Top-20 Richest NBA Players Of All-Time 2020

Richest NBA Players Of All-Time

Who are the richest NBA players right now?

How much is the wealthiest NBA player worth? Read on to find out which of your favorite NBA stars made our list.

Basketball boasts of a solid fan base that consists of a plethora of diverse individuals scattered around the world. These fan base are often the primary metric used to gauge the popularity of a sport and thus has a ripple effect on the financial incentives that stakeholders in the game receive.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) in North America is just one of the several men’s professional basketball leagues around the globe. Still, its ever-growing fan base has made it one of the topmost followed sports in America and the world today.

The NBA has transcended to become the most followed and discussed sport on social media, with over 150 million fans.

This article reviews the top-20 richest NBA players of all-time based on their current net worths. Note that this ranking and net worths are accurate as of the last updated date.

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The Richest NBA Players Right Now

20. Yao Ming

Net Worth: $120 Million

Yao Ming Net Worth – Wealthiest NBA Players

For more than ten years, Yao Ming was a prominent driving force in the NBA. But before he established himself as an astute centerman, Yao Ming played in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

An 8-time All-star, Yao Ming, who began playing basketball as a teenager, retired from the NBA in 2011 and now is one of the top Chinese basketball executives.

Yao Ming’s net worth is valued at $120 million in 2020.

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19. Dwyane Wade

Net Worth: $120 Million

Dwyane Wade Net Worth – Photo with Miami Heats
Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heats in 2019. (Image credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports)

Throughout his 16 years stint in the NBA, where he played mostly for the Miami Heats, Dwyane Wade rose to become one of the top basketball players in the 21st century.

The three-time NBA Champion, who retired in 2019, earned All-star honors on 13 occasions and was named the NBA Finals MVP once.

As of 2020, Dwyane Wade’s net worth is approximately $120 million.

18. Carmelo Anthony

Net Worth: $130 Million

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth – Photo with Portland Trail Blazers'
Carmelo Anthony with Portland in 2019. (Photo credit:

Currently playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, Carmelo Anthony is no doubt one of the best power forwards in the NBA. Anthony has spent about 16 years in the NBA and has seen All-star honors on ten occasions.

The 26 years old American basketball professional has won gold in three successive Olympics with the US National Basketball team.

Carmelo Anthony’s net worth is about $130 million in 2020.

17. Tim Duncan

Net Worth: $130 Million

Tim Duncan Net Worth – Wealthiest NBA Players
(Image credit: USA TODAY Sports)

Duncan spent 19 years playing in the NBA, and in those years, he thrilled fans with his amazing antics and basketball prowess. The 44 years old basketball coach who retired in 2016, won the NBA five times and emerged the Finals MVP, three times.

He also claimed the NBA MVP, twice and is a 15-time recipient of the All-star honor.

As of 2020, Tim Duncan’s net worth is approximately $130 million.

16. Gary Payton

Net Worth: $130 Million

Gary Payton Net Worth – Photo with Miami Heat

Dubbed ‘The Glove,’ Gary Payton, who is a basketball Hall of Famer, had 17 beautiful seasons in the NBA. The highlight of these times is the first 13 years he spent with the Seattle SuperSonics, where he set several records.

The two time Olympics gold medalist and one time NBA Champion received All-star honors nine times.

Gary Payton’s net worth in 2020 is estimated at $130 million.

15. Stephen Curry

Net Worth: $130 Million

Stephen Curry Net Worth – Photo with the Warriors

Golden State Warriors wonder boy, Stephen Curry, has been a great addition to the tough NBA side. The man hailed for his impeccable basketball prowess, and unique abilities have won the NBA Championship on three occasions and have emerged All-Star on six occasions.

Curry, who has spent his eleven years career in the NBA playing for the Warriors, is a two time Olympics gold medalist.

Stephen Curry’s net worth is approximately $130 million as of 2020.

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14. Dwight Howard

Net Worth: $140 Million

Dwight Howard Net Worth

An excellent center player, Dwight Howard’s basketball skill is undoubtedly better than his commitment skill. The 35 years old basketball player has been in five teams since 2016.

But his abilities are surely top notched. Howard has won the NBA Championship once, NBA Defensive Player of the year three times, and has seen All-star honors eight times.

Dwight Howard’s net worth is currently about $140 million.

13. Dirk Nowitzki

Net Worth: $140 Million

Dirk Nowitzki Net Worth

Retired German basketball player, Dirk Nowitzki, ruled the NBA for 21 years. The 42 years old, German basketball player, had a career that spans 25 years.

He created a reputation for himself as a fierce power forward. Nowitzki won the NBA Championship once and was named to the All-star team 14 times. He further received the NBA Finals and NBA MVP award on one occasion.

Dirk Nowitzki’s net worth in 2020 is approximately $140 million.

12. Russell Westbrook

Net Worth: $150 Million

Russell Westbrook Net Worth – Photo with Houston Rockets
Russel Westbrook with the Houston Rockets in 2019. (Image credit: USA Today)

Russell Westbrook, who is one of the most famous individuals in the NBA, is widely known for his unusual and exceptional basket antics on the courts.

The 32 year old Houston Rockets player is a nine-time All-Star and an NBA MVP.

In 2020, Russell Westbrook’s net worth is an estimated $150 million.

11. James Harden

Net Worth: $165 Million

James Harden Net Worth – Photo of Houston Rockets
(Image credit: USA Today)

Muscular and bearded, James Harden a famous figure in the NBA, not just because of his beards but because of his basketball finesse and amazing skills.

The Houston Rockets top shooting guard made his eighth appearance in the NBA All-star game in February.

James Harden’s net worth is currently estimated to be $165 million.

