Top-11 Best Soccer Leagues In The World 2022

Best Soccer Leagues In The World
Premier League

What are the best soccer leagues in the world?

In recent years, several leagues, especially in Europe, have gained much audience and attention from fans and the media.

Still, these leagues, which feature the best players and soccer clubs in the world, have generated so much buzz that pundits have had a hard time deciding which of these leagues are the best football leagues in the world.

Read on to find out if your favorite soccer league made our top-11 list.

World football, being one of the most followed sports in the world, generates excitement and heightened emotions, especially international tournaments.

When the international football scene no longer features any action, fans turn to soccer leagues in various countries.

Our ranking of the best soccer leagues in the world is based on TV views/popularity, the presence of top players, social media buzz generated from league games, and the success of clubs from these leagues in various continental tournaments.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the count down.

The Best Soccer Leagues in the World

11. Chinese Super League

You wouldn’t expect to find the Chinese league on this list, however, in recent years this league gained a lot of press mainly because they signed and offered big contracts to EU players to come play there. This created some interest and viewership to the league, obviously still not something that can compete with the big leagues, but it’s big enough to make this list.

  • Viewership: Around 20 million ( *based on data found online, it’s hard to know for sure )
  • Biggest stadium: Guangdong Olympic Stadium – seats 80,000
  • Number of clubs: 16

10. Brasileirão

Brasileirao – Logo

The top division of Brazilian domestic football boasts of vibrant soccer talents.

Brasileirão, a major contender for the title of the best soccer league in South America, features intense competition between various clubs. The league is the most-watched.

It is also the best domestic soccer league in South America with huge successful records in continental and international tournaments.

Brasileirão has the most club world cup wins and the second most Copa Libertadores titles.

The league has produced some of Europe’s best players, such as Neymar Jr., Alison Becker, and Roberto Firmino.

  • Viewership: Around 1.5 million viewers each week.
  • Biggest stadium: Estádio São Januário in Rio de Janeiro – seats 21,880
  • Number of clubs: 20

9. Ligue 1

Ligue 1 – Logo

Ligue 1 actions are a testament to the incredible gameplay as well as the presence of world-class footballers in the league.

The French domestic league, which has been in existence since 1932, has seen various clubs emerge as dominants at multiple times.

Up to 1.6 million people watch a single Ligue 1 game featuring top clubs such as PSG. The league was rated the 7th best league in Europe by UEFA in 2019.

Top players such as Edinson Cavani, wonder boy Kylian Mbappe, and Angel Di Maria.

Viewership: Around 1.6 million viewers per game.
Biggest stadium: Stade de France – seats 81,338
Number of clubs: 20

8. Eredivisie – Netherlands

Home to one of the powerhouses in European football, the Dutch Eredivisie is the top tier football league of the Netherlands.

Founded in 1963, it has progressed to be one of the most popular leagues in Europe. Eredivisie was ranked the 9th best football league in Europe by UEFA in 2019.

In various continental tournaments, clubs that represent the Dutch Eredivisie are considered top contenders.

The major league in the Netherlands, this league is loved for its ability to produce really good young players and develop them into major stars.

The soccer league has produced some of Europe’s top players, such as Matthijs De Light, Frenkie De Jong, and Virgil Van Dijk.

As every soccer fan will know, a lot of major stars come from the Netherlands. While not the most popular in the world in terms of viewership, still enough to make our list.

  • Viewership: A few million viewers each week.
  • Biggest stadium: Johan Cruijff ArenaA – seats 56,600
  • Number of clubs: 18

7. Bundesliga

Bundesliga – Logo

Ranked as the fourth-best soccer league in Europe by UEFA in 2019, Bundesliga, the German domestic soccer league, is unarguably one of the toughest in Europe.

Bundesliga, which was founded in 1962, has 18 clubs playing in the league. It has the most average league attendance in the world.

Its clubs are also very successful at continental tournaments.

Bundesliga is home to top soccer talents such as Manuel Neuer, Robert Lewandowski, and Frank Ribery. 

