Top-10 Biggest Esports Sponsors Ranked In 2021

Top-10 Biggest Esports Sponsors Ranked
LOL World Finals via Wikimedia Commons

Who are the top esports sponsors right now?

Sporting has significantly advanced over the years, very much from what it was thirty centuries ago to what is globally trending at present.

As we all know, esports is the next big thing in the world of sports.

Since 2010, esports became much more popular, and over 456 million persons watched the game in the U.S.

This generated a revenue of about 1billion USD for the U.S government.

Esports is also very famous in Europe and Asia and, more specifically, in South Korea.

This industry keeps expounding in leaps and bounds daily, gaining more recognition and acceptance globally while also making enormous profits. 

In 2018 global esports revenue was nine hundred and eight million USD, and 40% was reverted to sponsors.

Last year global turnover from esports equaled one Billion USD, and by two years from now, the estimated sum from global esports is 1.9 Billion USD.  

For the reason of sharing in such glorious profits, gigantic and renowned companies have begun to invest in esports.

We shall go on right away to discuss these top sponsors of the year.

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The Biggest Esports Sponsors in the World

1. Red Bull

Esports Sponsors – Red Bull Energy Drink

In the year 2006, in the month of June, specifically Red Bull signed their 1st esports athlete, the Halo Legend David Walsh.

Five years after, they also opened up the ‘Red Bull LAN.’

In previous years they have also sponsored the ‘Dota 2’, ‘ Tempo Storm,’ and ‘Blizzard’s StarCraft 2’ tournaments.

This year, however, they have invested over 578 Million USD into esports.

This energy drink producing company has a net worth of over twenty Billion USD.

This company has a lot to gain as it was predicted that the esports revenue by the end of 2020 would hit 1.8 Billion USD.

And also, they would have much to reinvest in esports this year.

This makes Red Bull the best of all the Esports Sponsors so far.

2. Comcast Xfinity

Esports Sponsors – Comcast Xfinity

This Is somewhat one of the youngest company on this list to join esports.

It is an internet company with a net worth of over eighty-five Billion USD.

Comcast joined esports in June 2016 by providing reliable Internet service and training facilities for both ESL and Evil genius.

The world’s biggest electronic sports network and one of the most successful electronic sports organizations, respectively.

Evil genius won the international five Dota 2 championship last year.

Comcast also sponsors the ESL overwatch league season two playoffs and grand finals.

Last year Comcast invested fifty million USD into the commencement of the Philadelphia Fusion Arena for esports training practice.

This arena will be opened in 2021.

It has a sitting capacity of over three thousand, electronic gadgets, exclusive suites, flexible lodge boxes, and so on.

Xfinity has done all these because of the envisioned profit that the esports industry will turn over.

3. Intel

Esports Sponsors – Intel

This world-recognized technology giant with a net worth of over two hundred Billion USD has been sponsoring electronic sport since 2002, by donating computer PCs and 5G to its partners.

Intel has been sponsoring esports through the following means: it sponsors ESL CS: GO, pro league, IEM,  ESL 1, overwatch league, Intel masters, and ESL National championship.

Intel also supports LPL, a China oriented partnership since 2013.

Most recently, in the catalogs of intel sponsorship to esports is the investment of over a hundred million USD into IEM.

Intel also aims to provide scholarships to students from the NSE (National Student esports)  as a means of encouraging college and high school students who are interested in esports

For intel, like all the other companies on the list, the profit from esports is entirely worth it.

That is why it sits comfortably at number 3 on our list of top esports sponsors.

4. Honda

Esports Sponsors – Honda

This Japanese automobile company with a net worth of over fifty billion USD began sponsoring esports last year.

It partnered with Team liquid last year and also is the only automobile company to sponsor the ‘League of Legends.’

About two years ago, Honda also single-handedly hosted an esports game tournament in Thailand.

5. Pepsi’s Mountain Dew

Esports Sponsors – Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is Pepsi’s 4th bestseller and also worth over one hundred Billion USD.

Mountain dew has been in esports for seventeen years now.

This was after it directed its renowned game fuel flavor to game players.

Last year, however, ESL made Mountain dew its official and globally recognized beverage partner for ESL 1and IEM.

Precisely three years ago, in addition to Splyce, Team Dignitas, and Team Sk, mountain dew incorporated its latest game, ‘ Next Big Caster.’

roughly two years ago, Mountain dew spent 119.5 million USD on advertising esports.

Like every other company sponsoring esports on this list, just the yearly mind raking esports profits is a sufficient reason for mountain dew to give 40% of their marketing budget to game players.

6. Coca-Cola

Esports Sponsors – Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the global beverage giants originating from North America.

Coca-Cola is worth over seventy Billion USD and is very famous in LOL (Leagues Of Legends)

It partners with riot games to hold world view parties in Europe and  North America.

Coca-Cola has been in the ‘arena’ of esports for seven years now after it signed a sponsorship deal of 5Million USD, and last year it became the official beverage drink of the overwatch.

Coca-Cola was also part of the sponsors for eNASCAR’s iRacing series of 2019, while in 2020, Coca-Cola reportedly invested over five million USD in esports.

7. U.S. Air Force

Esports Sponsors – U.S. Air Force

The U.S Air force budgeted a total sum of a million USD for esports in 2020.

Two years ago, the Air force declared its interest in esports by supporting Cloud 9 CS: GO in the tournament.

The partnership was evident as the team had the Air Force logo on their Jersey.

As far as esports is concerned, the Air force has not only partnered with cloud 9 but also with the North America 2020 event series, ELEAGUE, ESL ProLeaguee season 1,1, and Intel Extreme Masters for all their subsequent games.

8. The Kraft Group

Esports Sponsors – The Kraft Group

This company is a privately owned company which was founded by Robert Craft twenty-two years ago.

Apart from it’s many other subsidiaries, the Kraft Group is also involved in professional and electronic sports.

This company has invested greatly in esports. In 2017 it began sponsoring esports when with twenty million USD it purchased an esports team the overwatch league team.

The Kraft group has also built an esports arena at patriot palace.

This palace is designed to contain a hundred personal computers, gaming network, a hundred gaming station e.t.c

9. Disney’s Marvel

Esports Sponsors – Marvel

This company worth over a hundred and thirty Billion U.S Dollars has recently struck a partnership deal with Team liquid.

As evidence of this partnership Team, liquid players now wear jerseys designed through inspiration from Marvel motion picture characters Avengers.

This deal with Team liquid was the first time Marvel was partnering at esports. 

Marvel has also entered a two-year partnership agreement with Chief’s esports Club and as it did with Team liquid, Ideas from Marvel movie characters will be inculcated into games hosted by The Chiefs.

10. Mercedes Benz

Esports Sponsors – Mercedes-Benz

This company is worth seventy-seven Billion USD and joined esports only four years ago. 

In 2017 this company published its partnership deal with the ESL by awarding a car worth 50,000 USD to an esports player.

And a year after that, it became the worldwide accepted ESL mobility partner.

In 2019 however, it became the first automobile producer to invest in esports. 

Esports: The Next Big Thing?

There it is, the biggest Esports Sponsors in the world right now.

As you can clearly see, Esports is gradually becoming a global business just like the top conventional sports.

Who knows how big it will get in the next five years.

Our advice; it’s time to grab that console and start training.

Who knows, you might become the next esports athlete.

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