Serena Williams Husband Alexis Ohanian Net Worth 2021

Serena Williams Husband, Alexis Ohanian Net Worth

Since December 2016, when Alexis Ohanian made headlines following his engagement to one of the most loved tennis stars on the planet, Ohanian has attracted an incredible interest from sports media.

In light of that, we’ll review Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian’s net worth, his relationship with Williams, charity and philanthropic works, as well as luxury life.

Who is Serena Williams’ Husband, Alexis Ohanian?

Alexis Ohanian is an American tech entrepreneur and investor who is widely famous for his co-founding of the social news website Reddit.

In sports, despite his entrepreneurial successes, Alexis Ohanian is recognized as Serena Williams’ husband.

Serena is one of the most successful tennis players in history.

Alexis Ohanian & Serena Williams Relationship & Marriage

The marital bonds between tech entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian and tennis heavyweight Serena Williams seem to be getting stronger every day.

Sports and tennis fans, majorly those of Serena’s, can’t get enough of the lovely couple.

What became a lovely marriage that has led to one child’s birth began way far in Europe, specifically, Rome, at the Rome Cavalieri hotel in May 2015.

Serena, who was in town for the Italian Open, was irritated by Ohanian when they first met.

That was due to the vast Ohanian seating choice.

After unsuccessful attempts to persuade Ohanian to sit somewhere else, Serena and her friends invited Ohanian to sit with them.

That resulted in Ohanian receiving an invite to watch Williams play at the French Open.

An invitation which he honored.

Their first official date may have seemed dull as they wandered the streets of Paris for hours before Serena’s first French Open match, but the conversation must have been thrilling.

By December 2016, the couple who met just 17 months ago was engaged.

In September 2017, Ohanian and Serena welcomed a beautiful baby girl; named Alexis Olympia Ohanian.

Two months later, Ohanian and Serena officially became married partners and have since been happy together.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

What is Alexis Ohanian’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, Alexis Ohanian’s net worth is approximately $40 million.

The tech entrepreneur is majorly known for Co-founding Reddit—a website dubbed the internet’s front page.

Reddit, described as a “social news aggregation, web content rating and discussion website” by Wikipedia, was founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, two University of Virginia students who were roommates.

The company, which was launched in June 2005, attained success as soon as it was released.

That resulted in Ohanian and Huffman selling the company to Condé Nast Publications in October 2006.

According to reports, Reddit was sold between $10 million to $20 million.

Ohanian has stated that he sold the company too early as Reddit attained a $3 billion valuation as of 2019.

Alexis Ohanian Worth
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Following Reddit’s sale, Ohanian went on to work for Hipmunk, a start-up Huffman founded.

But after five years away from Reddit, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman returned to occupy executive positions at Reddit.

In 2010, after departing Reddit, Ohanian founded Initialized Capital, a venture capital fund, through which he has made seed investments in promising start-ups such as Instacart, Opendoor, Cruise, and Zenefits.

How Does Alexis Ohanian Spend His Money?

Charity & Philanthropy

The various charitable and philanthropic works Alexis Ohanian is involved in have been in the tech realm.

In December 2012, along with Lester Chambers of the soul band Chambers brothers, Alexis Ohanian worked a Kickstarter crowdfunding project to create a new album titled “Lester’s Time Has Come.”

The project raised about $61,000.

In 2014, Alexis Ohanian raised $12,244 for the non-profit organization Blacks for Code on the crowdfunding site,

He also used the website to raise funds for the “Save Net Neutrality: Billboard in FCC’s Backyard,” which protests FCC’s plan to remove net neutrality. 

In 2015, Alexis Ohanian and other tech organizations (Google for Entrepreneurs, Capital One Funds, Blackstone Charitable Foundation, New York Community Trust, Verizon, Bernard F. & Alva B. Gimbel Foundation, and Robin Hood Foundation) donated $1.75 million to Coalition for Queens.

The New York-based nonprofit organization equips adults from a low-income background with tech skills. 


In an interview with MarketWatch, Alexis Ohanian revealed that when he was founding Reddit, he slept on furniture, which he found in Craigslist’s “free” section.

Years after that, the millionaire tech-entrepreneur now lives in a multi-million dollar mansion with one of the highest-paid athletes on the planet.

Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams, and their daughter live in a £5.1million mansion in Beverly Hills Summit Estates.

The three-story building property has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a wine cellar, a games room, a yoga and massage room, and a swimming pool.

Ohanian moved into the 6,000 square feet house in 2017 after Serena Williams sold her Los Angeles home for £6.2 million.


Like most public figures, Alexis Ohanian has had his fair share of controversy, which has pitched him against certain public members.

One of such controversies occurred in July 2015, after Reddit’s communications director, Victoria Taylor, was fired.

That led volunteer moderators on the platform, including the IAmA community volunteer moderators, to set their forum to private.

Specific moderators blamed Ohanian for Taylor’s firing.

But it was revealed that Ellen Pao, Reddit’s then-interim CEO, was behind Taylor’s firing.

Her role in Taylor’s firing led Pao to quit as Reddit CEO after much pressure.

For Ohanian to follow suit, a petition calling for his resignation was launched on

Who Has a Bigger Net Worth – Serena Williams or Alexis Ohanian?

Serena Williams’ net worth is valued at $225 million in 2021.

Serena, who has earned as much as $92 million in her glamorous tennis career, has endorsements and investments to thank for her earnings.

Her husband has been a good influence as she boasts multiple tech investments, including Andela, Little Spoon, Wing, and others.

Through her investments, Serena has been supporting women in tech as she invests mainly in companies owned by women.

With her tech entrepreneur spouse’s ingenious mind, Serena Williams will most likely continue investing in more promising tech businesses.

Final Thoughts

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s net worth is a combined $265 million.

The couple’s combined fortune ranks among the wealthiest and most influential celebrity power couples in the world.

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