Logan Paul Net Worth, Biography Facts, Childhood & Life

Logan Paul Net Worth, Career, Facts & Controversies
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What is Logan Paul’s net worth in 2021?

Here’s everything you need to know about Logan Pual biography facts, childhood, personal life, how much the American sensation is worth, and how he makes and spends his money.

Logan Paul is an internet personality, YouTuber, actor, and boxer from America. 

A controversial public figure, Paul, who has amassed over 22 million subscribers on YouTube (as of December 2020), has intelligently created a prosperous career from his sensational YouTube videos and acting ability.

Of all the career path, Logan Paul has chosen to delve into, being an astounding YouTuber seem to be the one that has brought him to the public’s attention. 

His videos have been watched on the platform over 4.8 billion times, making his channel one of YouTube’s most subscribed channels.

In recent times, Paul, who featured in the 2018 social fiction movie, The Thinning: New World Order, has been the subject of curiosity in the world of sports.

This is as a result of the effrontery which the young fellow seems to have. 

Logan Paul has made himself the boxer who will make the latest attempt to defeat renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather in a boxing bout, which has not been accomplished in decades.

Logan Paul’s Ealy Life & Childhood

Logan Alexander Paul was born on April 1, 1995, to his parents Gregory Allan Paul and Pamela Ann in Westlake, Ohio.

He grew up with Jake — his younger brother, who is an internet personality and a YouTuber.

By the age of 10, Paul already started creating videos for a YouTube channel known as Zoosh.

In 2012, during his high school days at Westlake High School, Paul became The Plain Dealer’s All-Star linebacker on the football team. 

He also qualified for the 2013 Division I Wrestling Individual Championships of Ohio High School Athletic Association at the state-level.

Logan Paul’s Career

YouTube & Social Media

Around 2014, Logan Paul’s YouTube channel has amassed a sizeable number of subscribers thanks to Vine’s exploits. 

In 2014, Logan, who was studying Industrial engineering at Ohio University, decided to quit school to pursue a career as a full-time social media entertainer in Los Angeles.

His decision to quit school was hardly surprising as he was a very popular member of the video-sharing app, Vine. 

His popularity on the platform soon spread to other social media platforms, notably, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

By 2015, Logan Paul had emerged as one of the most popular content creators in the Vine app, which earned him a considerable sum of money in advertising revenue.

Acting & Media Personality

As his fame on social media continued to rise, Paul extended his tentacles to the world of make-believe. 

He featured in Weird Loners, a Fox TV series, YouTube red’s The Thinning.

Between 2016 and 2019, Logan Paul was extensively involved in acting. 

He wrote the screenplay for an adult comedy, Screenplay role, which he described as the “Expendables with Internet stars.”

The film was released in 2019 after much delay.

Logan Paul has also been involved in various ad campaigns for PepsiCo, HBO, and Hanes.


Below is a list of Logan Paul’s movies, films, and TV shows he has featured.

  • The Thinning, 2016, as Blake Redding
  • Can’t Take It Back, 2017, as Clint Plotkin
  • The Thinning: New World Order, 2018, as Blake Redding
  • Airplane Mode, 2019, as Himself
  • Valley Girl, 2020, as Mickey
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, 2015, as Ryan (Guest role; Ep. “Intimidation Game”)
  • Stitchers, 2016, as Theo Engelsen (Ep. “The Two Deaths of Jamie B.” and “The One That Got Away”)
  • Bizaardvark, 2016, as Kirk (Guest role; Ep. “The First Law of Dirk”)
  • Logan Paul VS., 2016–18, as Himself
  • Foursome, 2016–17, as Alec Fixler


Among Logan Paul’s discography is a song titled “No Handlebars,” which he released in 2017.

The single was inspired by Flobot’s, an American alternative hip hop group, Handlebars. 

The song was criticized for objectifying women in its music video.


The following is a list of non-album singles released by Logan Paul.

  • 2016, 2016
  • Help Me Help You (ft. Why Don’t We), 2017
  • RIAA: Platinum, 2017
  • MC: Gold, 2017
  • Outta My Hair, 2017
  • No Handlebars,” 2017
  • Santa Diss Track, 2017
  • The Number Song, 2018
  • Going Broke, 2020


Professional Boxing Record

1 Fight0 Wins1 Loss
By Decision01

As his YouTube channel continued to see more success, Logan Paul decided it was time for a new interest, and he turned to boxing. 