  • Viewership: Around 2 million viewers each game.
  • Biggest stadium: Signal Iduna Park – seats 81,365
  • Number of clubs: 18

6. Major League Soccer (MLS)

Major League Soccer – Logo

Established in 1993, Major League Soccer is the domestic soccer league of the United States of America.

Since the MLS had its first season in 1996, TV viewership has increased to about 2 million viewers watching a single game. In the media, MLS has been subject to constant attention.

That can be attributed to the arrival of top European stars to the league.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s long-range strike, 40 yards out, against Los Angeles FC in March 2018, placed the MLS in the limelight briefly. 

MLS takes the 6th spot on our list of the best soccer leagues in the world.

  • Viewership: Around 2 million viewers each game.
  • Biggest stadium: GEODIS Park – seats 30,000
  • Number of clubs: 28

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5. Primeira Liga

Primeira Liga – Logo

A domestic football league of Portugal, it is home to what is called Os Três Grandes (The Big Three), the three most powerful football clubs in Portugal.

These clubs, Porto, Benfica, and Sporting CP, are the top contender in various continental tournaments, such as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Primeira Liga houses some of Europe’s best soccer prospects, as the clubs are continually scouting for talented youngsters. Some of the best players in the world began their career in the Primeira Liga. Such players include Cristiano Ronaldo and Bernardo Silva.

The Primeira Liga has also been the starting point for top football coaches, such as Jose Mourinho and Marco Silva. Primeira Liga comes in as no. 5 on our list of the world’s best soccer leagues.

  • Viewership: Not known.
  • Biggest stadium: Estadio Municipal de Aveiro – seats 32,830
  • Number of clubs: 18

4. Superliga Argentina

Superliga Argentina – Logo

In South America, the best soccer league title is subject to debate between the Argentinian domestic football league and the Brazilian football league.

The league boasts of some of the most skillful players in South American local leagues.

In the South American continental club football tournament, the Copa Libertadores, the league boasts of the current champions, as well as the most successful winners in the history of the competition.

The league has been the breeding ground for some of the world’s best players, such as Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, and Sergio Aguero.

  • Viewership: A few million people per game.
  • Biggest stadium: Nuñez A – seats 67,000
  • Number of clubs: 26

3. Serie A

Serie A – Logo

Taking the 3th spot on our list of the best football leagues in the world is the Italian domestic football league, Serie A.

Since soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus, Serie A has received increased media attention. In his debut match for Juventus, about 2.3 million tuned in to watch the star work his magic.

The league, which was founded in 1898, was ranked the third-best league in Europe by UEFA in 2019.

Aside from Ronaldo, top footballers in Serie A include, Lorenzo Insigne, Paulo Dybala, and Gianluigi Buffon.

  • Viewership: 6.7 million people per game.
  • Biggest stadium: San Siro – seats 80,018
  • Number of clubs: 20

2. La Liga

La Liga – Logo

The Spanish domestic football league features some of the world’s best soccer clubs and is ranked the best soccer league in Europe by UEFA in its 2019 ranking.

The league had over 76 million viewers watch its games during the 2018/19 season.

La Liga features some of the most anticipated soccer games in the world, such as the El Clasico.

The league, which was founded in 1929, features 20 teams, and in continental and international tournaments, it is one of the most successful.

Clubs in La Liga have won the UEFA Champions League 18 times and FIFA Club World Cup seven times.

  • Viewership: 6.7 million people per game.
  • Biggest stadium: San Siro – seats 80,018
  • Number of clubs: 20

1. Premier League

English Premier League – Logo. EPL is the most popular and the best football league in the world today.

The English Premier League is by far the biggest, most powerful, and best soccer league in the world right now. Its matches are broadcasted in 212 countries and reach about 4.7 billion people.

According to UEFA’s 2019 league’s ranking, EPL has been ranked the second-best soccer league in Europe.

Premier League, which was founded in 1992, is the second soccer league with the most average attendance in the 2018/19 season.

Top players such as Mohamed Salah, Paul Pogba, and Harry Kane play in the EPL.

  • Viewership: A few million people per game.
  • Biggest stadium: Old Trafford – seats 90,000
  • Number of clubs: 20

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