Top-21 Hottest NBA Players 2023

Hottest NBA Players
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Who are the hottest NBA Players right now?

We’re about to show you our favorite picks.

The NBA is a league of stars that fascinate their supporters with their game styles, moves, and techniques.

Apart from their in-court attributes, these players also mesmerize their fans with their handsome looks, dress, and grooming.

In these aspects, these most attractive NBA players have dictated fashion and its trends.

This year, 2023, SportyTell has selected and ranked the hottest NBA players whose sexy looks and grooming may dazzle you.

The Hottest NBA Players Right Now

21. Sterling Brown

Age: 29 years
Height: 6′ 5″
Team: Houston Rockets
Position: Shooting guard, Small forward

Sterling Brown – Handsome NBA Player
via TMJ4/YouTube

Why is he hot? Sterling Brown is an athletic-built, good-looking young man complemented by his short haircut and a cute tattoo on his right arm.

Brown once featured in short locks hairdo and we all loved it.

His captivating appearance and attractive physique are sufficient to keep him admirable to NBA fans.

20. Devin Booker

Age: 27 years
Height: 6′ 5″
Team: Phoenix Suns
Position: Shooting guard, Small forward

via Instagram

Why is he hot? Listed to his 1st All-Star in 2020, Devin Booker, although having a slender figure, isn’t short for looks.

His skin fade hairstyle, well-spruced beards, interracial skin color, and incredible fashion instincts make him one of the league’s hottest players.

19. Jonas Valanciunas

Age: 32 years
Height: 7′ 0″
Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Position: Center

Jonas Valanciunas – Handsome NBA Player
Photo: ClutchPoints

Why is he hot? The Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas is such a tower, but more attractive is his looks.

Valanciunas is an easy director’s pick if he ever decides to pursue a modeling career due to his height and muscular structure.

Apart from his jaw-dropping physique, Valanciunas’ brown hair, eyes, and full beards, which he is famously known for, are just the right contrast to his skin.

18. Cedi Osman

Age: 29 years
Height: 6′ 7″
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Position: Power forward, Small forward

Why is he hot? Cedi Osman, a Turkish basketball player with Macedonian roots, is much loved for his hair curls and attractive dress sense away from the court.

Apart from the value, he adds to the team, the blend of fashion and grooming Osman adds to his lifestyle is commendable.

Though he might be considered a little skinny, his height and breath-taking looks have masked that.

17. Blake Griffin

Age: 35 years
Height: 6′ 9″
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Position: Power forward, Center

Why is he hot? There’s just so much to love about Blake Griffin. His brown eyes, macho build, and brown facial hair that blend well with his skin make it difficult for female admirers to keep off.

His looks could just be one of the reasons he’s featured as a media personality.

He starred in “The Female Brain” in 2017, the TV show “31 days of Holiday Survival”, and Connected, a film released in 2020.

Griffin has also been tipped to have had a relationship with Brynn Cameron and even the influential model Kendall Jenner.

Besides the fact that Griffin is one of the most attractive NBA players, he is a renowned star listed on the All-Star team on six occasions.

16. Chris Paul

Age: 41 years
Height: 7′ 1″
Team: Phoenix Suns
Position: Point Guard

Chris Paul – Hot NBA Player
via SLAM

Why is he hot? Chandler is among the tallest NBA stars of all time and one of the league’s most handsome players.

If those looks complemented by his beautiful eyes and grooming don’t get you, what else would?

Paul is loved for his heroics in basketball and his very stylish, attractive, and classy dress sense.

15. Andre Iguodala

Age: 40 years
Height: 6′ 6″
Team: Miami Heat
Position: Small forward, Shooting guard

Why is he hot? Andre Iguodala is a simple, well-groomed NBA star with good looks. He is muscular and wears a low cut and circle beard.

Along with his attractive physique, the tattoo on his arms has also won NBA fans’ admiration.

Iguodala got married to Christina Gutierrez in 2015.

14. Zach Lavine

Age: 29 years
Height: 6′ 5″
Team: Chicago Bulls
Position: Small forward

via Instagram

Why is he hot? Well, just look at him, the young player could have been a model if he wasn’t good at basketball. His face has nice features and symmetry which is the professional definition of beauty.

Besides playing hoops, Zach has a loving wife and recently had a baby which is as adorable as him, if not more. Probably more!

If you enjoy the game, make sure to follow his career and advancement in the Chicago Bulls this year.

13. Ricky Rubio

Age: 33 years
Height: 6′ 4″
Team: Minnesota Timberwolves
Position: Point guard

Why is he hot? In a generation where facial hairs are found very attractive, Rubio’s beards have brought him fans’ love outside the court.

His pictures in casual and corporate outfits that have surfaced online have put him among the NBA’s hottest players.