In February 2018, he locked horns against Joe Weller in a white-collar amateur boxing match.

KSI then challenged him to a boxing match. The match, though, ended in a majority draw.

In November 2019, he fought in his professional debut against KSI, which was shown only on DAZN.

Paul lost the bout by a split decision.

Exhibition Boxing Record

In December 2020, Logan paul made headlines when it was announced that he’d be fighting Floyd Mayweather in February 2021 in an exhibition match.

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What is Logan Paul’s Net Worth?

Logan Paul’s net worth as of 2021 is an estimated $19 million.

His earning are mostly from his advertising revenue from his YouTube channel. 

Paul’s channel is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.

His internet videos genre is mostly comedy and vlog.

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How Does Logan Paul Spend His Money?


In 2017, Logan Paul bought a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion in Encino for $6.6 million. 

The mansion covers 9,000 square feet has multiple wine cellars and a stunning pool. 

He also has a desert ranch, which was previously owned by Timothy Leary.


With the massive number of subscribers that watch his YouTube videos, Paul sure makes a lot of money.

The YouTube sensation does spend a fair share of his money on cars.

Logan Paul's Car Collection
Logan Paul/Instagram

Logan Paul’s car collection includes some of the coolest cars you can find, such as:

  • Mercedes-Benz 4×42 (AKA “The Yeti”)
  • Dodge Challenger 
  • Cool Bus 
  • Polaris Slingshot 
  • Maverick Bugatti Veyron 

Logan Paul’s Personal Life


In July 2017, Paul met Chloe Bennet (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actress) on the set of Valley Girl.

They became really close and soon started dating.

However, their relationship hit the rocks in September 2018.

Paul also dated model Jose Canseco, daughter of retired MLB legend Jose Canseco.

The couple split in November 2020, after dating for eight months.


Logan Paul has been involved in several controversies in his career. 

Logan Paul posted a video of a man who hanged himself at Aokigahara, the base of Mount Fuji, a known suicide site, on December 31, 2018.

Paul was on the third part of his ‘Tokyo Adventure’ series when they came across the dead body.

In 24 hours, the video had generated about 6.3 million views. 

On the trip to Japan, Logan’s behavior was reported to be improper.

At the Tsukiji fish market, he jumped on a forklift that was in motion, removed his cloth on a crowded street, and fought with one of his traveling companions. 

He also hurled giant Poké Balls at passing citizens, one of which is a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

The video was criticized by politicians, celebrities, and members of the YouTube community.

Multiple petitions on change.org were set up in a bid to pressure Logan to delete the video. 

On January 1, 2018, he deleted the video and offered an apology on Twitter.

YouTube condemned his action in a statement on their Twitter account.

He was removed from YouTube’s preferred ad program, Google Preferred. 

Paul’s upcoming film, New World Order, a sequel to The Thinning, was placed on hold.

His role in the YouTube Red series Foursome was terminated. 

Logan went on to donate $1 million to various suicide agencies, a quarter of which went to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

In February 2019, he returned to his daily vlog on YouTube after about three weeks. 

Advertising on his YouTube channel was suspended in February 2018 due to his ‘pattern of behavior,’ which referred to Logan’s participation in the Tide Pod challenge. 

In the challenge, he removed a fish from a pond, jokingly gave it CPR, and also tasered two dead rats. 

Ads were restored on his channel two weeks later, but he was placed on a 90-day probation, which made his channel ineligible for YouTube trending tabs.

Logan Paul Biography Facts

Full Name:Logan Alexander Paul
Date of Birth:April 1, 1995
Age:29 years old
Place of Birth:Westlake, Ohio
Nickname:The Maverick
Height:6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Reach:76 in (193 cm)
Parents:Gregory Allan Paul (father), Pamela Ann Stepnick (mother)
Siblings:Jake Paul (brother)
Occupation:YouTuber, actor, boxer, social media influencer, podcast host, entrepreneur
YouTube Channels:Logan Paul, TheOfficialLoganPaul, Zoosh
Profiles:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth:$19 Million
Last Updated:2021

Final Thoughts

Logan Paul’s net worth at $19 million in 2021 is pretty impressive.

The star has been able to accrue his massive wealth due to over a decade of hard work.

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