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10. Kevin Durant

Net Worth: $170 Million

Kevin Durant Net Worth – Photo with the Brooklyn Nets
(Image credit: Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports)

The Brooklyn Nets, ace power forward, Kevin Durant, is undoubtedly a phenomenal basketball player with outstanding abilities and skills. He is a ten-times NBA All-Star, and on two occasions, he has won the NBA Championship.

On the International scene, Durant has two Olympics gold medals and a Basketball World Championship gold medal to his name.

Kevin Durant’s net worth as of 2020 is approximately $170 million.

9. Grant Hill

Net Worth: $180 Million

Grant Hill Net Worth

Formerly an NBA player who thrilled fans with his exceptional abilities and antics, Hill, who retired from the NBA in 2013, is currently involved in basketball, not as a coach, but as an owner of a basketball franchise.

He played for four teams throughout his 19-year stint in the NBA. Hill, who is a 7-time NBA All-Star, is the co-owner of the NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks.

In 2020, Grant Hill’s net worth is about $180 million.

8. Hakeem Olajuwon

Net Worth: $200 Million

Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth
Photo: SI Podcasts / Twitter

For 18 years, NBA fans were thrilled by the exceptional and fantastic prowess of Basketball Hall of Famer, Hakeem Olajuwon.

Nicknamed ‘The Dream’ Hakeem Olajuwon won the NBA Championship, twice and was crowned the NBA Finals MVP on those two occasions. He further went on to receive 12 All-star honors in his remarkable career.

Hakeem Olajuwon’s net worth is approximately $200 million in 2020, placing him 8th on our list of wealthiest NBA players.

7. David Robinson

Net Worth: $200 Million

David Robinson Net Worth
Photo by Marsha Miller

A naval officer turned basketball player David Robinson played for the San Antonio Spurs throughout his 14 years stint in the NBA.

Robinson, who is nicknamed ‘The Admiral’ due to his military background, won the NBA Championship twice, and he is a ten-time NBA All-star.

David Robinson’s net worth as of 2020 is roughly $200 million.

6. Shaquille O’Neal

Net Worth: $400 Million

Shaquille O'Neal Net Worth

Armed with a sturdy figure, Shaquille O’Neal was not the average basketball player. Getting past O’Neal was a big challenge for several NBA stars, and O’Neal used his size and height, two of his greatest assets to improve his basketball skills.

The top basketball player who retired in 2011, after 19 years in the NBA, won the NBA Championship four times and clinched the finals MVP on three of those four occasions. O’Neal is a 15-time NBA All-star and currently a sports analyst.

Shaquille O’Neal’s net worth is roughly $400 million in 2020.

5. LeBron James

Net Worth: $480 Million

LeBron James, dubbed ‘King James’, is a top NBA player currently, and top on the ranking of the greatest NBA players of all-time. Pundits and fans alike mostly compare LeBron to legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

An incredible player with four NBA Championships to his name, LeBron has won all the NBA Finals MVP in all NBA Finals, which he has earned. He also has two Olympics medals to his credit and is a 16-time NBA All-star.

As of 2020, LeBron James’ net worth is approximately $480 million, making him the 5th wealthiest NBA player of all-time.

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4. Kobe Bryant

Net Worth: $500 Million

Kobe Bryant Net Worth – Photo with the Lakers

In any discussion regarding the greatest basketball players ever, Kobe Bryant‘s name is bound to be involved.

Since he was in high school, Bryant was already on track to a glamorous basketball career, which was threatened by a sexual assault lawsuit, which did significant damage to his reputation.

But a consistent, spectacular performance, coupled with the absence of any reputation-damaging scandals, led Bryant back to the right position he was striving. Five times, Bryant won the NBA Championship and received All-Star honors on 18 occasions.

Kobe Bryant’s net worth was valued at a whopping $500 million before his tragic demise in January 2020.

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3. Magic Johnson

Net Worth: $600 Million

Magic Johnson Net Worth

Undoubtedly recognized as one of the best NBA players of all-time, Magic Johnson had a phenomenal career, which many still remember long after he has left the basketball scene.

Johnson has won the NBA Championship on five occasions and is a three-time NBA Finals MVP. He has received All-star honors twelve times, and he is an Olympics gold medalist.

The 61 years old star who is currently involved in various business ventures, had expanded his wealth beyond what it was when he was a professional NBA player.

As of 2020, Magic Johnson’s net worth is a massive $600 million.

2. Junior Bridgeman

Net Worth: $600 Million

Junior Bridgeman Net Worth
Jennifer Maia (Photo: Milwaukee Business Journal)

Now a successful businessman, Bridgeman’s success in the business world is far beyond his achievements in his basketball career.

The former Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard played for just 12 years in the NBA.

As of 2020, Junior Bridgeman’s net worth is approximately $600 million.

1. Michael Jordan

Net Worth: $2.1 Billion

Michael Jordan Net Worth – Richest NBA Player

As revealed by his very successful basketball career and business ventures, Michael Jordan is a very hardworking fellow.

His 15 years NBA career was marked by incredible play, which saw him win the NBA Championship on six occasions and claimed the NBA Finals MVP on all of those occasions.

Michael Jordan also won NBA MVP five times and was left out of the All-Star game just once in his 15 years NBA career.

As of 2020, Michael Jordan’s net worth is approximately $2.1 billion.

His hugely successful shoe brand, Air Jordan, with athletics brand, Nike, along with his other business ventures, has made him the richest NBA player of all-time and one of the billionaires/wealthiest men on earth, according to Forbes.

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There you have it—our top-10 curated list of the richest NBA players of all-time, updated in 2020.

Which famous NBA player did you expect to see on this list? Please share it with us in the comments section below.


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