12. Rudy Gobert

Age: 31 years
Height: 7′ 1″
Team: Utah Jazz
Position: Center

Rudy Gobert
via instagram

Why is he hot? Rudy Gobert is a massive presence in the Jazz squad.

Gobert has complemented his looks with his well-trimmed beards and high fade hairstyle with towering height and athletic body, undoubtedly making him one of the most attractive NBA players.

11. Terry Rozier

Age: 30 years
Height: 6′ 1″
Team: Charlotte Hornets
Position: Point guard, Shooting guard

Why is he hot? Terry Rozier is a fan favorite for his game abilities, and his excellent fashion sense as he has been captured in many designers wears outside the court.

His tattoos like the famous “LIE” tattoo at the back of his head and his well-spruced goatee are just highlights of how hot he is.

10. Gordon Hayward

Age: 34 years
Height: 6′ 8″
Team: Charlotte Hornets
Position: Shooting guard, Small forward

Why is he hot? Hayward is tall and athletically built, with brown eyes, hair, and a triangular face type.

Along with his good looks, he has never been caught wanting in his outfits.

9. Danilo Gallinari

Age: 35 years
Height: 6′ 10″
Team: Atlanta Hawks
Position: Power forward, Small forward

Why is he hot? Danilo Gallinari is of Italian roots. Italians have a reputation for being one of the most beautiful people in the world.

That robbed off on Gallinari. As a tall and slender figure, Gallinari has groomed himself over the years with a clean shave.

He is so good-looking that he once featured as a model for the Italian online fashion store, Armani.

8. J.J. Redick

Age: 39 years
Height: 6′ 4″
Team: New Orleans Pelicans
Position: Shooting guard

Why is he hot? Although in his mid-30s, Jonathan Clay Redick still got good looks, sweet tattoos, and a classy swag outside the court.

Since 2010, he has been married to Chelsea Kilgore, who bore two kids for him.

7. Wayne Ellington

Age: 36 years
Height: 6′ 5″
Team: Detroit Pistons
Position: Shooting guard, Small forward

Why is he hot? Wayne Ellington is one of the best looking players in the NBA, and he’s got the dark tan.

Ellington is much loved for his swag both in and outside the court.

6. Kyle Kuzma

Age: 28 years
Height: 6′ 8″
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Position: Power forward, Small forward

Why is he hot? Kyle Kuzma is one of the cutest players in the NBA.

He is quite a fashion freak with frequent changes in hairstyles and lovely outfits outside the court.

His full body tattoos are also one of his hottest physical attributes.

5. Ben Simmons

Age: 27 years
Height: 6′ 10″
Team: Philadelphia 76ers
Position: Point guard, Small forward

Ben Simmons
via instagram

Why is he hot? Simmons made his name in the NBA by being the 1st overall selection in the 2016 NBA draft.

He is good-looking, elegant, and stylish; quite one reason to win the heart of the American model, Kendall Jenner, who happens to be older.

Check out Simmons’ instagram and you’ll see what we mean.

4. Justise Winslow

Age: 28 years
Height: 6′ 7″
Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Position: Point guard, Power forward

Why is he hot? Within five years since his NBA debut, Justise Winslow has featured in braids, dread, afro, and fades, looking good in all.

Winslow is muscular and complements his physique with a high sense of fashion and the right choice of outfits.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Serge Ibaka

Age: 34 years
Height: 7′ 0″
Team: Los Angeles Clippers
Position: Power forward, Center

Why is he hot? Serge Ibaka is the only African player on this list and one of the most handsome NBA players.

The Congolese-Spanish professional basketball player is admired for the African tan, athleticism, and his excellent and decent choice of outfits.

2. Kevin Love

Age: 35 years
Height: 6′ 8″
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Position: Power forward, Center

Why is he hot? The star player is undisputedly one of the league’s most handsome.

As much as being influential in his team, Love is also an advocate of mental health. He is well built, with blue eyes and brown hair.

Love also has an awe-inspiring fashion sense, as shown by his posts on Instagram.

1. Kelly Oubre Jr.

Age: 28 years
Height: 6′ 7″
Team: Golden State Warriors
Position: Shooting guard, Small forward

via skysports

Why is he hot? Kelly Oubre Jr. is an ideal model of handsomeness and our top choice of the hottest NBA players.

At 6 feet, 7 inches in full standing height, Oubre’s athletic physique is blended with his flair for fashion, long curls, nicely trimmed goatee, impressive tattoos, and incredible dress sense.

Although he’s still in the infancy of his career, his looks’ pedigree has brought him more fame than his career achievements.


Hope you enjoyed our selection in this article.

Who would’ve been your choice as the sexiest and most attractive NBA player right now?

Please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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