Top 10 Highest Paid Football / Soccer Players 2019

Lionel Messi of Barcelona FC
Lionel Messi (Forward) for FC Barcelona. (Image:

Long after the thrill of an intense, pressure-driven football match, fans still bask in the enamouring enhancement of the thrills brought by the ‘action figures’ on the football pitch. The antics and various style of plays of these football players have earned them several accolades as well as an enormous amount of money thanks to the attention football have garnered from public spectacles which translates into a record amount of revenue. The best among the majority of football players who have earned the admiration of fans worldwide have always been the ones who have gotten the large share of the revenue racked in by the beautiful game of football. As revealed by Forbes, here are the top-10 highest-paid football players in 2019.

10. Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann of Barcelona
Antoine Griezmann (#17 / forward) of the Barcelona FC. in 2019. (Image: The Sun UK)
  • Salary (bonus included): $23.3M
  • Endorsement deals: $4.5M
  • Sponsors: Huawei, Puma
  • Nationality: French
  • Club: Barcelona FC

Following a spectacular performance at the 2018 Russian World Cup where he led his side to claim the most prestigious trophy in football, Griezmann made the switch from Athletico dé Madrid where he has been for 5 years to Laliga rivals Barcelona. Griezmann’s major sponsor includes athletic brand as well as embattled China tech firm Huawei.

9. Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior

Oscar of Shanghai SIPG F.C.
Oscar (attacking midfielder) of Shanghai SIPG F.C. in 2017. (Image: Getty)
  • Salary (bonus included): $27M
  • Endorsement deals: $2M
  • Sponsors: Adidas
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Club: Shanghai SIPG

The ex-Chelsea player has seen his fair share of struggles in his career.  But he has proven himself to be one of the best in the game of football. His switch to Chinese Super League side Shanghai SIPG saw his weekly salary increase by four times. Oscar was instrumental to the Shanghai SIPG side Super League victory as he recorded 12 goals and 19 assists in 2018.

8. Mesut Özil

Arsenal FC's Mesut Özil
Mesut Özil (attacking midfielder) of Arsenal FC in 2019. (Image: Getty)
  • Salary (bonus included): $23.7M
  • Endorsement deals: $6.5M
  • Sponsors: Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Beats by Dre
  • Nationality: German
  • Club: Arsenal

Ozil’s contract extension with English side Arsenal which will see him at the side till 2021, increased his yearly income to $24 million, twice his usual yearly income. He departed from the German football national side in a controversial manner in 2018 stating racism as a key reason for departing. He had previously faced criticism by German football fans and the media following a picture he took with Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan. Ozil who is both of German and Turkish recently announced he and his fiancé will find a life-changing surgery for 1000 children. Among the plethora of investments that increase his worth is his recently founded eSports team, M10 eSports.

7. Kylian Mbappé

Mbappé’s goal celebration signature style
Mbappé’s goal celebration which features him with his arms crossed under his armpits and tongue sticking out (Image:
  • Salary (bonus included): $26.6M
  • Endorsement deals: $4M
  • Sponsors: Good Got, Hublot, Nike
  • Nationality: French
  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain

At the age of 19, Mbappe now 20, was the youngest to score in a World Cup game and the second-youngest player to score in a World Cup final. He dazzled at the 2018 World Cup where he won the Best Young Player Award and emerged second in the highest goals scorer chart. He was also awarded the Ligue1 Player of the Year award following a signed full contract he made with PSG after he played for the team on loan from Monaco.

6. Alexis Sánchez

Manchester United's Alexis Sánchez
Alexis Sánchez (forward) of Manchester United in 2018. (Image: Oli Scarff AFP)
  • Salary (bonus included): $23.8M
  • Endorsement deals: $2.5M
  • Sponsors: Nike
  • Nationality: Chilean
  • Club: Manchester United

Alexis’ 2018 move to English side Manchester United increased his weekly earning to about $500,000. Though he has had a pretty dismal season, which has seen him struggle with injuries and criticism from fans about his performance, Alexis has scored six goals and made five assists in 37 games. 

5. Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta of FC Barcelona
Andrés Iniesta of FC Barcelona, 2018. (Image: David Ramos/Getty Images)
  • Salary (bonus included): $30M
  • Endorsement deals: $2.5M
  • Sponsors: Asics
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Club: Vissel Kobe

The ex-Barcelona and Spanish international player made the move from Barcelona to Japanese side Vessel Kobe in 2018. Iniesta didn’t just change his club football team, he also made changes in his sponsorship deal. Inessa cancelled his 19-year sponsorship deal with Nike, before signing with Asics. Iniesta’s winery, the Minuto 116, named after the minute he scored in the 2010 World Cup which helped Spain lift its first World Cup title, is another source of revenue for Iniesta’s growing net worth.

4. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba of Manchester United celebrating after scoring a goal.
Paul Pogba in action for Manchester United (Image: Fox Sports Asia)
  • Salary (bonus included): $29M
  • Endorsement deals: $4M
  • Sponsors: Adidas
  • Nationality: French
  • Club: Manchester United

Pogba proved to be a key player in France 2018 World Cup win. His 2016 move to Manchester United from the Italian side, Juventus at a transfer record of $120 million, increased his earnings.  Another significant factor responsible for Pogba’s high earnings is his five-year deal with Manchester United which pays $20 million monthly. Though Pogba is an outstanding player, he struggled under the headship of renowned coach Jose Mourinho, a factor that has been rumoured to have a contribution to the later’s departure from the club.

3. Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr presented at Paris Saint-Germain
Neymar Jr presented at Paris Saint-Germain after signing a record-breaking deal of €222m on a move from the Spanish side, FC Barcelona. Photo: The Irish Times
  • Salary (bonuses included): $75M
  • Endorsement deals: $30M
  • Sponsors: MasterCard, Milan, Nike, Red Bull, Beats by Dre, EA Sports, Gillette
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain

In 2017, Neymar made headlines after he transferred to PSG at a record transfer fee of $263 Million, which made him the most expensive player in the world. He has since then proved his worth for his side and has shown the total amount of $600 million which would be paid to him both in salary and bonuses, is a good investment. He has however been involved in various legal troubles which include a tax evasion charge, which ended with him paying a fine of $1.2 million. In 2019, he was accused of raping a woman, the charges were dropped as a result of lack of evidence. He also lost his captaincy following an altercation with a fan.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus F. C.
Cristiano Ronaldo (forward) for Juventus F.C.
  • Salary (bonuses included): $65M
  • Endorsement deals: $44M
  • Sponsors: Electronic Arts, Nike, Alice, Herbalife, CR7 hotel,  Fragrance, footwear, clothing line
  • Nationality: Portugal
  • Club: Juventus

In the race of the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.) in football, Ronaldo is a principal contestant. A five-time FIFA Player of the Year, and the first player to win the English premier league, the Laliga and Serie A and the UEFA Champions League, Ronaldo is known for his extreme determination, hard work and burning drive for success. He is one of the most influential footballers, especially on social media. He has had his own fair challenge with the law, he paid a $24 million fine for tax evasion and was charged for rape in the USA, an allegation Ronaldo denies.

1. Lionel Messi

Photo of FC Barcelona's captain, Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi (Barcelona’s Captain Fantastic)
  • Salary (bonuses included): $92M
  • Endorsement deals: $35M
  • Sponsors: Gatorade, Pepsi, Nike, Lays, MasterCard, Ooredoo, Jacobs & co
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Club: Barcelona

A five-time FIFA Player of the Year winner, six-time European Golden Shoe, Messi has won the Laliga 10 times and several tournaments and accolades. An amazing footballer, Messi has not won any tournament at the national level, a fact which has been emphasized as one of the major shortcomings of his career. He was handed a three-month suspension and $50,000 fine by South American football governing body, CONMEBOL in 2019 after he accused the body of corruption. He also was handed $2.25 million fine for tax evasion.


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Here is a quick summary of the top 10 highest paid football/soccer players 2019

  1. Lionel Messi
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo
  3. Neymar Jr.
  4. Paul Pogba
  5. Andrés Iniesta
  6. Alexis Sánchez
  7. Kylian Mbappé
  8. Mesut Özil
  9. Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior
  10. Antoine Griezmann

Which of the players did you expect on this list of the top 10 highest paid football/soccer players 2019 in the world? Please share in the comments section below.


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