogba
Spouse:Maria Salaues (girlfriend)
Net Worth:$85 million
Occupation:Football Player
Current Team:Manchester United F.C.
Zodiac Sign:Pisces

Paul Pogba Childhood and Early Life

Paul Pogba was born on March 15, 1993, at Lagny-Sur-Marne, France. His mother is of Congolese ancestry named Yeo Moriba, and his father is from Guinea named Fassou Antonie. The duo were immigrants in France.

Childhood photo of Paul Pogba with his siblings
Childhood photo of Paul Pogba with his siblings (Florentin Pogba and Mathias Pogba)

Paul and his Elder brothers were groomed to be professional footballers by their Mom which they refer to as Supermom, the intelligence in the rear of their accomplishment as she is buzzed to be the agent, executive and consultant of Pogba, though she continually denies being the manager of her son.

Pogba commenced his football profession at six years in performance for US Roissy-en Brie. He, later on, progressed to US Torcy, where he gained captainship at 13 years. Shortly, he transferred to Le Havre, an Italian team and became the striker of the U16 teams as he led them to the final of a U16 tournament. Pogba launched himself as a reliable global youth for his nation.

Photo of young Paul Pogba as a football player
Young Paul Labile Pogba

Paul Pogba Football Career

In the summer of 2009, Paul Pogba was transferred to the English side, Manchester United, at the age of 16 where he gained popularity. Although after two frustrating seasons in Manchester for the youngster due to a very low degree of appearances, he travelled back to Italy on a free transfer to join Juventus. His years in Juventus were more productive as he helped the Club to an uninterrupted 4-time Serie-A league titles with Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italia titles. These performances earned the youngster the Golden boy 2013 at age 20. Two seasons after, Paul Pogba helped the Italian giants to the Champions League final against the Catalonian side Barcelona FC in 2015 of which came to a frustrating halt for Juventus as they were defeated 3-1.

Photo of Paul Pogba playing for Juventus
Paul Pogba as a Juventus midfielder (Image: Goal)

The next season in 2016, saw Paul Pogba re-transferred to Manchester United at a world record amount of £89.3 million. Back to England Paul Pogba made a difference as he helped Manchester United to the Europa League final against AFC Ajax of which they won 3-1 under the first season of Coach Jose Mourinho. That same season, Paul Pogba helped Manchester United as they also won the League Cup (Carling Cup now referred to as Carabao Cup). Although with very excellent skills, this mid-field star has been many times rated as a much-undisciplined player, which has seen him booked many times and also stated one of the reasons he was stripped off vice-captainship under the last season of Coach Jose Mourinho which was painted with a lot of complaints and caused chaos in the team. Now with current Coach O’lea Socksjær, Paul has been a very pivotal soldier under the Reds’ army.

In 2018, Paul Pogba became a very important piece of the French team that won the World Cup after a disappointing defeat to Portugal in Euro 2016. Paul Pogba scored among the six goals scored in the match against Croatia of which France had four as the match ended at normal time 4-2.

Paul Pogba in action for Manchester United
Paul Pogba playing for Manchester United

Paul Pogba Personal Life

Paul’s mother discusses the occasions she was brazen out by the then Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson who talked her in to make Paul Pogba re-sign a Manchester United’s contract prior to when he left in 2012. She claims that the manager frustrated her son until he left Manchester United to Juventus on a free transfer because of his refusal to sign. She also stated that she always made the boss undergo disenchantment anytime he consults her about her son’s prospect in Manchester.

Paul is linked to being in a current relationship with the stunning, attractive lady by name of Maria Salaues from Bolivia. She is alleged en route for a modelling career of which is based at Miami, U.S.A. The duo’s relationship is suggested to have existed since the year 2017. Later in 2018, they were once more perceived together this instance with Paul’s mom and Maria having on an engagement ring which proposes a length in their love spec.

Paul Pogba with his girlfriend
Paul Pogba steps out with his girlfriend, Maria Salaues, after they welcomed their new child

Paul Pogba is also seen as a personality of boldness, audacity, bravery and gallantry. This could also be a contributing factor to his disagreement with Alex Ferguson and also with Jose Mourinho who he felt tried to put a barrier to his playing career and weren’t doing things the right way. He isn’t scared to verbalize his expressions when he feels he is denied the chances he ought to have. He also has desirable qualities like bounteousness and generosity as was demonstrated when he gave David Adeleke A.K.A Davido, a Nigerian Music star a very expensive multi-dollar wristwatch and many other cases.

Unlike many wealthy and popular stars that ignore religion, Paul Pogba is a Muslim by faith although with a Biblical first name. This is evident as he is seen praying by his palms opening upward and held together sideways and rubbing it on his body afterwards as common with those of the Islamic faith. He is also seen many times with Arabian dresses and compliments the Islamic customs.

Pogba is also blessed with long-range shots and top-notch incision as a nickname of ‘Pogboom’ inscribed in his play boots. The nickname given by his elder brother was derived as a result of his ability to score from a long range with precise shots.

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